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Apr 2017
I remember you are always there for me
Sometimes I couldn't see

I remember your love was there for me
I always could see

I remember the way you patched my boo boos for me
We would blow together on my knee

I remember you feeding me
I knew we had little money but you did it for me

I remember you kissing and hugging me
I'll never forget they was all for me

I remember you laughing with me
We'd laugh for hours just for me

I remember the books you read to me
You'd read book after book and taught me how to treat a book just for me

I remember how sweet and perfect you are to me
You taught me how to be kind to one another just for me

I remember going camping and fishing and taking those catfish off the hook with me
You only did that for me

I remember you showing me how to be a great friend for me
You are my best friend to me

I remember everything you knew you taught me
You did it all for me

I remember that you tell me you'll always keep learning for me
You did that only for me

I remember every time you say I love you to me
I knew it was always for your love of me

Mom I remember everything you are to me
I love you and that's from me
Dedicated to The World's Greatest Mom

Written by: Denise Huddleston
Denise huddleston
Written by
Denise huddleston
         ---, guy scutellaro, KiraLili, Star BG, Traveler and 42 others
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