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Nov 2017

Birthdays are over and done,
october skies have moved on,
and brought us late november winds
we close our eyes to our unwanted truths
but....when we wake up, they're still there
they're too lazy to scamper away from us

so, we paint our minds with positiveΒ Β occurrences
regardless of how people and circumstances
burst our balloons,
and bring down our festoons
some people make our spirits soar
...they make our days less dour
we wish to spend time with them
we would do, give anything on any term
just to experience moments with them,
even just for a thanksgiving night,
forget for a while our collapsed goals
.............which have turned to debacles
for, their fruition have become impossible
in our hearts, these dreams hide.
...they live on in our mind,
until God knows when...
it makes me think,
"time is always behind me
like......a shadow, warning me.."
so tonight,
after stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce and wine
and veggies, and coffee and apple pie,
i'd go out for a while, wear a thick sweater
and find the moon
full or crescent, it won't matter
if it doesn't show up...the stars would be there
i'll sing my song.....and start my dance
til i can no longer put up with the cold
and i will have to seek warmth inside.


Copyright November 23, 2017
Wrote this while listening to
Van Morrison's MOONDANCE.
Sally A Bayan
Written by
Sally A Bayan  F/Manila, Philippines
(F/Manila, Philippines)   
         ---, Traveler, cheryl love, Carina, CK Baker and 43 others
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