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Jan 2018
If I was a flower I might be.
A vine spreading love with its little
buds of multi colored splendor.
I would tickle eyes
and hug bees that came to receive my offerings.

If I was a flower I might be a lotus.
A regal plant that people would meditate before
to hear my endless wisdom.
I would share it freely with anyone who visited.  

If I was a flower everyday I would call out
with a silent scent, thanking
Mother Nature for allowing me to be birthed
from her divine womb.

Yes if I was a flower I would blossom
in freedom below precious sun.
I would be grateful below Master Moon
and stars gifts of night.

I would vibrate a prayer
that all human flowers
recall their Mother Gia
to be her caretaker
as intended.
Inspired by Jugnu-the firefly. I wrote this a while ago but came across it so I  just finished it.
Star BG
Written by
Star BG  66/F/New York
(66/F/New York)   
     Pages, --- and Rick the shoe shine boy
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