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Jul 2017
Is the same...
Yet different.
You are born.
You learn how to walk.
You learn how to talk.
You play around.
You go to school.
You meet friends.
You find hobbies.
The world knocks you down,
But you get up.
You go to work.
You meet somebodyβ€”
You marry that somebody.
You build your own family.
You work again.
You reminisce memories.
You cry.
You laugh.
You live.
You die.
Same old story.
Very ordinary.
But the thing is:
If you're broken,
You become extraordinary.
No, not like Superman or anything.
You become "you."
The scars and wounds tells a
New story.
How you heal it
Is what makes you "you."
Everything is the same
Until they become different.
Inspired by Kathleen Glasgow's "Girl In Pieces"
Written by
Ponds  15/F
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