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Nov 2017
Do you often wonder how you are perceived by those you meet?
What does a stranger think, what is his/her first impression?
Most of us wish to leave a good (?) impression or at least an impression.
So just how do we accomplish this?
Some wish to be remembered as Beautiful
Some wish to be thought of as Smart
Others like to be considered Funny
Or maybe Clever, Caring,... Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave,  Clean or Reverent if you are a Boy Scout.
Maybe if you are a Christian you want to be remembered as following  
the Ten Commandments or Being a Good Neighbor, Doing Unto Others as you would have them do unto you.
If an environmentalist, caring about the Earth, loving nature, the seasons and all living things.
If a teacher, then concern for your students' futures
If an investment counselor or banker-wealth.
If a politician, then winning the next election.
Most of us do have some kind of agenda when we meet a stranger
So what is your agenda?
Does your agenda make the world a better place, help other people,
No matter what their religion, race or creed?
Or does your agenda simply build you up in their eyes?
Or do you just assume that you look good to them?
Do you really think so?
In writing this little ditty, I determined to use a thesaurus in order  to improve my writing so that I would be perceived (identified, observed, regarded, sensed) as an intelligent poet of great merit and in doing so I learned a lot of new things which I will pass on to you, my readers. One thing that I realized is that my writing is not without enjambment and maybe yours is too.  In addition my parti pris could be incorrect.  Possibly the driving force behind this piece of writing could be an ulterior motive or an incentive to find out more about myself. It is also probable that I am participating in a bit of log rolling, pork barreling or establishing myself through the cronyism of you fellow poets.  
Help me, I myself am really not sure.
Written by
Sandra Lee
         Keith Wilson, A M, Tash Mckay, ---, Ciel Noir and 4 others
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