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Aug 2017
"Remember what you said to me?"

"Ummm maybe"

"Can you say it again?"

"Yeah, okay, I love you"

"I love you too "

"did you realize what you said?"

"Yes and I do.. i love you, I loved you for a while I just couldn't say it"

"I know you did"

"What!, how?"

"You don't need words to tell that someone loves you, they'll show you in their actions and the small things they do, for example as you start smiling in the middle of a kiss"


"Well I'm in love with you"

And then we shared a kiss mixed with love, passion and lust and like always we smile right in the middle of it and I think I loved her even more.
i wrote this years ago and the person isn't in my life anymore
Luis Liriano
Written by
Luis Liriano  19/M/Brooklyn, NY
(19/M/Brooklyn, NY)   
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