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Nov 2017
Do I really want to bring kids into this world?
And produce more wickedness
Being that we are shaped in iniquity and born into sin
And there's nothing perfect about me
So how can something beautiful come up out me?
I guess that's why my seed is crippled and unable to sprout
Without the help of science
And at times apond faith I feel unreliant
My dad murdered by the gun so forgive me if I get excited when it comes to violence
I mean he was superman
His ****** taught me that life wasn't the comics
No bullets bouncing off his chest
Instead it just took one to the neck
30mins later he took his last breathe
And my future shaped by him died too
Here I am a grown son that lost his dad as a kid
I know more than most that this world births hate
Yet still my heart desires to create
More life
Even though that life in time will end
If it wasn't for the scriptures giving me a glimpse of my Lord and Savior
I would be a true pessimist
Life with Christ the only way to purge
The corruption that's produced by this wicked world
Sometimes I have to put my frustrations on the page. The words of a flawed man
Corey Conduit Wilkerson
Written by
Corey Conduit Wilkerson  Maryland
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