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Apr 2017
Your face is never far,
In my head it lingers,
The cordiality of its lines
Your smile and eyes,
A sunrise,
From a stormy night

Lay with me again,
And the heavens shall speak of us
The sounds of our ecstasies,
Vibrating in its chambers,
Down on the earth's bed
And below, in the pits of hells

Let the angels blow the trumpets
birds of the sky,
Sing the hymn of our hearts,
And the devils quake in dismay,
As we shoot for our passions,
Coming into, a seventh heaven

Thus I will sculpt,
The curves on your body
Down the hips,
Up the front,
The twins on your chest,
On the walls, of my mind
kayanja ronald edwin
Written by
kayanja ronald edwin  25/M
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