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I am without her and
seemingly uninspired in these
withering times, escaping through
     all my falsehoods
I remain in my quiet shadows.

    Hiding away from all that
      is seen and smothered
   in my wanton dreams of her
   kisses and being with her.

   Not to die in my depression
  but to listen to my inner voice
       of strength and truth
I wait for her to hold me again.

Tucked away inside a strength
      secure in this world of
whispering dreams I turn away
       from all the fears held
         captive free of will
finding my peace in memories
                    of her.
                                                            ­                              Jon York     2021
You  are  what  you  do,   not
what  you  say  you'll  do. Don't
talk, act. Don't say, show. Don't
promise,  prove.

When things change inside  you,
things change around you. Your
direction is more important than
your speed.

If you start now, you'll begin seeing
results one day earlier than if you
start tomorrow.

Trust  the  timing of your life. There
is  no "RIGHT TIME",  there  is  just
time & what you choose to do with it.

Be a warrior, not a worrier, never
give up, because great things take
time and don't be afraid to fail,
be afraid not to try and remember,
if you want it, you must work
for it.

And remember where you started.
Sometimes you just have to create
your own sunshine.                                                        ­   Jon York  2021
Jon York Feb 22
No one gets out of here
alive, fear does not stop
death, it stops life,  so  
FOCUS --- Follow  
Keep  your energy focused
on your goals and dreams.

Ignore  the  noise  that
seems to be going on all
around you and stop
treating yourself like an
after thought.

You can't change the past.
You can't predict the future.
So live in the moment. The
best way to predict the
future is to create it.

Say the truth that you're
carrying in your heart like
hidden treasure. Be silly,  
be kind, be weird. There's
no time for anything else.                                              Jon York   2021
Feb 15 · 1.4k
Would It Matter
Jon York Feb 15
Would it matter,
if I told you,
         I still love you,
         I still need you,

I still look for you -----
         even as the shadows
                    climb the hills
and the new moon
                    hears the howls
                    of distant dogs
somewhere down this
             lonely Kansas road,
where the wind blows songs
        through the green pine
and the memories of you
                    still haven't left
                                my mind.

No, it would't matter one
               bit ,not in the least.

That's just the way it is.
                                                             ­                 Jon York   2021
Jon York Feb 7
Aging is an extraordinary process
              where you become the
            person  you  always  should
                        ­  have been.

              A satisfied life is better
         than a successful life.  Because
      but our satisfaction is measured
          by our own soul, mind
                  and heart.

    The greatest prison people live
in is  fear of what  other people  think.
   Everything we hear is an opinion,
                        not a fact.
   Everything we see is a perspective,
                        not the truth.

      People don't want to hear the truth
            because they don't want
           their  illusions  destroyed.
                                    ­                                                  Jon York   2021
Jon York Feb 7
When you see something
beautiful in someone, tell them.
It only takes a second to say,
but for them it could last a lifetime.

If only our eyes saw souls
       instead of  bodies,
how very different our ideals
     of beauty would be.

My story is filled with
broken pieces, terrible choices,
an ugly war and terrible
disrespect upon returning
and then a horrible head injury
in an automobile crash
       and ugly truths.
   It's also filled with major
comebacks, piece  in  my  soul
and  a  grace  that  saved  my  life.

If I ever tell you about my past,
it's NEVER because I want you
to feel sorry for me, but so you can
  understand why and who I am.                                   Jon York   2021
Jon York Jan 19
So very young  and so in love, the  first  love
that you never forget. You went somewhere
(I had no idea where)and I went to Alaska and
then I  went  to  war  and  the  years  began to
fade the memories, erasing lines of dialogue,
making  vague  the  dates  and  the  places... lips and skin still remember, my hands
will still know all the contours...

...and clearly feel the touch of you.

We both had a dream of love. We looked for
it  in the hidden places of  the  future,  in the
secret places of our hearts.

Fifty years later you found me and I can't help
but think that you may have never been mine,
but I was yours and I still all these years later
go to bed every night wondering how it would
feel  to  have you here  with me. True  intimacy
happens when nothing is perfect.

You are many miles away, married, living in your
castle,and I can't help but feel you are scared to
meet me again after so many years even though
you made the effort to find me, contact me and let
me know that your heart was still heavy with thoughts
of me after so many years apart.                                    
                      ­                                                                 ­        Jon York 2021
Dec 2020 · 191
Good To See You Again
Jon York Dec 2020
I whisper, "I love you, you are mine..."
You whisper," you are my master, my pleasure,
my torment, my happiness.

        Crying was the music of ecstasy, alone
in the world, together  in a different reality. Wrists
and ankles tied with ropes upon our meeting after
so,so many years as our happy tears mixed.

        It is our special manifestation of love as I am
your savior and your executioner with you being
my salvation and sacrifice.

         I watch as your blue eyes darken with carnal
desire upon my entering the room and starring at
you and your naked body with love and desire as
the  room air  fills with steam and  your  scent, a
culmination of wet heat on our bodies as
the moment lasts for hours.

You anticipate the next blow as pain fills the
air in your sobs of rapture as you wriggle under
the whip, begging for mercy as your mouth whispers,
"I love you."

        And I kiss your lather and stroke fresh traces
whispering to you softly,"the past is the past, the
future is ours to take, it is so, so good to see you
                                                                                              Jon York  2020
Dec 2020 · 117
Draped Among Your Memories
Jon York Dec 2020
I wondered what you were seeking
when you told me once I was always
the lingering tune draped among
your memories.

Maybe  your  love was tired  from all
of your  toys and  had  come to  rest
on  smoother  ground but  it seems  I
was  not  your soft  landing,  but  just
another  hook to hang your  hat, just
a past memory.

But I'm not too sure I was remembered
at all because of all the stories told
by you, as if you were talking about
you and I, were stories of which I had
no memory of at all, so it had to be
someone else and never really me,
as you claim it was.

I brace myself in place waiting for you
to remember how long you've wanted

Every breeze carries to my mind the
truth and I am captive in your eyes
even as they wander.
                                                                                          Jon York  2020
Nov 2020 · 133
Jon York Nov 2020
No one asks you to accept life.
That is not a choice.  
You  must  accept  it. The  only  
choice  is  how.
Heaven on earth  is  not a place  
you  must  find,
but  a  choice  you  must  make.

Two primary choices exist in life;
to except conditions
as they exist,
or accept the responsibility for
changing them.

You may believe that you are
responsible for what you do, but
not for what you think, but the
truth is that you are responsible for
what you think, because it is
only at this level can you exercise
choice.What you do comes from
what you think

Every morning when we get up,
the first thing we should decide is:
What do i want? Misery? or bliss?
If we choose blissfulness it is because
it is your choice, it is your life.

There are no mistakes in life, only
lessons.  Love yourself,  trust  your
choices, and  everything is possible.

We choose only once. We choose to
be warriors or to be ordinary...A second
choice does not exist. Not on this earth.
                                                          ­                                   Jon York   2020
Nov 2020 · 145
A Struggling Soul
Jon York Nov 2020
With  so  many  people  in  this
world I'm confident  in saying,
"If  you  connect with  someone
on a soul  level, you don't take
them for granted." My soul remembered
her,  my   heart   connected me  
with  her and she emboldens
my soul to accept the mystery
of her love.

Our  souls  speak a language that
is beyond human understanding,
a connection so rare the universe
won't let us part. You can make
detours with your mind but you
can't distract the truth from your heart.

The  thought  of  never  crossing
your path again is too enormous
to  bare,  so  for  now  I'll  make
dreams in my heart and remind
myself to go and sit and remember
them  every  once  in  awhile,
remembering that the bravest of
souls are those who choose love
over and over.

And kindness is a simple way to
tell another's struggling soul that
there is love to be found in this world.
                                                          ­                                 Jon York   2020
Nov 2020 · 163
Each Others Voice
Jon York Nov 2020
The sound of your voice touches my soul
and  I  am  so  glad  for  that  touch  and
sometimes I  celebrate  the  sound of your
voice  and  at  other times  I  feel  I need to
recover from it.

You  can  speak  a  world  into  existence or
empty life of it its meaning and the unspeakable
is  heard  and  felt when  you  speak.

When  you  speak  the  energy flows and just
the sound of  your voice makes  me  glad  to
be  alive and glad  that  I  am  a  man.

The fascination that is you, the mystery that  is
you I find and know in the sound of your voice
and as  the sound of your voice excites and nurtures,
I warm myself in its sound as it touches my soul.

When we speak our souls resonate and intimacy
occurs and we attend to what we love and that is
each others voice.
                                                                                            Jon York   2020
Jun 2020 · 301
Blushing And Burning For Me
Jon York Jun 2020
I want my eyes to
              set the fire to your soul.

                  I want my hands to
                 set  fire  to  your  skin.

                  I want my words to
              set fire to your mind and

                  I want those words to
               free your soul, to release
               your dreams and un cage
                    your imagination.

                   I want to see every
                part of you blushing and
                       burning for me.
                                                                                               Jon York  2020
Jun 2020 · 287
The Reason She Loved Him So
Jon York Jun 2020
The Sun and the Moon
are loves who rarely meet, always chase,
     and almost always miss one another,
                    but once in awhile,
        they do catch up  and  they  kiss  
               the world stares in awe
                      of their eclipse.

                      He was the day,
          she  was  the  night.  He  lived
    for misty mornings, she lived for crazy
        midnight's. He was the Sun, she
  was the Moon, yet both waited impatiently
        for  those  rare  days  they  might
                       exist peacefully.

                    She wants a man who
       understands her eyes. If she gets sad,
            she  points  to  her  chest  and
               says, "here is your home."
                        He understands.

                    But perhaps the very
          fact the Moon could never have
               the Sun was the reason
                      that  she  loved
                               him  so.                          
                                                                                  Jon York   2020
Apr 2020 · 198
Jon York Apr 2020
    our love existed
           "what if?"
            "if only"
"I'm afraid we'll be one
          of the ones
           who miss
            each other
        their entire life."
   sometimes you have
               to die
       a little bit inside
              you truly
        understand how
               to live.
      I  can  and  I  will
          find someone
            better who
        loves me  as much
           as I deserve
      treats me the way
           I deserve
        to  be  treated.
If it hurts too much to hold on, then it's time to let go. You may have hurt me but you didn't break me. You don't have that much
power over me.
                                                             ­                            Jon York   2020
Apr 2020 · 245
Holding on to each other
Jon York Apr 2020
I am your poet,
          you are my poetry.

         You  are   my
         daydream, I am
         your reason to dream.  

          I am your escape,
         you are my wings.

           I am your refuge,
          you are my storm.

          We are the remedy
           for each  other's
           brokenness, and
          we heal each others's

           Our   togetherness  
           sings  a   beautiful
           melody only known  
           to  us   as   we  bring
           happiness  to each
           other and a promise  
            of a new beginning.

           At our age, we  only
           need to be interested
           in consistency, stability,
           respect and loyalty
           and touching each
           other, holding on to
           each other until it's over.
                                                           ­                                Jon York   2020
Mar 2020 · 189
Heal Each Other's Worlds
Jon York Mar 2020
She  could fool  everyone.
                           But not her own heart.

                     She lay back in the warm safety
                 of my arms while my hand between
               her  legs helped  her forget  the  world.  

                          Neck  *******,  ­lip  biting,
                   hands  running,  heavy  breathing,
                              ­      lap grinding.  

                    Couldn't even find my own breath.  

                           I  like  my  lovers  selfish -
                   do  you  know how **** it  is  when
                          someone  only  wants   you?  

                      Kissing  and  cuddling  make  her
               feel loved.  Intense,  naughty and rough ***
                                make her feel wanted.  

                   Her hips moved like waves on the ocean
        undulating wildly as I plunged deep into her waters.
                    She  was  sweet,  wet, and  refreshing.

               I gasped for air as I drowned on her high seas.

                   When two souls fall in love they make
            each other feel like home. Together, they become
                 the remedy for each other's brokenness
                    and heal each other's worlds.

                                                       ­                                      Jon York   2020
Jon York Mar 2020
You are my  Sun,  my  Moon, and
all of my Stars.  You are my heart,
my life, my one and only thought.
Some  people search  their whole
life  to find  what  I found in  you.

I  am  not  perfect,  but  I love you. . .
I really do.

And I promise to be your best friend,
your partner in crime and your lover.

My memory runs over and over and over
our  yesterday together  knowing the only
way I can ever go back is the way I did,...

into the fading thoughts of  an  old mind.  
Sad to me are those thoughts, thoughts of leaving
not knowing if I will ever return alive,
leaving the  faces of love,  the  places  and  friends,
the traces of sadness in their eyes, wondering if
they will ever see me alive again,

leaving for a war children were fighting to win
and leaving a thousand uncorrected wrongs and
a thousand sunsets.
                                                        ­                              Jon York   2020
Feb 2020 · 206
Jon York Feb 2020
You thought I would never
      understand. But I think you are
   the  one  that  doesn't  understand.
          My hunger for you is far
       greater  than  you  ever  knew.

            And there was  back  when
      we  both  ached  for  each  other,
          craving each other's hands.
       lips, and a simple touch touch in
                         any form.

            You just wanted to feel me
      feeling you. You are the end of
  my road after a lifetime of missed exits
    and wrong turns,  you are my home
              and one journey ends and
        another finally begins after so many

            I wanted to tell you all my
      secrets. But you became one of them.
   It's  hard  to  pretend  to  be  friends with
        someone special. When every time
you look at that person all you see is everything
                       you want to have.
                                                           ­                           Jon York   2020
Jon York Feb 2020
Kiss her
slowly, take  your  time, like there's  no  place
you'd rather be. Not like your waiting for something
else, like your hands touching her thighs, or undoing
her  bra   straps, nothing  like  that.
                              Kiss her
like   you've   forgotten   any  other  mouth  that  your
mouth  has  ever  touched.   Kiss  her  with  a  curious
delight.  Inhale  her  sighs.   Kiss  her  till  she  moans.
Kiss her with her face  in your  hands.  Let  her  know
how  bad  you  really  want  to  just  kiss  her.
                               Kiss her
like  you  want  to  take  her  dancing.   Like you want
to spin her into an open arena and watch  her  look  at  
you  like  you're  the brightest  thing  she's  ever seen.
Like  she's   the   brightest  thing   you've   ever   seen.
                                Kiss her
like   the   first  and  only   piece   of   chocolate  you're  
ever  going   to  get.  Until  she  forgets  how   to   love.  
Kiss  her  stupid.  Kiss  her  silent.

We   think  we  want  ***,  but   it's  not   always  about
***. It's  intimacy we  want. To be touched. Looked at,
admired.  Smiled  at. Laugh with someone.  Feel  safe.
Someone's  really  got  you.   That's  what  you   crave.
A  serious  girl,  when  she finds someone  who  calms
her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will  love  you
so fiercely it will defy even her own logic and reasoning.
                                                                                             Jon York   2020
Jon York Feb 2020
ATTRACT  what  you EXPECT,  REFLECT  what   you  
     DESIRE,  BECOME what you  RESPECT  and MIRROR  
     what  you  ADMIRE  and  
     DECIDE,  COMMIT, SUCCEED and may your  heart be  
     BRAVE,  your   mind  FIERCE  and  your  spirit   FREE.

    Be   STRONG   but  not   RUDE  and  be  KIND  but  not  
    WEAK  and  be  HUMBLE  but   not TIMID and PROUD
    but not ARROGANT and  be  so  BUSY  LOVING  LIFE  
    that  you  have  no  time  ­for   HATE, REGRET,  WORRY
    or  FRET and FEAR.  

    ALL  YOUR  LIFE you  will  be  faced  with a  CHOICE-
     --  you  can  choose  LOVE  or  HATE.  I  choose LOVE,
     which  comes  as  quite  a surprise to those who  know  
     me  because  of  what   I  had   to  go  through  in  the
     Vietnam  war  and  after  returning   home   to  a  HATE  
     Vietnam  Veteran's  public.

    I choose not to be the person who needs someone, I choose
    to  be  the  person  someone  needs.  In  one  lifetime you  
    will  love  many times, but one love will  remain  in  your
    soul forever.   A  comfort  zone  is  a  beautiful  place, but
    nothing grows there.  I've  been  taught  to enjoy  my own
    company instead of expecting someone else to make you

     EXPLAIN  your  ANGER, don't EXPRESS  it and you will
     immediately open  the  door  to  SOLUTIONS  instead of
     ARGUMENTS  and  surround  yourself  with people who
     will  make  you   HUNGRY  for  LIFE,  touch  your  heart,
    and NOURISH  your SOUL.                                            Jon York  2020
Jon York Feb 2020
I wanna make
love to your mind

until your body
can't do without

I wanna
          feel you. . .

         taste you. . .  


             you. . .

       Pleasure  for a

woman is connected


        her heart. . .                                                         Jon York  2020

and through her mind. . .

Touch her mind and

her body becomes a wonderland.

I hunger for your taste, your kiss,                                      

the feel of your soul touching mine. I need to be touched by you.
Feb 2020 · 332
Jon York Feb 2020
She wants to be loved,
she wants to feel needed,

but most of all
she wants that feeling
I gave her that first time,

when I reacted that she
was more than I
had ever dreamt of,
that first time alone with her,
the first time,

when in that moment
I made her forget
everything. . .  

She wants to be desired
by me
EVERYDAY so I undress
her slowly
and let my hands
touch her in places where
my kisses
will soon follow.
                                                                                            Jon York   2020
Jon York Jan 2020
It's  your  Birthday  today  sweet  girl,  a  
blushing   beauty   beneath   your   long 
brown  soft  curls.

You  are  the most beautiful creature with
such a delightful  nature and a smile  that  
lights  up  your face when  our  eyes meet  
because   of your  knowing  that all of our
time together  is  always such  a  treat and
as your smile  lights up your face,  I  stare
at  your  body  to  my  disgrace.

You would  not smile at me  so  sweetly if
you  knew  I  wanted  you  so  completely.
Oh  beautiful creature  demurely  dressed
how  I  yearn   for  you   to  digest   and  If
you  could   read  my  lustful   mind   such
filthy   thoughts   there   you   would   find.

Is  your nature  as  innocent as  it  seems or  
are you as  ***** as  in  my  dreams? If  you  
knew  of the  one  I dreamed  last night, oh
how you succumbed without a fight.

I  kissed and caressed all   your  body parts
of which  I  cupped  and  all  o f your  sweet
nectar   I   greedily  supped  and   then  like
beasts we  met  in  congress but  it was only
a dream, confess I must.

Oh pretty thing with sumptuous figure let
me  consume  you  in  my vigor. Oh  pretty
young lady half my age, release my passion
from its cage.                                                            ­        Jon York   2020
Jon York Jan 2020
My soul made love  to your soul long
before our bodies   met.   When I first
laid  eye  on you  I   recognized   you.
You  held  my  future  in  your  hands.

Do you really think you have  a choice
in loving someone? The measure will
always be the soul picks who you love
and your heart seals  the  deal.

How   little  choice  we  have   over   such
things when  your heart   knows what  it
wants and your soul knows when it's real.

If   the  universe   sends  you  signs   and
reminders of you your twin flame,  it  is
asking  you  to  get back into alignment
with  love.

On the  twin flame  journey we're faced
with all of our past darkness as it comes
to  be  released.   Remember  that    the
hopelessness,   the jealously,   the anger,
the sadness and the insecurities about
who we are, they're just energy patterns
along the way.

We are pure  and light, clear the negativity
- experience  the joy of  returning  to  our  
souls  true  essence knowing that you and
I are embers from the same fire, we are
dust from the same star, we are echoes
of the same love.
                                                                                       Jon York   2020
So much to be said about twin flame love, the hardest part being able to recognize it, find it, keep it and knowing that it is unlike any other love that you will ever experience.
Jon York Jan 2020
                     the  key  to a

               DOESN'T MATTER
                         much you
                     with a person.....

               If  they don't get ****,
                        what good

                        Always be
                in love with a SOUL,
                        not a FACE
                             OR  A

                        She had me
                 with her words but
                        she lost me
                WITH HER ACTIONS.

                    Go where you feel
                     MOST ALIVE and
                do  whatever the  HELL
                   it takes to make you
                  FEEL  REAL  AGAIN.
                                                     ­                                       Jon York   2020
Jon York Jan 2020
Never wait,
      life goes faster than
               you think,
   everything is temporary.

               Let it all go,
            see what stays.

              If  someone
       is okay with losing you
           they  never  really
              cared for you.

              One day you
                  will just
              be a memory.

      When memories hit you,
                 it hurts and
           pain changes people.  

                   I told you
             what hurts me the
    most and you did it perfectly.

               If it hurts too
        much to hold on...then
            it's time to let go.

         Cutting people out of
my life doesn't mean I hate them,
       it means I respect myself.
                                                                                   Jon York   2020
Dec 2019 · 159
A Fountain of One
Jon York Dec 2019
I imbued my  soul into  that of

your  own while  we  spoke  in

love  suffused  whispers as our

heartbeats sang a song of reverence

as  a  sinuous rhythm of  shared

breaths  filled   our   lungs.

Anchored  deeply in  your  writhing

tides,  I forged  for  our inner sanctum;

the sacred place where  you cradled

me  within, meeting  each  other in

total  completeness, where  your

desire  sodden  core  breathed  the

words  "welcome home",  to   my

very  own,  I  then  settled  in ;  our

bodies  spilling  forth  into  a  white

lathered  fountain  of   one.
                                                                                       Jon York   2019
Jon York Nov 2019
There  will  be
many chapters
in your life.  

Don't get lost
    in the one
     you're in

    Never get
      so busy
a  living  that
     forget to
         a life.

       Until you
   cross the bridge
         of your
      can't begin
      explore your

             If it's
       meant to be,
         it will be.                                                                     Jon York   2019
Nov 2019 · 164
I Love You Enough....
Jon York Nov 2019
    Enough to fight for you,
    compromise for you, and sacrifice
    myself for you if need be.

    Enough to miss you incredibility
    when we're apart no matter what
    length of time it is for and regardless
    of the long distance.

    Enough to believe in our relationship,
    to stand by it through the worst of
    times, to have faith in our strength as
   a couple, and to never give up on us.

    Enough to spend the rest of my life
    with you, be there for you when you
    need me, or want me, and enough to
    never ever want to leave you, or to
    live without you.

    We close our eyes when we pray,
    cry,  kiss or dream because the most
    beautiful things in life are not seen
    but felt by the heart.
                                                                                        Jon York   2019
Jon York Nov 2019
HATE   has   4   letters,
so does LOVE.  ENEMIES
has  7  letters,  so   does
FRIENDS.   LYING  has  5
letters,  so  does  TRUTH.

NEGATIVE  has  8  letters,
so  does  POSITIVE.

UNDER  has  5  letters, so
does  ABOVE.  CRY  has
3  letters,  so  does   JOY.
ANGER  has  5  letters, so
does  HAPPY.  

Do you think that this is just a coincidence?

RIGHT  has  5  letters, so
does  WRONG.   HURT
has 4 letters, so does HEAL.

Not all storms come to
disrupt your life, some
come to clear your path.

Life is a double edged
sword, exceed your expectations,
dance the night away,
be your best self.
Don't look back.

Some people feel the rain,
others  just  get  wet, so
just do what makes your
soul shine.                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Nov 2019
Your  hands  can build  up
and tear  down  what  was
built  but  as these  hands
caress the contours of your

desire  is  built  and  fear is
tore  down . It  is said  that
the  tongue  can  breed
division.   As  my  tongue
divides  you,  my  mind is
drawn  to  togetherness.

The taste of your acceptance
quenches a thirst only
known to solitary men.

Gentle   sighs   and  deep
moans  spark  a  hardened  
conviction  to  please you.  

Your physicality and sexuality
take me to heights beyond
measure, but as I drift back
to Earth and rest quietly in
your arms, it's the whispered
words of two souls speaking
that moves me.
                                                                                        Jon York   2019
Jon York Oct 2019
You could see that you needed to

spend  some  more  time  with

me...   in   order  to  see  deeply

into my history of our so many

years  apart,  you   thought  to

yourself,  as  you  sat  in   your

chair next to our bed watching

me sleep.

A light  breeze out of nowhere

caused  your  hair  to rustle, to

quiver  over  your  ears  as   if

someone were near...

to whisper into your ear

all the things you needed

to hear.                                                                    Jon York   2019
Sep 2019 · 171
It's Time To Be Happy Again
Jon York Sep 2019
Some people
         aren't  loyal  to  you...
                  They are
          loyal  to  their  need
               of you... once
         their  needs  change,
                   so does
               their  loyalty.

                  A dream
       doesn't become reality
             through magic,
                   it takes
                hard work.

                   You can't
            change  a  person
               who doesn't
                    see an
             issue  in  their

                  Be loyal
           to  your  future,
               your past.

            It's  time  to  be
             happy again.  
                                                                                      Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2019
No one
  changes unless they
            want to.

Not  if  you  beg  them.
     Not if you shame
   Not if you use reason,
          emotion, or
      use  tough  love.
There's only one thing
            that makes
      someone  change :
  their  own  realization
         that they need
               to do it.

      And there's only
              one time
         it  will  happen :
  when they decide they're

             A  strong
      relationship starts
               with two
        people who are
               ready to
        sacrifice anything
             each other.                                                          Jon York  2019
Jon York Sep 2019
              when  you  treat
                  people like
               they  treat  you,
                   get  upset.

           People will provoke
                   you  until
                   bring  out
                your ugly side.
                   Then  play
                 when you go

                   You need you,
                      than  you
                   them. Trust me.

                    blame people
               disappointing you.
            yourself for expecting
                        too much
                       from  them.
                                                                                             Jon York   2019
Sep 2019 · 98
Do It Scared
Jon York Sep 2019
It just occurred
                           to me
                     that many
                 people are afraid
                          to heal
                    because their
              identity is centered
                  the  trauma  they

                      They  have
                          no  idea
                  they are outside
                      trauma and
                            can be

                            If you
                        can't  bare
                        do it scared.
                                                                                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2019
first person you
         think of
           in the
         last person
        think of at
        is either the
          of  your
        your pain.

        is too short
              to be
      with someone
         not crazy

         Listen, I'm
         nice person.

             So if I'm
      an ******* to you,
          you need to
      ask yourself why.
                                                                                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2019
I want to kiss
           you  so  thoroughly
     that you loose your ability
                    to stand.

           I will slip my hand
   into  your  soul unzip  you and
          touch your inner core,
                      rub your
                     I wanna
                     feel you...
                     taste you...
                     touch you...

             Sometimes  home
                 isn't 4 walls.
               It's  2  eyes  and
                   a heartbeat.

  Your arms wrapped around me,
         your head on my chest,
              my warm breath
        caressing your forehead,
                    your breath
              warming my chest.

                  For both of us,
           this is home no matter
                     we may be.
                                                             ­                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2019
And suddenly, you meet
         that  one  person again  from  your  past,
                              that makes you
                       forget about yesterday,
                           and  dream  about
                    You are that person and
                            suddenly you
                      mean  the  world  to  me.

                    Somewhere in between our
         text messages, our phone calls, our jokes,
                       our  laughter, our talks.....
                            I fell for you again.  

                                 When I look
                   into your eyes, I know I have
                             found the mirror
                                   of my soul.
                       I know now that I wasn't
               your first, but presently I'm preparing
                          myself to be your last.

                       I saw the wars within you and
                 I chose to stay and I choose to stand
                                     by your side
                             and help you fight them.

                            Lets  make this lovely
                  journey last for the rest of our lives.
                           Do  not  ever let  me  go,
                                      I am yours
                            as long as you want
                                      me to be.
                                                             ­                           Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2019
In school
    you're given the lesson
               then the test.

                   In life
        you're given the test
            then the lesson.

                 One of the
   reasons people fail in life
                 is because
   they listen to their friends
                 and family.

              You  need  you,
          than you need them.
                   Trust me.

       Greatness and madness
                    are next
             door neighbors
                   and they
           borrow each others

            And in the end
                       all I
           how to be strong
                    alone.                                                           Jon York   2019
Sep 2019 · 441
If You Want It, Go Get It
Jon York Sep 2019
It's not
   just  about  where
       your dreams
          where you
        your dreams.

          your dreams,
       a plan to obtain
           track your
   progress -- making
          your dreams
            your plans
              are one
            the same.

            you want
             go get it.

                                                           ­                                Jon York   2019
Sep 2019 · 381
Forward Progression
Jon York Sep 2019
                                        verb, military slang






in the game of life sometimes it is necessary to accept and live with something that is extremely unpleasant but totally unavoidable in
order to progress forward to the dream or the place we wish to be, in other words, we embrace the ****.

                                                          ­                                Jon York   2019
Jon York Sep 2019
A bright red
     Cardinal had a confrontation
         with  a  picture  window
                 for 45 minutes
                         as it
           hammered  its  beak
                 against the
        glass and I determined
               that the bird
        had probably mistaken
                    its own
           reflection for that of
    a  rival  that  it  was  trying
                      to attack.
          This suggests that if
                you feel the
          urge to fight others,
     you're probably  mad about
                something in
      yourself, and you need to
                   realize that
                      it's best
            not to hurt yourself
                     or drive
              yourself crazy in
                      an effort
             to chase away an
             that  is  a  distorted
                         of a
                    real thing.                                                                                      
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Sep 2019 · 126
Be There For Them Anyway
Jon York Sep 2019
        determines who
             you will
       become so much
    as  those  things  you
      choose  to  ignore.
         Not everyday
             is a good
      day, live anyway.
           Not all of
      those people you
           love will
   love you back,  love
  Not  all actions  are  fair,
      play fair anyway.
            Not all of
     your relationships
              will be
       truthful  to  you,
  be truthful with them
  Not all of your so called
    will be there for you
              when you
    needed them the worst  
                    to be,
         be there for them
                                                                                              Jon York  2019
Sep 2019 · 126
A Button On A Computer
Jon York Sep 2019
         "ENTER "was
             sign on
            door and
                  on a

        the  courage  to
        for something.

            Do not be
        content  to  wait
               and see
        what  will  happen
             but have
        the determination
             to make
      the right things
                                                                                 Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 2019
Listen to
                        the words
                          speak but
                           the beat
                       of  my  heart
                        the rhythm
                           my body
                        knows only

                         Your touch
                         be for my
                        alone and
                        how I knew
                                                                         Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 2019
                in  love  is  a  very
                 strange thing.
             Your  thoughts  are
                drifting towards
                     this  person,
                       no matter
               what you're doing.
                       She calms
                  your mind and
                    your heart on
              She is that beautiful
                          of both.
                   Some people will
                         your body.
                    Some people will
                           your soul.
                           does both
                           pleases her.
                              knows she
                       ­                                                                 ­Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 2019
Learn to love
            without condition, talk
                 bad  intention,  give
                    without reason,
            and most of all, care for
                    people  without 
                      Grades don't
                measure  intelligence,
                           and age
              doesn't define maturity.
                        Life is so
             much  easier  when you
                   stop explaining
            yourself and just do what
                    works for you.
                You're  not  here  to
          make others understand you.
                    You are here to
                understand yourself.
            We  come  with  nothing,
                      we go with
                   nothing, but  one
                       great thing
             we can hope to achieve in
                    our beautiful life
                          is a little
                     remembrance in
                   mind and a small
              place in someone's heart.
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
Jon York Aug 2019
                  are  only  dreams
                        until you
                        wake up
                  and make  them  

                 You are the Author
                     of  your  story.
                           If your
                stuck on  the  same  
                   remember  that  at  
                       any  moment,
                         you have
                the  power to write a
                        new chapter.

                       You will never
                  always be motivated.
                            You have
                     to be disciplined.
                          The future
                   depends  on  what
                         you do today.

                      Love what you do,
                             so one day
                        you can do what
                              you love.
                                                                                          Jon York   2019
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