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May 2017
Never accept the things that you
cannot change, just change the
things you cannot accept and as
you begin to find out what is real
you begin to realize that nothing
is as perfect as you imagine it to be.

Somewhere in my mind just now,
as I write these words, run all of
good tines and the bad times so
fast I could hardly see them yet I
can call back any one of them and
and describe them in finest detail.

In my words I express my faith in
life, my conscience, my hopes, my
loves and my attempts to understand
what is and and what has been going
on in the world that surrounds me
and may you find inspiration and
warmth in my words.

Looking out at the road passing
under my wheels, I can't tell you all
how crazy this life feels but as a writer
I try to look at my poems from a new
perspective, turning tragedy into
tenacity and in my creativity I allow
myself to make mistakes, but the art
of it is just knowing which ones to keep.

Understand life backwards but live it
forwards knowing that once great
wrongs are done it is rarely possible to
undo them so cultivate your powers of
recuperation and restoration and even
the darkest night will end and the sun
will rise again.

Life provides the contours and we as
poets provide the shading and color
and you will find that as the years pass
you by you will become more creative
and make fewer mistakes because you
become aware that your days are
numbered and that nothing remains
the same in the game of life.

Know that habit is your constant
companion,your greatest helper, or
your heaviest burden and it will push
you onward or drag you down to
failure, but always know that it is
always at your command as half of
the tasks you do are done by habit
quickly and correctly, so be firm with
it and show it exactly how you wish
things done and after a few lessons
habit will do it automatically.
                                             Jon York   2017
Jon York
Written by
Jon York  Arma, Kansas
(Arma, Kansas)   
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