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Aug 2017
I don't hate you. you're as beatiful as a sunrise and your laugh drips with honey and you're everything I've ever wanted to be. but I hate you all the same. because you prance around with your pair of scissors, cutting boys hearts like paper airplanes, snipping them clean in half as they fall out of the sky. you took the boy I've loved from afar for all these years and wrapped him around your finger, tying his heart into a bow. I think it's to remind you of something you lost. I know you'll hurt him, just like you've hurt the others. and when you do, I won't be able to comfort him. he doesn't know me, he doesn't want me to help pick his heart up off the ground. and if, one day, he ever loves me the way I love him, it'll be a broken love. because he never could get over what you did to him. he will never be completely the same. and I hate you for that.
Written by
alex  F
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