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Jon York Nov 29
There  will  be
many chapters
in your life.  

Don't get lost
    in the one
     you're in

    Never get
      so busy
a  living  that
     forget to
         a life.

       Until you
   cross the bridge
         of your
      can't begin
      explore your

             If it's
       meant to be,
         it will be.                                                                     Jon York   2019
Nov 29 · 53
I Love You Enough....
Jon York Nov 29
    Enough to fight for you,
    compromise for you, and sacrifice
    myself for you if need be.

    Enough to miss you incredibility
    when we're apart no matter what
    length of time it is for and regardless
    of the long distance.

    Enough to believe in our relationship,
    to stand by it through the worst of
    times, to have faith in our strength as
   a couple, and to never give up on us.

    Enough to spend the rest of my life
    with you, be there for you when you
    need me, or want me, and enough to
    never ever want to leave you, or to
    live without you.

    We close our eyes when we pray,
    cry,  kiss or dream because the most
    beautiful things in life are not seen
    but felt by the heart.
                                                                                        Jon York   2019
Jon York Nov 17
HATE   has   4   letters,
so does LOVE.  ENEMIES
has  7  letters,  so   does
FRIENDS.   LYING  has  5
letters,  so  does  TRUTH.

NEGATIVE  has  8  letters,
so  does  POSITIVE.

UNDER  has  5  letters, so
does  ABOVE.  CRY  has
3  letters,  so  does   JOY.
ANGER  has  5  letters, so
does  HAPPY.  

Do you think that this is just a coincidence?

RIGHT  has  5  letters, so
does  WRONG.   HURT
has 4 letters, so does HEAL.

Not all storms come to
disrupt your life, some
come to clear your path.

Life is a double edged
sword, exceed your expectations,
dance the night away,
be your best self.
Don't look back.

Some people feel the rain,
others  just  get  wet, so
just do what makes your
soul shine.                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Nov 16
Your  hands  can build  up
and tear  down  what  was
built  but  as these  hands
caress the contours of your

desire  is  built  and  fear is
tore  down . It  is said  that
the  tongue  can  breed
division.   As  my  tongue
divides  you,  my  mind is
drawn  to  togetherness.

The taste of your acceptance
quenches a thirst only
known to solitary men.

Gentle   sighs   and  deep
moans  spark  a  hardened  
conviction  to  please you.  

Your physicality and sexuality
take me to heights beyond
measure, but as I drift back
to Earth and rest quietly in
your arms, it's the whispered
words of two souls speaking
that moves me.
                                                                                        Jon York   2019
Jon York Oct 28
You could see that you needed to

spend  some  more  time  with

me...   in   order  to  see  deeply

into my history of our so many

years  apart,  you   thought  to

yourself,  as  you  sat  in   your

chair next to our bed watching

me sleep.

A light  breeze out of nowhere

caused  your  hair  to rustle, to

quiver  over  your  ears  as   if

someone were near...

to whisper into your ear

all the things you needed

to hear.                                                                    Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 25
Some people
         aren't  loyal  to  you...
                  They are
          loyal  to  their  need
               of you... once
         their  needs  change,
                   so does
               their  loyalty.

                  A dream
       doesn't become reality
             through magic,
                   it takes
                hard work.

                   You can't
            change  a  person
               who doesn't
                    see an
             issue  in  their

                  Be loyal
           to  your  future,
               your past.

            It's  time  to  be
             happy again.  
                                                                                      Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 24
No one
  changes unless they
            want to.

Not  if  you  beg  them.
     Not if you shame
   Not if you use reason,
          emotion, or
      use  tough  love.
There's only one thing
            that makes
      someone  change :
  their  own  realization
         that they need
               to do it.

      And there's only
              one time
         it  will  happen :
  when they decide they're

             A  strong
      relationship starts
               with two
        people who are
               ready to
        sacrifice anything
             each other.                                                          Jon York  2019
Jon York Sep 22
              when  you  treat
                  people like
               they  treat  you,
                   get  upset.

           People will provoke
                   you  until
                   bring  out
                your ugly side.
                   Then  play
                 when you go

                   You need you,
                      than  you
                   them. Trust me.

                    blame people
               disappointing you.
            yourself for expecting
                        too much
                       from  them.
                                                                                             Jon York   2019
Sep 22 · 51
Do It Scared
Jon York Sep 22
It just occurred
                           to me
                     that many
                 people are afraid
                          to heal
                    because their
              identity is centered
                  the  trauma  they

                      They  have
                          no  idea
                  they are outside
                      trauma and
                            can be

                            If you
                        can't  bare
                        do it scared.
                                                                                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 18
first person you
         think of
           in the
         last person
        think of at
        is either the
          of  your
        your pain.

        is too short
              to be
      with someone
         not crazy

         Listen, I'm
         nice person.

             So if I'm
      an ******* to you,
          you need to
      ask yourself why.
                                                                                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 18
I want to kiss
           you  so  thoroughly
     that you loose your ability
                    to stand.

           I will slip my hand
   into  your  soul unzip  you and
          touch your inner core,
                      rub your
                     I wanna
                     feel you...
                     taste you...
                     touch you...

             Sometimes  home
                 isn't 4 walls.
               It's  2  eyes  and
                   a heartbeat.

  Your arms wrapped around me,
         your head on my chest,
              my warm breath
        caressing your forehead,
                    your breath
              warming my chest.

                  For both of us,
           this is home no matter
                     we may be.
                                                             ­                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 17
And suddenly, you meet
         that  one  person again  from  your  past,
                              that makes you
                       forget about yesterday,
                           and  dream  about
                    You are that person and
                            suddenly you
                      mean  the  world  to  me.

                    Somewhere in between our
         text messages, our phone calls, our jokes,
                       our  laughter, our talks.....
                            I fell for you again.  

                                 When I look
                   into your eyes, I know I have
                             found the mirror
                                   of my soul.
                       I know now that I wasn't
               your first, but presently I'm preparing
                          myself to be your last.

                       I saw the wars within you and
                 I chose to stay and I choose to stand
                                     by your side
                             and help you fight them.

                            Lets  make this lovely
                  journey last for the rest of our lives.
                           Do  not  ever let  me  go,
                                      I am yours
                            as long as you want
                                      me to be.
                                                             ­                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 11
In school
    you're given the lesson
               then the test.

                   In life
        you're given the test
            then the lesson.

                 One of the
   reasons people fail in life
                 is because
   they listen to their friends
                 and family.

              You  need  you,
          than you need them.
                   Trust me.

       Greatness and madness
                    are next
             door neighbors
                   and they
           borrow each others

            And in the end
                       all I
           how to be strong
                    alone.                                                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 8
It's not
   just  about  where
       your dreams
          where you
        your dreams.

          your dreams,
       a plan to obtain
           track your
   progress -- making
          your dreams
            your plans
              are one
            the same.

            you want
             go get it.

                                                           ­                                Jon York   2019
Sep 8 · 313
Forward Progression
Jon York Sep 8
                                        verb, military slang






in the game of life sometimes it is necessary to accept and live with something that is extremely unpleasant but totally unavoidable in
order to progress forward to the dream or the place we wish to be, in other words, we embrace the ****.

                                                          ­                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 5
A bright red
     Cardinal had a confrontation
         with  a  picture  window
                 for 45 minutes
                         as it
           hammered  its  beak
                 against the
        glass and I determined
               that the bird
        had probably mistaken
                    its own
           reflection for that of
    a  rival  that  it  was  trying
                      to attack.
          This suggests that if
                you feel the
          urge to fight others,
     you're probably  mad about
                something in
      yourself, and you need to
                   realize that
                      it's best
            not to hurt yourself
                     or drive
              yourself crazy in
                      an effort
             to chase away an
             that  is  a  distorted
                         of a
                    real thing.                                                                                      
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2
        determines who
             you will
       become so much
    as  those  things  you
      choose  to  ignore.
         Not everyday
             is a good
      day, live anyway.
           Not all of
      those people you
           love will
   love you back,  love
  Not  all actions  are  fair,
      play fair anyway.
            Not all of
     your relationships
              will be
       truthful  to  you,
  be truthful with them
  Not all of your so called
    will be there for you
              when you
    needed them the worst  
                    to be,
         be there for them
                                                                                              Jon York  2019
Jon York Sep 1
         "ENTER "was
             sign on
            door and
                  on a

        the  courage  to
        for something.

            Do not be
        content  to  wait
               and see
        what  will  happen
             but have
        the determination
             to make
      the right things
                                                                                 Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 17
Listen to
                        the words
                          speak but
                           the beat
                       of  my  heart
                        the rhythm
                           my body
                        knows only

                         Your touch
                         be for my
                        alone and
                        how I knew
                                                                         Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 13
                in  love  is  a  very
                 strange thing.
             Your  thoughts  are
                drifting towards
                     this  person,
                       no matter
               what you're doing.
                       She calms
                  your mind and
                    your heart on
              She is that beautiful
                          of both.
                   Some people will
                         your body.
                    Some people will
                           your soul.
                           does both
                           pleases her.
                              knows she
                       ­                                                                 ­Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 13
Learn to love
            without condition, talk
                 bad  intention,  give
                    without reason,
            and most of all, care for
                    people  without 
                      Grades don't
                measure  intelligence,
                           and age
              doesn't define maturity.
                        Life is so
             much  easier  when you
                   stop explaining
            yourself and just do what
                    works for you.
                You're  not  here  to
          make others understand you.
                    You are here to
                understand yourself.
            We  come  with  nothing,
                      we go with
                   nothing, but  one
                       great thing
             we can hope to achieve in
                    our beautiful life
                          is a little
                     remembrance in
                   mind and a small
              place in someone's heart.
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 13
                  are  only  dreams
                        until you
                        wake up
                  and make  them  

                 You are the Author
                     of  your  story.
                           If your
                stuck on  the  same  
                   remember  that  at  
                       any  moment,
                         you have
                the  power to write a
                        new chapter.

                       You will never
                  always be motivated.
                            You have
                     to be disciplined.
                          The future
                   depends  on  what
                         you do today.

                      Love what you do,
                             so one day
                        you can do what
                              you love.
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 8
Your mind
                 has  aroused
                    in  ways
              that harden my
                   and  makes

                    I  want  to
                     psyche of
                 deeply inside
                    mind  and
                     spot  inside
                        you that
                 your soul quiver
                     and writhe.
                                                                                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 7
I was different
               from other men. In my
        words  she  found  desires that
                    she didn't know
                          she had.

                    When  I  looked
                             at her,
               she felt as though I could
                             hear her
                       very  thoughts.
                 When  I  touched  her,
                      she knew she
              would give me anything.
                        She would
                 give me everything.

                        She lay alone
           in her bed and her desire
                           for me was
                   a burden on her soul.
                            She could
                  feel  it  like  a  weight on
                             her chest,
                    and  restlessness  in
                      ­      her limbs.
                  She  wanted  to  feel  me
                       deep inside her.
                               She was
                          desperate  for
                       ­      my touch.
                                                          ­                                 Jon York    2019
Jon York Aug 7
I don't want to
          be your entire world, no.
               I would be happy
                      just being
          your morning chocolate,
          your hanging car keys,
                   your wallet,
               your  cell  phone,
                    your ****.

            Something  seemingly
                       but if lost
                 throws  off  your
                     entire day.  

                      My thoughts
                 cannot move an inch
                            of  you.

                        cannot stop
                           into you.
                                                            ­                               Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 7
You walked
          back  into  my  life
                    for the
            second time like
                  you had
          always lived there,
              like my heart
      was a home built just
                    for you.

            Here  I  was. . .
            magic didn't really
            and now that's
            all I see
             when I
             look  at  you.

            And in
            the middle
            of my chaos
            you are.
And  in  your  eyes  is a  beautiful  poem                                                                  ­                    Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 4
The mind is
              like water. When it's
           turbulent  it's  difficult
                          to see.
                 When it's calm,
           everything  becomes

                  Sometimes we
            must be hurt in order
                       to grow.
                 Sometimes we
        must  fail in order to know.
                 Sometimes we
            must  lose  in  order
                       to gain.
         Because   some  lessons
                 are  best  learned
                    through pain.

                        Be soft.
            Don't  let  the  world
                 make you hard.
                       Do not let
             the  bitterness  steal
               your sweetness.

                       You learn
           a lot about people when  
               they don't get what
                     they want.
                                                                                         Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 31
The universe
           reveals  its  secrets to  
              those who dare
           follow  their  hearts
                  Eight things
       I was asked by ( the one
             I share my love
        with ),  to  give  up  if  
     I  wanted  to  continue  having
                a relationship
       with  her  and  wanted
               to be happy:
1.doubting myself,   2.negative
        thinking,  3.fear of failure,  
            4.criticising  myself
                    and others,  
          5.negative  self  talk,  
   7.fear of success , 8. people  

      I'm a very lucky man
           in that she cared
                  enough to
        share those thoughts
                   with me.

              The spiritual
      path  leads  you  back
               to your soul.
There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path.
                                                           ­                              Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 31
The ocean
              everything  she
                 wants to be,
         beautiful, mysterious,
                 wild and free.

                  She was given
                       this  life
             because she is strong
                enough to live it.

                       One day,
                  we  will  never  
                        have to
                   say  goodbye,
                 only   goodnight.

                           She is
                   soft and doesn't
                          let  the
                   make  her  hard.

                        doesn't let
                pain make her hate
                    and she will
                      let bitterness
                     her sweetness.
                                                                                       Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 30
Have  eyes  that  see
                           the best,
                a heart that forgives
                        the worst,
                 a  mind  that  forgets
                           the bad,
                 and a soul that never
                        loses faith.

                   Life  is  a  matter
            of  perspective.  There  are
                  many  people  who
                    may know you,
                           but there
                  are  very  few  who
                       who  you  are.

                            Some of
                    the best moments
                           are never
                  captured by cameras
                           and are not
                 posted  in  any  social
                    media platform.
            They  are  kept  in  private
                      and cherished
                   with the best people.
                                                                                        Jon York   2019
Jul 30 · 748
This Strange Ride
Jon York Jul 30
I believe life
            is better when you
        turn the music way up
    and  think about  the  lyrics,
                  eat too much
         chocolate, smoke a lot
    of  marijuana,  walk  barefoot,
            talk about weird ****
                     like magic,
       with  weird  people  who
              believe  in  magic.
                Hug strangers,
      and have good adventures
                  with a lot of
        road trips to see all the
 the  beauty  that  surrounds  you.
                  These things
        won't make life perfect,
                 but they sure
        as hell make this strange
                ride  more  fun.
         Be fearless  in pursuit of
               what sets your
                soul on fire.
         Remember  what it's
               like  to  really
                   feel alive.  
    It's not what we have in life,
              but  who  we  have
                     in our life
                                ­                                                   Jon York   2019
Jul 30 · 126
The Love In My Dogs Eyes
Jon York Jul 30
                                         paw prints on the floor

                    SLOBBERY  KISSES  ON  MY  FACE
                        nose prints on my windows

                             dog hair on my clothes and bed sheets

                      NO  ROOM  IN  MY  BED

                      For there will come a day when
                       these things will be missed.

                     MY  SUNSHINE   DOESN'T COME  FROM  THE  SKIES

                       It comes from the love
                                                that's in my dogs eyes.
                                                                                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 29
Listen to
        your  own  soul,  
               too many
   people listen to the noise
             of the world
              of themselves.

               Deep inside,
    you know what you want,
                 let no one
         decide that for you.

               comes a time
            you have to choose
            turning the page
           closing the book.

           be afraid of losing
              Be  afraid of
       losing yourself  trying  
                 to  please
        everyone around  
            It always seems
             until  it's  done.
                                                                                   Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 29
The best thing
            about  memories  is
                 making  them.
                  Always kiss
                me   goodnight.

                    My heart is
               and  always  will
                     be yours.

             Happiness can be
       found even in the darkest
                of times if one
          only remembers to turn
                    on the light.
           Only  in  darkness  can
               you see the stars.

              You  can't  go  back
                     and change
             the  beginning,  but
      you  can start  where  you  are
             and change  the ending.

                         Live for
                  the moments you
                    put into words.
              Trust  the  timing  of
                     ­     your life.
                 Always   believe
                    that  something
                   ­  wonderful is
                        about  to
                          ha­ppen.                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 27
Love is an
      ancient story yet it is ever
         new and when love
                 is at its best,
          one loves so much that
             he cannot forget.

                   True love
     is the ripe fruit of a lifetime.
              He is not a lover
      who does not love forever.
                     Love is so
         divine  that  description
              would make it less.

                 Love  is  what
                      you feel
               but can't define,    
        it is what you know and
                 can  only  hope
                   to express
            to  her  for  the rest
                    of eternity.

                      Youth is
                  but  an  hour,
               beauty   a   flower,
                     but love
          is the jewel that wins
                    the world.
               Age  enriches true
                       love like
                    noble   wine.
                                                                                                 Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 25
I curl my
           frame around  her,  
                all  arms and
           legs  and  I  can  feel
                   her heart
               fluttering  as  a
                  little bird's,
              frightened and

                     I kiss her
          and she  tastes  like  
             fresh strawberries
                  and courage.

                      I smile at
               the   sun   in   her
                     baby  blue
             lick  salt  from  her
                  tanned skin,
         for  the shore our bed,
              lapping waves our
            soaking  us  until  she
                   curves her
              back  in  roaring

                         I carry
                   her  over  the
                   into the sun.
                                                            ­                       Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 23
I began to work on your lips,
     as if drawing *** from a well of longing
                     and need. Then heated
            tongues  met  in  the midst of hot
                   and quickening breath.
          And quickly we drank the wine
                            of our lusts.
             Then intoxicated with those
      spirits, our clothes found resting place
              on the floor, piece by piece,
          until there was no hiding places,
    for the two glistening and wanting bodies
                 as hunger revealed in this
                               hot moment.
           Then skin meshed with skin as
the floor became the stage and I moved
           atop you with ease and gently
   I  lowered myself down, kissing you as
               I filled you and your gasp
                         broke our kiss.
        I stroked your forehead as our slow
rhythm gave way to urgent and demanding
                   thrusts of passion.
     You arched your body for my comfort
and I threw you into esctasy with the strength
                 of my blows and I left you
     screaming and soaked, in oblivion again
                and again. The taste of your
       skin between my lips, was like no other.
                   To hear your cry of mercy
          when my teeth met your  warm  skin,
   was  more  breathtaking  than  you  knew,
               leaving  our  screams  to  echo                       Jon York   2019
          on  like  battle cries.  You  welcomed
the weight of my body to crush you as I collapsed
             on top of you, still hot and burning
       and you glowing like  an  ember casting a
welcome  light should  I  seek  your  gifts  again.
Jon York Jul 23
One can change  their
     future  by  changing  their
attitude and to not get discouraged
       about how far they have
to go but instead get excited about
       where they are headed.

           Some people create
    their own storms and then get  
         upset because it rains.

             Stay focused on  the  
   outcome  rather than the obstacles
             and never base your
     decisions on advice  from those
              who don't have to
          deal   with   the  results.

           Give every day the chance
   to  become the  most beautiful  of  your
                   life and be the type
           of person you want to meet,
   choosing joy and realizing that you
                  are what you do,
                not  what  you  say.

        Focus on what matters and what
               makes you happy today
           and  spend  time  with  people
      who  bring  out the  best  in  you, not
               the stress in you because
         it's  all  about  finding  the  calm
                 in the chaos and realizing
        being happy never goes out of style
                                                           ­                                  Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 23
As long
             as you feel pain,
                 you're still

                     As long
         as you make mistakes,
                  you're still

                     As long
             as you keep trying,
                  there's still

                 is  temporary.
              thoughts, people,
                  and scenery.

                 Do not become
                 just flow with it.

          When  you're  in a dark
                        place you
                 sometimes tend to
          think you've been buried.

                  Perhaps you've
          been planted and the only
                 choice you have
                       is to grow.
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 19
In life
           you have to be
                  able to
       realize there is a role
             for  everyone
                you meet.

      -  Some will test you.
         Some will use you.
         Some will love you.
         Some will teach you.

                 But the ones
                   who are
            truly  important
              are the ones
    who bring out the best
                  in you.

            They are rare
      and  amazing  people
              who remind
                   us why
             life is worth it.  

                   Just keep
                 loving   me.
              keep loving you.
                    And the
             rest will fall into
                                                                                  Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 19
I love you.
         On intense days.
            On good days.
                On long
              work  days.
               On  really
             strange  days.

           And most of all
          on days when you
            make me smile,
            which happens
            to be every day
              I'm with you.

               I  love  you
              means that I
             care  enough
               to fight for
             what we have
              and love you
                enough  to
                 not   ever  
                    let   go.
                                                                                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 17
Not everyday
   is  a  good  day, live anyway.
             Not all the people
   you love will love you back,
               love anyway.
             Not everyone
     you thought you knew
               will tell you
                   the truth,
          be honest anyway.
               Not all deals
     are fair, play fair anyway.
               Not all your love
   relationships will be truthful
                  and  faithful
                     to you, be
             truthful and faithful
             with   them  anyway.
                Not all "friends"
        will  be  there  for  you  when
             you need them to be,
        be  there  for  them  anyway.
                  Never apologize
       for having a heart as big as the
                 ocean to the people
        who would rather stay puddles
and  accept  the fact that  some  people
              didn't intend to let
        you down, but did. Too many
people are looking for the right person
               instead of trying to be
   the right person. Let it all go and
                    see what stays.
               Die  with  memories,
                       not dreams.
                                                         ­                             Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 16
          we  all  forgot  
     that  we  aren't  here
          for very long.  

   become time - machines,
          never living
     in  the  moment. And
          now we can't
     remember how to love
             what's right
          in  front  of   us.

         river  leads  to
           the ocean.
    Stars do burn out.
                So yes,
         everything ends.

             But do you
      want to know a secret ?
-- and I mean everything
         we're getting it
             all wrong,
       and  it's  the  stars
             who are
       wishing on us.
                                                                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 13
Poetry doesn't
            have  to rhyme, it just
     has  to  touch  someone where
            your hands couldn't.

                 A poem begins
          a  lump  in  my  throat, a
                   sense of what's
                      what's right.
                 A homesickness. A  
                       love sickness.

                       Why poetry?
               I  am  asked,  I  answer,
                   "because of life."

                      I don't want
                 just words from you,
                     the one who is
             supposedly  the  center
                        of my world.
              If  that's  all  you  have  
                           for me,
                     you'd  better  go.
          We whisper lies to ourselves
               and forget that reality
                   is a light sleeper.
                                                                                        Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 12
Music helps me
           to forget about the world
                           I live in
              and gives me reason
        to   end  something   useless
                      and move on.
           At times I fit into the lyrics
                    more than I fit
                          into life.
            In   many   life   situations
                      and events
          I  find  myself  in  I  can't  
                    explain how I
                        feel but I
           can find a song that can.
                   I love it when
            I  hear  lyrics  that  apply
                          to  my
                  current situation.
      Each memory has a soundtrack
                     all of its own,  
         even  if it is a bad memory
that you'd prefer to erase from your
                   mind forever.
            When  you  hear  that  
   particular song, the  bad memories
         are always there with it.
  Behind every song is an untold story.
              Someday it's gonna
                      make sense,
                     but for now.
no reason to stay is a good reason to go.
                                                                                              Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 10
Life goes on. . . .
               with or
               Never let
             waste your
              time, twice.
           Rule #1 of life:
                do what
              makes you
       Whatever you do,
              make sure
               you do it
                for you.
             I don't have
               to beg for
                 beg for
              anyone to
              talk to me,
              or beg for
           anyone to stay
              in my life.
           When it hurts
             to move on,
         I just remember
            the pain I felt
              hanging on.
                                                                                           Jon York   2019
Jul 8 · 141
Evolve And Choose Love
Jon York Jul 8
You have
                   you need.
          Choose to EVOLVE.
                Choose LOVE.
           You  have  a  choice:
            EVOLVE or REMAIN
                  If you choose
                    to remain
        you will be presented
   with  the   same  CHALLENGES,
              the same old ROUTINE,
              the same STORMS,
              the same SITUATIONS,
       until  you  learn  from  them,
                until you actually
       love  yourself  enough  to say,
                      "no more,"
     until  If you choose CHANGE.
                 If you choose to
           you will connect with  the  
   STRENGTH  within  you, you will
                 explore what goes on
           OUTSIDE your comfort zone.
      You  will  awaken  to  LOVE, you will
                 become LOVE,
            you  will  be  LOVE,
       so EVOLVE and choose LOVE.
                                                           ­                       Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 7
Not everything
             is  suppose  to  become
                beautiful  and  long

                 Sometimes people
                        come  into  
             your  life  to   show you
                      what is right
         and what  is wrong. To show  
                     you  who  you  
                           can  be,
                 to teach you to love
                 and to  make you feel
            better  for  a little  while.

                    everyone is going
        to  stay  forever  but  you  just
               have to keep on going,
                      thanking them
            for whatever it is that they
                           gave you
                and when  you  finally
          get  tired  of  trying,  just leave.
                         No fight, no
            argument, and sometimes
                        not  even  a
                                                                               Jon York   2019
Jon York Jul 6
              some of
              the most
       chapters  in our
  lives won't have a title
           until much
    later in our time here
          on this earth .

     Today I want to think
       about all that you
are instead of all that you
                are not.

      Your ability to listen
to  and  take  action  based  on
          your inner voice -
  regardless of how you feel,
          other influences
        or temptations you face -
               is the key to
               self  mastery.

                   is often
                the untried.
                                                                                 Jon York   2019
Jul 4 · 99
I Choose Both
Jon York Jul 4
I am your rock,

You are my inspiration,

I am your balance,

You are my support,

I am your wild,

You are my calm,

I am your anchor,

You are my wings.

You're   my favorite

place  to  go  when

my   mind  searches

       for   peace.

I   have   seen   the

best    of  you   and

the   worst   of  you

and  I  choose  both.

The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves.
                                                          ­                             Jon York   2019
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