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Nov 2017
"John, Jennifer, Sarah, can I talk to all of You? Together?"
Words that I thought too little of and too much of, in unison.
Heart dropping
Mind dismissing my troubled emotions
"I'm sure it's nothing big" I thought to myself "it must be about dishes, or the broken garbage disposal, right?"
My subconscious knew how wrong I was;
what my sheltering thoughts tried to ignore:
Are getting evicted."
9 years of memories, not gone, but the house they were made in
We will no longer occupy
Will never occupy again.
Am not exactly sure how to feel
Don't really know if I am feeling too little, or too much
Don't think I've really even processed the fact yet.
What I thought would be a family conference about cleaning, or dishes turned into news we never saw coming
Does one process something you were never expecting to come.
We have
2 weeks:
To process,
To appreciate,
To memorize,
To let go.
Nothing I haven't been through before, and on shorter notice in the past
So this time
I will be stronger,
And older
I will be wiser than my constantly moving child-self ever was
I will
Not break, or crack under the pressure or the weight of past memories
I will
And be sturdy
And do the most that I can to help.
Because this
Isn't, and won't be easy on any of us.
So I
Will do my best
And we will get through this,
All of us,
Last night, my mom brought me and my siblings together to reveal to us that we are being evicted. She has been protecting us since the day before thanksgiving and holding it in on her own, waiting to get us all together. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for her to be the only one to know.
Sarah Elizabeth
Written by
Sarah Elizabeth  19/F/Florida
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