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Nov 2018 · 55
Wonder what was going thru my father's mind
As I grew in my Mama's womb ligament tugging on her spine
Like them Virginia boys all he knew was the grind
Paper route, security guard and distribution of crushed porcelain
Razor chop watch the white powder divide
He lived by the bricks
So I guess it was fitting that them shots didn't miss
Feb 2018 · 98
I love you deeply
Think the dead sea
Depths on this Earth that no man can reach
A love that's not shallow or superficial
Yet  I still call you beautiful
Think the coral reef
Love, a word often abused
And if God is love then love should identify with the truth
And if it doesn't
Then it's something
Else but not love
That's why so many are broken
And avoid the God that is love and holy
And brings us into wholeness
The concept of being one from one man and one woman is foreign
That's why God created marriages to reflect his love a pond the world
We are his Kingdom ambassadors
Called to uphold a standard
Even as the percentages climb and marriages dwindle
We hold it together with faith and grace
Not magic
It's no hash tag blacklove
If we're not first biblically grounded
Love should be  astounding
Painted in multiple brush strokes
We're image bearers of him
You see us,  you see him
The seamstress who  hemmed humans with many  tones of skin
God the Finisher
the Author
the Artist
Architect of the garden
A love that's built off of his blueprint
Nov 2017 · 151
Wicked World
Do I really want to bring kids into this world?
And produce more wickedness
Being that we are shaped in iniquity and born into sin
And there's nothing perfect about me
So how can something beautiful come up out me?
I guess that's why my seed is crippled and unable to sprout
Without the help of science
And at times apond faith I feel unreliant
My dad murdered by the gun so forgive me if I get excited when it comes to violence
I mean he was superman
His ****** taught me that life wasn't the comics
No bullets bouncing off his chest
Instead it just took one to the neck
30mins later he took his last breathe
And my future shaped by him died too
Here I am a grown son that lost his dad as a kid
I know more than most that this world births hate
Yet still my heart desires to create
More life
Even though that life in time will end
If it wasn't for the scriptures giving me a glimpse of my Lord and Savior
I would be a true pessimist
Life with Christ the only way to purge
The corruption that's produced by this wicked world
Sometimes I have to put my frustrations on the page. The words of a flawed man
Jul 2017 · 164
Listening to love songs, written by people who aren't even married.
Like can they really fathom what love is about
That one man and one woman, God covenant route
With no exits unless a spouse is an unrepentant adulterer or  gets buried
Not that you only stay married for happiness love
I'm talking when both husband and wife place each other needs above
The individual
To get a full context of this love it has to get scriptural
A Husband loves like Christ
For his Wife who's Illustrated as his church
So understand a love like this will hurt
A wife submits to the headship of her husband
Not contingent on if he gets it right
Things get out of focus
When the man is more concerned with the role of his wife
And when a woman is more concerned with the role of her husband
If both are focused on their own roles
We would see the body of Christ with healthy marriages at an abundance
Instead of the world's playlist on repeat
Jan 2017 · 229
Potent purpose is placed in the pedigree of Kings
It's evident in the lineage linked through generations
True royalty  redeemed an entire creation
It Heirs up
The script says Son of David
The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous
Heirs recognize that they are made in God's likeness
They walk in  dominion, the earth is theirs for the taken
No procrastination but know that  purpose is perfected in patience
Greatness permeates from the soul
They know to lose is to gain.
And gain is to be Heirs to the Throne
Nov 2016 · 191
I have to be more intentional with our interaction
On this road of life it's tough to hold on when the tires are wore I wish I was a man with unlimited traction.
You are my heart , my cardial-action
I have to me more aware of you
Be there for you
Although this life makes me feel grizzly
I vow to be a care bear for you
I apologize for my perverted view of intimacy
My mind is being rewired to what Christ intended it to be
How a husband is supposed to be wired to his wife
In all facets of marriage ministry
It's tough for me to interact
Without the thoughts of ***
Too often I let my flesh direct me
I have to focus on your beauty, not just your ****
If time permits will you let me
Show that I can be everything that God as called me to be
In life and towards you my wife
Oct 2016 · 237
Just Jesus
Nothing speaks to the heart
Like the wind whistling alarming the dark
Hurricane pains a innocent man behind bars
Or the water that dripped through..
That the levees should have caught
Katrina I remember that girl
I promise no one was meaner
Of course her rain dropped after her  uncle ***** pedals from her flower
No sweetener
That's why her kiss was sour
Its wild how pain produces prostitution now she linked to a coward
Pimping ain't easy cause we all were birth from a woman
Mothers dealing with men with frozen tundra emotions
Heartless what speaks to a chest cavity where a heart is missing
Just Jesus
Sep 2016 · 336
Half Full Glass
When your pops die from gun violence
All the optimism in you becomes silent
You see life as a glass half empty
Just a half glass away from dying of thrist
You live like it's always close to the end when things could be worst
You audition through life with a smile and a grin
Deep down knowing it's all for pretend
So you live careful not wanting to knock over the glass
And the fear of being empty, makes you think every sip is  your last
You try to grasp light in a dark room
Use bravado and brash to mask  a heart of gloom
You speak with  joyful agony
And every time things turn bad
You question if Gods mad
Cause Everytime you walk the road of repentance
You turn back to your *****
You question if you're the pig that God warned not to cast with pearls
Read about walking in the spirit yet struggle with breaking from the grip of the world
You lean on your own understanding
So you have a hard time realizing  the enemy
Find yourself sitting at the wrong table
Thought you was growing but was told you can't sit at the grown table
Until you do this and that
As your spirit and flesh scrap
Just to come to the reality that your flesh will die
And to God your spirit returns back
Then you start living strictly by God's truth for his truth will forever trump facts
Birthing a perspective of optimism a half full glass.
Sep 2016 · 215
Been fighting demons since the age of 6.
Death almost got me at 8 but instead it took someone who shared my name.
Took me to come of age to realize my dad's ****** wasn't a mistake .
Him dying was ultimately tied to my fate.  
God truly works in mysterious ways.
I often ponder a life absence of pain but then I wouldn't know the beauty of grace.
Jul 2016 · 454
Sick With Sin
We are sick with sin
We're like adults with dysfunctional bowels  treat Gods grace like depends
We say only through God but  dabble in the occult.
Finding our identity  in astrology and direction from horoscopes.
Divination is sin
So many Christians
Are blind to that fact
So  Satan has crept in.
We say we're Christians but to each one of us,
Face to face Christ could say I never knew you.
Tarot cards  and palm readings  are  extensions of darkness  just like Voodoo.
Either we're aligned with the light or get swallowed by the dark
That ***** is deceitfully wicked believe me God knows the heart
So why do we  masquerade as Satan
When we supposed to be draped in Christ
Covered by his blood
To neglect that is to be naked
Exposed to the woes of the world
Like a ship with a broken mast as the winds blows we're tossed to and fro
Oh there's a new car lets me buy on credit
Make sure our voices are heard in the presidential election
Even if it means picking the lesser of two evils
When did patriotism take precedence of God's message
Slaves to the image of American living contrary to scripture
We are not be the borrower but the lenders
We are to be bond servants to Christ only
Delight in the beast that we are suppose to have Dominion over
Until we find ourselves swallowed whole  in the pit of its  belly like Jonah
We wait until we are at what seems to be a end before following God
Pressured  by the popular patterns penetrating the pace of population
Finding ourselves at a fork in the road
Aware of   one of  two routes the board or the narrow
Try to walk down the middle the appeasement of two masters
Luke warm living leads to impeding disaster
Ignoring the warning signs that say beware of a dead end
Living a life of sin as a Christian is like watching the film  Titanic
Already knowing there's death at the ending
Don't get it twisted that's where the similarities end
Turn to revelation we'll see there's no frigid waters mentioned
But there's a lake of fire, burning sulfur to be exact
Where uncovered souls enter with  no way of turning back
Where's it's dark as hell is hot
A torment with no shelf life it never stop
The destination of those destined to experience the second  and final death
For all those whoever walked the earth and lived by the flesh
Where there's no grace or mercy left
One result of the white throne judgement
But the events look different for those who lived life covered
Covered by the blood of the lamb
For those the second death gets passover
After giving an account get let in the city their passover
It floats do from Heaven out of the hands of God as a gift
A city so great, It's measure 1400 miles in height, width and length
With walls that are 216 ft thick
Jasper and Gold crafted not stacked brick
12 precious foundational stones and 12 gates of Pearl
Yet some how we're still enticed by the world
A new earth and new heaven is what God has in store
It's clear what will happen if we can only endure
To the end,
No longer sick, that will be it for sin
Jul 2016 · 280
Being a Christian is more than fun and fellowship
When souls are being shipped off to Hell but the same ones that  Shepard them..
Many don't even know Hell exist
Heaven for that matter.
There both in scripture this sermon has something missing
So many souls have gone missing
On the back of  milk  cartons
The same ones that they were fed with
Physical abundance yet souls are spiritually malnutrition.
Walk amongst the dead yet risen but still living
Off a appetite of the flesh
So how can the truth be digested in a tract that's infected
Jesus be a fence no be detox and a stomach pump
Instead of feeding the soul what it needs we feed it what it wants
That's why the consumption of garbage is at a influx
Reclining in some flip flops
Watching love and hip hop
When the "love" doesn't exhibit the love from pops
Yes God the father
We want Salvation from Jesus
Without dying to self
No wonder few are living by the Spirit
God is knocking can you hear it.
At  the front door of the Temple.
We know he's able
But won't let him in because he's known for flipping  tables
These ideals seem golden
All parts Grace no parts Holy
Keep the doors open
The Church population is overflowing
Like a flood but no one is filled with living water
The glass is half empty
How can one give you a drop
When those at the top have cups that aren't overflowed
Those at the bottom should feel the anointing
Like the hair follicles at the end of Aaron's beard
No not one lives in fear of God
No not one seeks to hear from God
No not one really seeks God
They have all turned aside
The unsaved don't look for God
Remember he doesn't hide
We are the ones he finds
Jun 2016 · 400
Resurrection Power
I was born in grave clothes
Raised in grave clothes
Unaware I even bathed in grave clothes
I didn't know the extent of my decay
Like the bones were expose in my face but I didn't have reflective glass to see my flesh
I was on a rotten path
Death would have been the only prize at the end of my race
Strongholds wrestled my thoughts and subdued my brain
Bone marrow deep I was linked to Adam
Lord knows I wasn't Abel
Dna tied to  blood imprinted on the ground I had more in common  with Cain
It's true a heart beat of sin causes death to course through vains
I wondered how could I be treated
Something was missing something was needed
To my shock it was Jesus
Clear! He got my heart beat right
With that resurrection power
Made my heart see light
He changed my life
I started to realize that the same power that raised Christ from the dead
Was the same power that lived in me
That does more than allow me to breathe .
It brings life back to limbs riddle with rigor mortis
It's reverses  decomposition brings back what death has stolen  
It's  uncontrollable like a lighting storm.
It's unadulterated
Once it hits
It's changes landscape  like when a nuclear warhead is detonated
Hoover dam generated power
Turbine engine spending power
Lift the dead out of sin power
Tectonic plate shifting, erecting mountains from plains power
By one name only can we be saved power
Second coming cracking the sky power
All knees shall bow and all tongues shall comply  power
Corruptible turned into incorruptible in a instant power
Rebirth repositioned repurposed repented power
Turn  what seems to be a lost into a win power
It is finish the precursor to the release of infinite power
I could never be the same because  the spirit lives in me gives me power
My arteries are laced with a burning flame
A roaring wind, a groaning earth, a raging sea crashing waves
The impact of several elements crush the chains of a slave
It's the same power that said come forth Christ friend walks out the grave
The same power that moved the stone a borrowed tomb turned to a cave
It's the power of the Resurrection
In a world full of aborted life
It breeds conception
In a world that attempts to abort Christ
The church still  cries out in reverence
Changed death for us now it's portal
Changed lives of stop watches into immortal
Resurrection power a glimpse into the eternal
Mar 2015 · 353
Sometimes we don't realize a bond until it's gone.
Sometimes we don't seek healing until a wound becomes a scar
Like when a cut runs deep
And then it closes but wasn't treated properly when it was open.
The bodies natural reaction is to create infection
Effects that alert the body, its need for antiseptics
Antibiotics cannot disguise the pain
Feelings are shown on one's  face
And cannot be duplicated no matter the advancements in robotics
So let the tears flood
Tucks overflow like a kid filling up a tub
That forgot to turn it off
We all inhale life and exhale time
We're all a bunch of watches under the sun.
A moment of eclipse and then we turn off
Death no matter how it's sliced, given or served
It's a dish that's hard to stomach
But God endowed all of us with enough strength so in grief we don't plummet
With enough grace so when death surrounds we learn from it
Learn to love greater
Love can fill voids the size of canyons
Learn to love our neighbors
A conversation can provide food for thought when souls are  famished
Learn love through the  lens  of scripture
Because there's no pain we've went through that Jesus cannot  fathom
For us he hung on a cross like a fixture
Died so when can live
Then rose to bring life and it abundantly
Learn from death to live life with purpose
Not coast through like tumbleweeds
Live life.
We all should live life on purpose
Mar 2015 · 408
Rib life
As your husband I'm tasked to provide and protect
Shots fired I'll lay across your  ***** be your vest
You see love is obedient first and then sacrificial
You know, My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will."
See love in obedience will have you take a beating, whips slicing through flesh
Mist of blood spraying like aerosol
Carry a cross
Carry it for all.
That's how I carry out my love for you
You are my church.
Your are my wife.
The half that makes me whole
Flesh of my flesh
A representation of me
So if you fail.
Then I've failed
How can I not give you my best
I'll love you until  it's done
Until God commands the delivery of my spirit my last breathe
Mar 2015 · 271
Love is
Love is
Love is
Love is a word
Love is an action
Love is a verb
Love is a muse
Love is a groove
Love is rhythm and blues
Love is a start
Love is life
Love is the sound of an embryos heart beat
Love is an umbrella
Love will cover you be the shade from the suns heat
Love is a kiss on the cheek
Love is a kiss on the forehead
Love is a kiss on the lips
Love is a friend
Love is a child
Love is a mate
Love is the fluttering in one's belly getting dressed for a date
Love is marriage
Love is a man and a woman
Love is Christ and his church
Love is a pen
Love is poetry
Love is a book
Love is the sparks that fly just from a look
Love is
Love is
Love is expressive
Love is unscripted
Love is Saturday night
Love is alive
Love is a lighting strike
Love is right
Love is the sight of God
Love is
Love is
Feb 2015 · 326
So if Egyptians in Biblical times were Black, should I be proud of that?
Because the Bible tell me that they were worshipper of Idols.
So if what they say is fact..
Then what's in my veins is the ancestry of  monotheism.
The Bible tells me plain that their call on deities  were in vain
So with me being a Christian and Black  I find hope in my ancestry leaked to American Slaves because no matter how evil it was those yearning for freedom called on Jesus' name
#MyIdentityinChristfirst #Myskinisjustflesh
Jan 2015 · 774
Grey and Black Hoodie
Got on my grey and black hoodie
Will I get shot today
Got on my grey and black hoodie
Would I get stopped today
Got on my grey and black hoodie
Pulled over by a cop today
Got on my grey and black hoodie
Lord will I die today

Being a black man in America is a struggle
Vision distorted what I know is a river some see as a puddle
It's folks that say racism is dead
Yet if I wear a grey and black hoodie
I may get hit with black lead
By a cop
Or laid to rest from another black man like the guy that killed my pop
It's two realities I face
The truth of who I am
And the lies tied to my race
No not all black men are  thugs
Even though some are
No not all black men sell drugs
Even though some do
I'm   neither  one of them dudes
So should I wear a suit?
Like AL Capone?
I simply wear what I'm accustomed to
Does my long bread make me a muslim?
When honestly I'm growing it out like my savior you know the King of the Jews
I'm familiar with racial slurs
God has blessed me to be great with words
And still to this day when customers open their door I'm treated like a *****
Who are you?
Company name branded on my uniform
I guess I'm seen as a criminal should I wear an orange jumper
Man this is crazy
I just want to feed my wife and take care of my home.
Should me and my wife birth a child
I'm concerned about the future that's ahead of our black babies
Through  all this discrimination and hate black skin is resilient
Built to absorb sun rays
But that Vitamin D
Doesn't make me Clark Kent
Captain America black in the comics now
I wonder if they will blackout superman
At the end of the day none of this should bother me
I should have tougher skin
But if a rhinoceros takes enough shots it will die at the end
I have on my grey and black hoodie
Despite our differences  we are humans, women and men
Now there's  insight so can we attempt to be friends?
Sometimes I just have to vent. My goal is to bring forth dialogue. I'm always a Christian first but I cannot ignore my face  when I look in the mirror. Peace and love
Jan 2015 · 811
Red riding hood
You gave him your body but he ***** your mind
That's why you and that child were left behind
To him you just were a frame
Your body was his target
He fed you bull
His words were darts
Hitting your heart
I guess the movement of its beat didn't disrupt his aim
Kissing frogs only produce princes in  movies
Plus men should court women
Why were you courting him with push up bras on your breast and tights on your *****
Package products are just for consumption
Food on the plate awaiting a man's pallet
Some men are ravenous wolves
Eating the hearts of women and children leaving homes famished
A little something for all the daughters
Keep them legs locked until marriage
Don't tango in the woods like Red riding hood
Jan 2015 · 482
Thoughts (circa 2013)
As I pray to Lord with the thoughts of martial law...
In a nation where true Christianity is hanging by a claw..
Its appalling as the thoughts of Darwin..
While Satan's deception have  people applauding...
While we're centuries removed from the garden.
Because of our  sinful  nature we are spiritually starving..
Yet by Jesus we are parten..
But people still do what they want regardless..
Embracing ****** healing the melody of Marvin..
How can you know love
When you don't even know where God's heart is..
I am not the one to get started.
Who cares if ur rich, if your morals are a mountain of garbage...
Your God is your cars and garages..
plushed out luxury apartments..
While the devil is stalking..
Waiting to dine on hearts that harden...
What you call living equals a caurcus..
stiff rotten in a coffin..
As I pray to the Lord with the thoughts of false gods
Who knew that embracing the truth was so hard...
Allah is not God
Them coexist signs to me seem quiet odd
I will die before I align with a fosace
Spirit live free flesh slaughtered
For my faith I'd  be a martyr..
By all these lies and decent I am bothered..
Catholics..Mormons..Jehovah witness are all fiction..
Man made visions.
Man made inscriptions..
Folks going hear this and get sick they going need prescriptions
Yet we all sick thats why the Bible was written..
If you can't see then you can hear that I'm a man on a mission
Matthew 28 the great commission
As a true christian task to flash the light on what God deems as wicked....
As I pray to the Lord with the thoughts of his sacrifice...
Cause without the actions of calvery I would not have a life..
With scripture I examine the wrong from the right...
Yet I'm damaged thankful for the blood of the Christ
Oh my Jesus..
The reason for my breathing..
Falsehoods and attacks on the kingdom of God are considered treason
Words so heart felt cause lyrically I'm bleeding
Task to do this until my purpose on earth is no longer needed
As I pray to the Lord with the thoughts if your second coming..
The blowing of trumpets..
Shaking the sky like thunder or a front line drumming..
Christians being caught up in the air..
Unbelievers running..
Heard the truth but fell for the seduction
Watch media spin it into an alien abduction..
Look around and people seem to love corruption..
Lord I hold you close
I hold on to your instruction.
Worlds knowledge is toxic simply disgusting
Fragile minds swallow concepts like a easy bake over..
My heart beats flames an volcanic eruption

As I pray to the Lord with Thoughts of rotten fruit
No Church bus but the preacher cruising in a coupe
What is a unbeliever to do
Searching for you
While false prophets distort the truth
Lord I ask you to rip these trees from their roots
And toss them into the lake of fire
With earthly passions and desires
The truth is eternal it does not expire
Shouldn't truth tellers expose liars
No line their pockets with dollars
Yes tithing is the topic
Its demanded by God it is not an option
Put money in 401 Ks
We don't trust God but we trust banks
Wells Fargo
Will take our dough
Execs vacation all winter escape the snow
Its like the truth people hate to know
As I pray to the Lord in thanks
For these thoughts in my mind he placed
Try not to abuse Gods grace
Lord do I have enough faith
To walk barefoot on the surface of a lake
What will you think
If I stand and sink
Is my faith that of an infant
Your hands washing me in the kitchen
Do I walk in line with your will
For real
Or pretending, karate kid acting
Do you delight in my actions
Proud when you watch my movie reel
Your my dad do we resemble
You watched me in my mothers womb
My little body being assembled
Does my life play the harp or just a symbol
A beautiful sound or just a ring
A melody that would lead you to sing
Or brag on me like Job
You guided me to the narrow path led me off that wide road
These thoughts worth more than gold
As I pray to the Lord in thanks for saving my soul
Jan 2015 · 3.0k
Streets of Death
People out here thinking  life ain't worth living
So they take a life.
I guess they find worth in killing
More worth in drug money
More worth in pride
I wonder how many folks died
Shot dead because of a  side eye
It don't make you a man because you ride..
For your crew
It don't make you a woman because you lay on your behind ...
For your boo
I don't love the streets but I love the people in them
Locked in a mindset can't find there way out of the system
Forget the street rules!
The G-code!
The hemoglobin soaked street code
I'm not that guy.
Father in law behind bars.
My dad shot yeah he the one that died.
I will only die for Christ's sake
The one that died for me when I was ***** as a used ****** on cracked asphalt.
I owe the streets nothing!
Yet I must to tell them about the blood of Christ.
Understand if your blood covers the streets it does nothing!
Just death ..pain..a open chest.. Mortician's and Funeral Homes
In the streets everybody stiff stuck  rigamortis
Jan 2015 · 346
Role to Embrace
Love you, your a part of me.
I'm talking close like bone marrow.  
If you fall I'll  carry you along the road. And when hope seems narrow.
Know that we love a God who embraces us with arms stretched wide.
Accordance with historical accounts. Sin wrote a check that the Lord couldn't  bounce.
Now that's the price of love.
Paid in full.
A life for lives.
So for you I'll sacrifice.
My role as your husband  is mines alone for you are my wife.
Your role as a wife is yours alone and my role isn't  hinged off if you get it right.
So if loving you is right how can I choose to be wrong.
I am your husband and my role is mines alone.
Jan 2015 · 894
black white Jesus
How could Jesus be  a white man
How could Jesus be a black man
How could Jesus be a white man
How could Jesus be a black man

This idea hit me like lighting
We are made in Gods likeness
So it don't matter if Christ had black or white skin
Because he died for our sins
And your like I can't believe in him
Because of the pain within
Pain from racism
The ignorance of the founders who didn't establish this
Do you know the region
Listen children listen men
This faith was birthed before Americans
Before Christopher Columbus
But to the truth there's numbness
You can research there's no comfort in dumbness
I am not a Israelite
But I am a gentile covered in the blood of Christ
When men lead power gets abused
The truth gets misused
Distorted into obsession
Distorted into aggression
Against its twin its kin
Esau and Jacob
Flesh is just our parents genetic makeup
Hitting you with living water like wake up
Christ exchanged his self for us like Nicholas Cage face off
See Christ blood all red cut race off
Do you know your geography
Is your belief based on your own philosophy
Don't promise me
Promise he
God deserves an apology
We done let the color of skin become our idolatry
The black Israelites
Yeah right
Sound like the Aryan nation won't get into heaven unless your white
I mean black yeah black God is black
Clearly your spiritual growth shows lack
Think about when them whips hit his back
Shredded his flesh like cheddar
We deserve hell forever

How could Jesus be  a white man
How could Jesus be black man
How could Jesus be a white man
How could Jesus be a black man

Blood runs red lighter than black darker than white
Christ willfully died didn't put up a fight
So why we fight for identity
When we should have identity in he
Not  black or white supremacy
Ku Klux **** ram sack your land
Set fire to the cross
Black man lost in a rebel mindset rage against his white boss
Yet both claim Christ stripes
Like they could afford the cost
Have you ever been hit with a whip
Not any but one with lead tips
Crackle of flesh being ripped
Blood is what fell it was not the color of skin that dripped
Race hate  which decays the moral fabric
To our core we are savages full of madness
Well consider this poetic justice no Janet
I am here to let y'all have it
John 14:6 Christ is the way the truth and the life.
It does not say the way for the black or the white
He came to save every pigmentation
We are the Body of Christ the wrist and shoulder cannot be in segregation
Look at the churches present day situation
I am white where is the Christian Rock
I am black man play some gospel
I am like man where is the Bible
How is this foolishness possible
The Holy Spirit guides us into true education
Life and death the only true separation
Jesus is a white man, Jesus is a black man , Jesus is every man because he took it all to cover our lack man
Aug 2014 · 468
Slumber: sample
How long will you slumber .
Spiritual hibernation
Next to a grizzly bear but you too drowsy to awaken
A constant diet of *****
If the sky cracked today would you even notice him
Let it be known the Lords approaching
Can't see where the lines lie
Graying the area then crossing there's penalties for encroachment
Stuck in limbo cause you at a bar trying to stay under the line
Of sin
Sipping liquor and wine
Stumbling off the road that's narrow
Now your soul on the open road
Demons on your behind
Trying to wear your flesh like apparel
Aug 2014 · 380
Lord your hands are masterful.
My heart beats and my brain functions without me asking them too.
Every tongue confess and every knee bow 7 billion hands clap for you
Your the conductor I am your strings and cords
My praise produces  a melody
My soul is moved by yours
I use your energy to fight the sin in me
When I was dead you showed me sympathy
I gave you pain you give me peace
Traded shame for my release
Died and rose.
Your glory rolled back that concrete
Now I am free.
You separated me from sins as far as the east is from the west
Or the ozone layer is from the ocean depths
Your the light casted on shadows
The flaming sword ready for battle
You created me .. no one made you
Until the end of time I will praise you
Apr 2014 · 360
Some sparking a J in celebrating of 4/20. Others are going to church because its one of their three Sundays. Customs of dying eggs, candy baskets, and bunnies. Cute dresses and fly suits forget the resurrection people more concerned about costumes. I'm a little confused when people say Happy Easter cause easter don't resonate to me. Like the thoughts of my risen King. Jesus the reason but we more focused on drinking and eating. Consuming and copying the cues of this commercialized culture. Excuse my candidness . The tomb is empty!! Jesus should show up today with a S on is chest for Savior. Or a L for Lord or a K for King. I digress. He can just show up with the holes in his flesh.
Apr 2014 · 636
Sin breeds death expected life turns into still borns
No heart beat and no brain function
As the Father morns
A death sentenced placed on the first Adam
He wasn't the best Adam
So God send the perfected Adam
Birthed from the portal of a ****** Lady
Humanity could not cure itself
The world crazy from the bite like a bodies reaction to rabies
You see our righteousness is that of a rag
Soaked in the T-Virus
That's why the street filled with the walking dead.
But who can turn ****** into conception death to life
The one who willingly died
So we could reflect his light
Took the beating that was meant for us
The guilty acquitted. O.J. Simpson
The embodiment of true innocence
Marching with the thoughts of Trayvon Martin while we all are George Zimmerman
Dead in sin
At the crossroads of an eternal separation
The King on the cross with his shoulders separated
Arms open wide like I will accept this
Your accepted
His death looked like a curse
Satan like I'm victorious there's  no question
But our God is sovereign
The Sun rose on the third day broke across the horizon
The son rose on the third day broke the back of the Leviathan
The slain lamb rose into a Lion
Mighty and meek
The everlasting King
Awestruck wonder as righteousness breathes
Feb 2014 · 822
I done jumped off a cliff..
I wrote this poem on my way to the bottom
Hard to see from all the air pressure.
I should have wore goggles
You know safety first
The Bible say no *** before marriage
Yet the world say just where a ******
I think thats  a eagles nest
Did one of them hatch
Mama eagle scouting for food
But where daddy at?
Thinking of Dr. Seuss the little bird looking for his mama
But where I'm from too often we looking for papa
The landscape getting close.
Now why did I jump
Oh yeah my gang dared me
I had to show them I wasn't a punk
Do anything to be socially accepted
Even risk becoming a ghost
I should have stopped trying to be in the crowd
Instead accepted my reality
Now I'm just another casualty of gravity
Feb 2014 · 471
Excuse me as I take my pen and connect it to my bloodstream like an IV
Write these words of love as my mind speaks
To a woman that I honor as my queen
Eternally connected wrapped together in love.
The smell of vanilla and scented herbs
As I plant my seed into her earth and produce peddles of passion hoping for conception
Piecing ******* morning dew and bodies sweating
Love between a husband and wife is a gift from heaven
When its done right its no denying
The power of the hands of God
How he created a woman from ribs
Amazement as I look at her beauty
Something like peaks and valleys of Mountains
Gods paint brush, brush strokes of the coral reef
Oh my heart is comforted when the sun shines over the horizon.
And reflects of her face it catches my eye like a flawless diamond
She shines like a candle lit in the abyss
She's mine I unwrap her with my kiss
Lord have mercy
The taste of my sweet Hersey
I'm her knight and shining armor
March seven times around a fortress
Four play leads to  shouts and the walls of Jericho are coming down
Hearts linked together in complete trust
No secrets just openness
Feb 2014 · 404
We are born into sin
With our DNA infused in rebellion
Once we recognize right and wrong
Wrong becomes appealing
Like a toddler with a fork going after a socket
Good parents step in with discipline
Which should be look at as guidance
Our nature when caught doing wrong is to go into hiding
Running through darkness, living life through coal mines
When God wants to ignite flames
We rely on our cold minds
Like if I can't see it then God doesn't exist
Then give praise to life and the knowledge of men
Yet still don't have a remedy for sin
He kills you, they execute him and death excels at the end
Shotgun blast in shopping malls
Bullets a eat through a shopping cart
News on and the world looking appalled
With questions
When the answer lies in heaven
I pray that this nation don't crumble and fall
Its time that we stop running from God
Feb 2014 · 336
Snow Fall
I see the snow fall
Its cold to my skin
But I'm warm on the inside like a furnace
My heart shines through my chest my heart is E.T.s finger tip
Snow fall creates ice but when I walk by it melts yes the winter drips
The world is cold and slippery but there is redemption when a sinner trips
You see the sun shine..winter gets eclipse
You see the son shine ..sinning gets eclipse
A beautiful reason to stay focused on the seasons
Time clocks and stop watch waiting for the Spring
And I was birthed in the summer
And I was reborn in the summer
Snowflakes in my hand can't survive in a sauna.
God changes everything like if flakes fell in the summer
To the norm differences are strange
Like the 4 seasons reacting to one another
Feb 2014 · 624
Kings Blood
The blood of Christ
Constantly dripping over my life
Listen hear I am blood bought
My King took the punishment  for sin...rugged and uncut
Blood sport
No mark of the beast
I'm talking the mark of the free
Blood of the lamb yes his blood marks his sheep..
Death pass by my front door
**** the Egyptian first born
Jesus beat from limb to limb..the sight of flesh scorned
Oh my Lord your beard it was tore
Off ..
Bless it savior you fulfill the laws
Kings blood only type that could pay the cost
And save the lost
I bang blood with no gang affiliations
Striped naked sin causes  humiliation
One death saved humanity every civilization
You see sin stales life sterilization
Kings blood brings life  fertilization
Not talking zombies, when the dead start raising
I meant rising.
Followers of King Jesus we behind him
Like the man from Verizon
The world denied him and still denies him
Died once and rose into forever ..the key to our eternal survival
People open the Bible
Satan's no rival
Hells hot  souls drenched in sweat no Cabo
I stand as a man ...A witness
Anointed in Kings blood
White and Red blood cells..healing, health, love
Feb 2014 · 597
A little freestyle
Life is not quite life until
Your walking in the Kings will
Have you noticed his sovereignty
Sun rises and falls
But full moons are seldom
Imagine the sun gleaming like the reflection of a coin adjacent to a diamond
Corey in wonderland yeah I'm rapping spitting rapid fire  while chasing a rabbit
Im good in the dark like a solar flare  bright
Watching out for goblins like the copper Bulgar the penny filcher..
Imaging the days when I was a kid raised on a section 8 voucher..
Throwing pennies in the well wishing for heaven
Like rubbing a lamp but real life is not aladdin
Feb 2014 · 636
30 Pieces
Its funny when people brag about how much money they make..
When the truth is the dollars worth is Jus as fragile as cake..
And when your flesh kisses death whats the amount you can take...
with you ..
The petals flourishes then they whither away..
Not a cent..
So tell me if this  make sense..
Pharaoh's died and put gold in their tombs and it been there every since..
So What does wealth  mean..the lust for more equals greed..
Whats your 30 pieces of silver will you betray the king..
Money over everything..
Are you aware what that really means..
Its like saying money by any means..
World full of Judas
surrounded by the truth but  tainted by unbelief...
Cash in hand but unaware of a misfortune..
Money is not everything a victim of the distortion ...
Of success.. called the American dream..
The pursuit happiness...
Plus the confusion of what it means to be bless..
Remember Job still called on God when it appeared he had nothing left..
Pain from boils on the flesh.. temporal
Prayed to the eternal God not treasures in a chest..
You look in see Greed's pollution..
When people need solutions..
1.4 trillion spend on a war like we need more shooting..
Screaming we fighting for freedom thats an illusion..
A False freedom your a slave to that freedom..
We are to fight for the Kingdom....
Yes the Kingdom of God...
You know thou will be done..
Thou kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven..
Instead of being a part of this  spiritual recession..
Unfiltered truth here no discretion....
I am Gods art how could I not be his living expression..
If all u talk is money than ur a mouthpiece for Satan check your reflection...
The love of money is like an infection...
So this is a lyrical tax invasion..
Putting a stop to this money glorification..
I hope u kno that private banks  controls the countries inflation..
They could stop homelessness..
They print money based on their personal legislation..
Big business..
I thought this country was founded by Christians...
Founding fathers were illusionist the Constitution wasn't inspired by scripture..
How u own the whole block of cheese n cant share a piece with a nibbler..
Praising a figure..pledging to a flag
Thats not in scripture..then where is it at?
Now God is a banner Jehovah Nissi
Yes im pointing fingers...
one hand round the Bible..
Pray that I wont ever need triggers
Modern day golden calf..
Like Moses speaking to save u from Gods wrath..
You have 2 ask Jesus into ur heart then follow his path..
Cash screws everything around me.
Seems that the money comes with causalities
Seen Lump sums  destroys families..
Capitalism to me is a calamity
American nightmare displayed as a nice dream..
I am very aware the coming of Christ is not a pipe dream..
Awake while you sleep life is not what it seems...
Some only believe what they see
Opening your mouth to eat poison.
Well here's a scoop of the truth..
Mr. senator gets paid  more than  troops..
Yet other men is his protection.
Right now my cousin in Afghanistan armed with a weapon..
Other there is a warzone...
But Mr. Senator your home.
In God we trust but won't step outside your home alone..
I depend on Christ..
Depend on man where's Kevin! Left Alone twice..
I am on fire so they take my matches..
More fear more security they increase my taxes
Should I trust banks money stuffed in the mattress.
Only God matters and your faith in him will matter more when the economy collapses
Let's define the word worth...
Well to everyone its different to some its a designer purse.
To others its its a NFL logo on turf..
To me if your worth is not in God then it is curse..
Let's drop the "th" and add ship to the end..
Where your worth lies is in  what your worshiping. .
Of course people are not content..
When they worship their ends and men..
You got real problems
Yet stocking your closet with red buttons
Them investment accounts won't solve em
Money is precious like the ring was to Gollum
Feb 2014 · 1.2k
Her Thirst
We tend to listen to limits brought forth from the lips of liars
Like a **** who has his eyes on them dollars
Pyramid schemes you know you start from the bottom
Thoughts of a girl that never knew her father
Heels navigating across the cracks of concrete a avenue princess calling another man dad
Unaware who she is in Christ her reality is sad
the love of money cements the foundation of prostitution
Street pollution  empty drug baggies and used Trojans
For protection
Her street name  is black magic
Pimped by Mr. Voodoo the witch doctor of human traffic
When she put on them tights man the hex is on
Walking from corner to corner shaking it like pepper corn
Fire... the blocks are hellish her only glimpse of heaven
Is when the ****** breaks yet some how she never gets pregnant
God is a keeper in the eye of the storm
Ask the samaritan woman
Several men
Lets say 5  husbands
Belonging to others
Yet Christ brought life to the equation
Like a baby is still a blessing even though birth by a ******
The dove brought back a olive
But there is redemption for the raven
Now who is telling her
When no one is speaking heaven
But speaking sulfur appealing to the hell in her
While she crying on the inside
Too busy relying on the entry to her insides
Uncoached in the hearts on men
Does she know thats where sin lies
**** telling her he love her as he offer her over to dudes  he sends lies
Drunk love ?
Music intoxicating her brain waves
To street demons she plays a *** slave
Every night is Halloween
Put the mask on, costume on
Disguised in the streets yet exposing thighs and cheeks
Men lapping the way dogs desire treats
Flesh exchange like the reduction of a liquid
Flame hits the pan its flavor intensifies for an instant
shimmering salacious sin
Nearing the end as time gets  slain
Yet she collects more than just dollars and cents
A piece of them remain
Soul tied to her spirit
But who going be the nurse and show her to the physician
Registered in the salvation army
Delivering rations of life
Give her a mirror  and show her the fathers image
You see his likeness you were created in it
For a while you were Satans tenant
He gladly accepted your sin for rent
Demonic commerce
Oxygens prince
Warden  over the prison of ******* souls
You see Christ shattered the locks
Satans key doesn't work anymore
The blood of Christ like Harriets shotgun
covering you as your flesh makes attempts to go back
Now the world call loose women hoes
But God is a redeemer of vessels
You see his definition is that of a  pathway in which living water flows
Redeemed by the King
Take a drink
Her thirst forever quenched
Jan 2014 · 1.8k
Unbroken Cycle
Trying to ride a bike with no chain lacks movement a lame cycle.
A nation of people that have abandoned  the teachings of the Bible
Its awful seeing people bow down to an idol
There is  continuous sin, it has gone viral
YouTube I see foolishness recycled
Its like ignorance is winning as knowledge is comatose holding on to survival
This world starving for something yet being fed food scraps
Walking through the park ..side stepping ****** wrap-pers
***, The  the life is so exciting according to rap-pers
Lacking Fabulous vision husbandless women
Fatherless children
Same old show...shots fired no witness
Skits should have limits
Too many unbroken cycles
Foolishness like outer space endless
I'm raw my flow  consumes dextrose
Tell peta  I do the most
Loud sounds I'm out in the public
Friends with  Lions we close like cousins
I'm cooking a gourmet kitchen
Chicken is my opposition
Sweet and sour
Predator I'm not a scavenger no coward
Blood falls I need a shower
Drip drop dew mornings
Don't sleep on me like comas
Consuming beats down to the bone
I sip the marrow for a bonus

I am clean like an infants first wash no rap sheet
Walking thru the market
Like shouldn't food be free
Didn't God give us the same control he gave Adam and eve
I am sorry my mind at times goes on a spree
A spree of thoughts
My brain is heavy plus it kicks bass drum
My thoughts run miles
I need pennies for my thoughts
Must be properly endowed

Watch what you eat fool check your food
Fool check your spoon
Food poison
Nasty now you vomiting fluids flowing a fountain
To that server you should have watched how you spoke
Face timing yourself
Seeing your mouth move
Saliva crashing into the coast of your tooth
Yuck images social products
Dislike that dislike you
Keep it true
Tom sawyer and Huck
On instagram
Madoff money instascam

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Sep 2013 · 917
Nothing speaks to the heart
Like the wind whistling alarming the dark
Hurricane pains a innocent man behind bars
Or the water that dripped through..
That the levies should have caught
Katrina I remember that girl
I promise no one was meaner
Of course she rain dropped after her  uncle ***** pedals from her flower
No sweetener that's why her kiss was sour
Its wild how pain produces prostitution now she linked to a coward
Pimping ain't easy cause we all were birth from a woman
Mothers dealing with men with frozen tundra emotions
Heartless what speaks to a chest cavity where a heart is missing
Just Jesus
Sep 2013 · 1.3k
I'm trapped in sun scourged  skin
Fighting to get out. Screaming for  benevolence
Confound by the  phobia of my appearance
Struggle for success should I be a street opportunist
Sale dope like my Dad did
Walk the line between life and death can you believe my dads dead
A walking  stereotype and be what there assuming
You ever try to swing at a fast ball disguised as an underhanded pitch
Swing and miss pain sets in
I'm bleeding in hopes of true equality
You see my people were still in chains
Deaf to the freedom bells
Colonials were children of a country
Battles fought for freedom released from there parents reign
My ancestors were  stripped from  soil dragged across the sea
To new plains force to be slaves
Some my view this as tasteless and lame
But it’s the truth
Asphalt skinned products working in fields barefoot no timberland boots
I send prays up and salutes out to the troops
Cause if we switched shoes
 I’m not sure if I would do it for you
Cause I don’t see innocent faces
I see innocence taken
Cops are cruel cults cause communities to be complacent
Conditioned to be racist
A people treated like Jesus stripped naked
A people where knowledge use to be sacred
Now money driven like I never made it to my graduation
But you see this money I’m making
I am caking
Cards of independence
An illusion it’s really assistance
Do we know that its fraud
To trade money for independence cards
Taking tax money doesn't erase the odds
Liberty by the hands of man is flawed
I was formed in this soil pushed out of America's womb planted my feet from birth
Kiss with this dying flesh destined to be treated like dirt
America a false independence since its start
You will only find freedom in the face of God
Pursing him with a  passionately postured heart
Angels sing when we say yes
Independence in Christ he paid for our freedom with his flesh
Despite all the political jargon
Screaming and freedom marching
Gods independence is like stars and space its infinite
Earthly independence in all its splendor compared to that is limited
Latching to this life's liberty is like licking
a limp liquored in leprosy
A  detriment is a  understatement
Put more hope in a representative than Christ . below the mason dixon an under states men.
Wars get fought for freedom
Bodies stack up for freedom
Money gets spend for freedom
How does peace gets forsaken for the sake of freedom
A fable is still a lie..
I wonder if animals in a preserve can recognize that they not in the wild
Gates open and chains broken when aligned with Christ in his Kingdom
Aug 2013 · 554
Black skin (10w)
My skin from
Arrival gifted through DNA donors
Don't hate
Jul 2013 · 924
Mind matter
My mind mows through madness
It bitterly battled the baddest
Suddenly shifted through the sadness
Left longing for love lonely
My minds knows me
Better than friends that enlisted me to commit sins
Way back when
I popped bottles of gin
Stepping slipping as my mind spins
I was never really a drinker I like to pretend
Like imagine me chasing a rabbit
Patiently embracing the magic
After it like Alexis until it gets hit in traffic
Red blood white fur mixed its graphic
Guess its no wonderland for me
No running to a caterpillar  that smoke trees
No running into a cruel queen
I say off with her head
My mind is a guillotine
Sad sight when you see the truth shattered
Feed your brain cause yes the mind matters
Jul 2013 · 645
Gun on me
I have a gun on me..
Its raining I'm in my car
I see a hooded figure walking in the rain
I have a gun on me
I need protection life is hard
Its raining but the figure is a threat
Cause he has a hood on I think he's black
I didn't make the police academy I'm going prove that I'm not insane
I **** my pistol because I'm going bag me thief
Your ****** to hell trying to steal from me
I call the police
They tell me to chill
Talking to my gun like can you believe
These county police. I am the neighborhood watch I'm going to take this dude out give people relief
I have a anger problem look at my rap sheet
I'm going follow this dude I need a release
I have a gun on me
I confront little *****
He get the jump on me
I pull the gun on little *****
And dump on  little *****
He dies I walk away free
He didn't know I had a pump on me
But I knew when I stalked and evaded his peace
In my mind these are my streets
He didn't have a gun that's why he fought with his fist
I had a gun .now another kid doesn't exist
Not guilty
I have a gun on me
For self defense ..
How does self defense exist when your the one stalking something?
And your the one lurking in the mist?

Satan wants to **** us like Trayvon Martin,
Yet we all have killed Christ in his innocence like Zimmerman.
Jul 2013 · 412
I am going to post about the living God..
I do not care what you say..
Timeline shows the foolishness that you post on your page..
Accepting him as savior is what releases the blood that covers us in grace..
People are not use to the truth..
that bread of life..
some do not like its taste...
I fight with sin..
The same ones  you embrace
Change takes place when your  seeking his face
Is there really understanding of the faith..
Its a lifestyle led by Christ Love it is not works based
I am sick of people saying that I am a Christian..
But Look to astrology for guidance and believe in superstitions
More than they Look to God and the use of scripture..
The True Church stand up those that's living out his vision..
What people spill on Facebook
Unaware when hate looks right
Maybe you should address  your likes..
Do you all  know what Faith looks like...
Its Noah building a ship for rain that never fell before..
Its Abraham hearing from God and believing that is son would be born
Its Joseph believing in his dreams after his clothing was torn
It Moses yelling let my people go we belong to the Lord..
Its Christ dying for out sins..
Yes he died that's past tense he's not dead anymore
Jul 2013 · 1.1k
I am looking at the wall its covered in white paint
I wondered how many times it's been replaced.
Yes painted over
If I chip it will it expose another color.
Like when my skin chip and drip the color of my sofa
Red lenses my sight beams like Cyclops
The Serenity I made peace with my pops
Death I see his face in the mirror
When I smile at my mom sometimes it scares her
Father son likeness
But what good did I get from him?
What examples did I learn from them?
I learned that a persons true colors can't be covered like a wall
Not with paint that is, not from the hands of man
Man are they flawed.
I seen blood drip on the ten commandments
Brush strokes of God
His Son Jesus the glory is that he rose
Now I'm painted all red like rose
Jul 2013 · 591
Body guard
I got choppers on deck
45 and techs
I'm lying just like this rappers that say they claim a set
People are blind to deception
Mistake food for a weapon
Embrace violence like swallowing a bullet for breakfast
The nature of man is wreck less
That's why innocence die from  AK-47s
Death is considered to often
Walking the path to a coffin
Who could of predicted the senseless bombing in Boston
Hence the word senseless because men lack feelings
For no one but themselves
My mistake, they have feelings for their  women and children
So ****** is the case
The hate for the United States
I say history don't lie
Even though the truth was masked with lies
God help us, if from Israel we sever ties
God protects America because America  protects Israel
The one and only promised land.
Sustained since the times of Abraham
Jul 2013 · 972
Waiting room poem
Love comes from God
Jesus showed us how to do it
Hanging on the cross he prayed for his accuser's
Like forgive them because they don't know what they are doing
Love in every word freedom for me and you
As a man of God I am to exhibit a pure love
Rain down like Niagara falls
Sinking in love soaked in the Blood of the Lord.
See the key is not to love the world but love the people in it
Love the person but hate their sinning
A love like this is like a kiss from the Holy Spirit
I walk in obedience I will not damage my witness
I examine the scriptures, like are they aware that he rose from the grave
Let them no the promises made
And the fact that God does not change
He is love its in Jesus nature to save
So if your not saved I pray
If your saved I pray
For one I pray for deliverance and for the other pray that no one strays.
I follow a narrow path
Its a choice to be lost in a maze
Jun 2013 · 1.8k
Reach....Completed Version
How can I reach the unreachable..
teach the unteachable who's  comprehension is unbelievable
But the fact  is unbelief is more than lack of knowledge..
Cause the truth is even Satan knows who God is..
Is it blindness...
truth on deaf ears..
the embracing of silence..
should there be surprises ..
when behind your eyelids enter a random act of violence..
A vision of darkness ..there's no light that why the pupils dilate the use of the iris..
But when use to darkness and the lights hits one close their eyelids..
I.e. Christ the truth the way the light..
Being unsaved is like living in the womb..
Darkness equivalent to that of a tomb..
Flashes of light is like labor contractions..
The unknown conviction hinting..
Considered a distraction..
Pushed out now watch the eyes reaction..
To the light cause from darkness there's a detachment..
If given a chance a adjustment happens..
An embracement of the light..
A rebirth Christ in action.
How can i reach the unreachable..teach the unteachable ..
With a script the director unknown Its more than the shout of action..
Living life like a movie unaware that the villains not acting..
Now could u imagine..
A movie set full of madness..
All the cast dead like really dead from a stabbing..
No equalizer the villain the only one left standing..
You may say excuse me..
Life is not a movie.
But a witness not performing there bystander..
No innocence exist...
No bliss in ignorance...
.Cause we all birth into sin.
So many questions with wrong answers given like the truth don't exist....
How can I reach the unreachable
teach the unteachable
who I tell to this body of Christ they should enlist
But  when a pass is given and the shot is missed..
It negates the assist..
A reason for the lost of the game..
The thought of a lost soul has me ******..
I'm the point guard I help the scorer sustain..
Chris Paul with rock which is the gospel..
Passing the truth like Paul the apostle ..
Too many people out for a win like Christ didn't settle the score...
Adam severed the relationship but Christ rebuilt the rapport...
I am trying to reach and teach but there's no trust any more...
Pointing u in the direction of excepting the Lord..,
Embrace the word of God that double edge sword..
Them cuts is conviction..
The sword swinging is What it means to be a witness..
Led by the spirit A Christian
Yes we are made in Gods image..
Trying to reach every soul because the wins and losses count..
Life is not a scrimmage..
How can one soul have a  blemish..
Only dirt that can touch the soul is the ***** hands of sinning..
How can I reach the unreachable teach the unteachable..Who mistakes knowledge for ignorance...
And reject truth because arrogance..
You know what a ferret is
What a parrot is
Animals are the next up for engagements
After the Supreme court embrace same *** marriage's
Lost Adults raising lost babies empty minds in  carriages
I listen to the Holy Spirit I'm not a heretic
But are we aware of what a heretic is
Its like a Dare teacher addicted to ******
How are you using, what you're teaching people  to be against
How can I teach a nation afraid get off the fence
Hey Christians stop with the lukewarmness,
To take flight is not when we fly out of Gods mouth as spit
How can I reach the unreachable..
Teach the unteachable
Who are led by drug abusers and systematic fads
One day you on ecstasy ..
the next day your a family man..
A tiny king  a little K a foolish dad
It seems  that this generation is curse
Its witchcraft in children's movies Brave
Deep conviction I say what I have to say
The truth hurts can't force me to behave
Gun in my face my skull may but my soul will not cave.
How can I reach the unreachable..
Teach the unteachable
Not by my power but by Gods might and grace
Daily I reach for Gods face...
Jun 2013 · 1.7k
How you say your the "realest"..
Like Christ don't exist..
Say you good but you don't know what good is..
Without God, good is evil..
Without God you see the people..
God is rejected because the true definition of goodness resides in him..
You don't know him that's why you reject him and in turn reject good.
That's why people accept "hood."
People reject life and accept death.
Reject spirit and accept flesh.
That's why people don't feel comfortable accepting help.
How dare we treat God like a reject.
Jun 2013 · 809
Untitled Day 26
Man I'm rocking man,  I'm  rocking
Hear me when I'm  talking
Truth spoken where lies are spoken often
Die daily awake inside a coffin
Fighting my flesh its a giant no Tom Coughlin
The smell of death
Like the smell of breath with out flossing
This world wilding like a  mosh pit
Disgusting like *****
Waiting for God to clean it like comet
The truth hits harder than a following star
I'm rocking like a chunk of a dead planet
Floating out in space stranded.
End of life can anyone plan it.
Jun 2013 · 455
Day 25: Mind on my God
Flesh is in a constant state of dying
Faith walking it out a constant state of trying
Holy Spirit the helper have you in a constant state of thriving
Satan is deception in a constant state of lying
Oh Lord to be flesh less
Only you can make be precious
With your blood more variable than a diamond dripped necklace
Blood soaked the fire causes refinement
The redeemed the violence you took, you made us blood diamonds
You give us free, Amistad
You are the true and living God
I hear you speak
You give me visions in my dreams
Reality to me is just plots and schemes
Watch it perish like spoiled greens
I cannot wait until you reform the earth
Back to the time before the fall of Adam and Eve
Jun 2013 · 761
Day 24
Its day 24, the challenge yeah almost done with it
Brilliant bars these rappers have dumb lyrics
When I write can you see the Holy Spirit
I'm gifted
Hear me then about Christ you become curious
Using my gift to honor Jesus,  Satan is furious
A poet for hire sincerely serious
I do this because I love it
The metaphors and analogies
The imagery adds weights to the lyrics with no calories
Deep like a oil tanker  sinking in the ocean
Yet I bring no corruption
Its therapeutic cleansing my mind when I'm flowing
Let's say I wrote  24 lines
Each one with 24 lies
I wouldn't be able to look my mirror in its eyes
Would it look back
And see then start to crack
Day 24 I think it was a guy band
I joke and laugh out loud man
I cheat I have lyrics on my hands
No I create lyrics from my hands
Aligned with Gods plan
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