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Sep 2017
If I could say anything to you now I would say..

Never come up the brick stairs and knock on my door again,
You have no place or right to even think about me now.

Leave your future apology in your throat,
Just like all the real ones you never said.

Forget the pity party you try and create for yourself,
If you can’t sell it no one can buy it.

Remember all the kind and loving things I did for you,
Because no other girl will ever see you the way I did.

When you tell the story of you and I don’t forget,
You were the villain you seem to flip those roles.

Delete my number from your phone,
I don’t answer unknown numbers anyway.

Oh and don’t forget because trust me you do,
Making someone else a priority isn’t a bad thing.

Final thing,
I hope and I really do, I hope that no girl ever makes you feel the pain you caused me.
Because even I wouldn’t wish something that destructive on you.
Written by
       --- and Born
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