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Apr 2017
I am afraid

I see you in the halls, I cower behind the nearest door

When you walk by me i feel my heart withering

I begin to disappear into myself

When our eyes meet, you glare in hatred

Is there any remorse? Love? Regret?

I miss you

Is there any joy? Happiness? Laughter?

I remember it clearly:
It was a warm Summer day. I lied to my parents and came to meet you at the market. We walked and talked for hours. We went to the playground. You broke my heart. You never knew, though. I never told you.

I remember it clearly:
We sat underneath that tree and stared at the funny truck with cats. We layed there and talked about school and colleges and the life you want to live.. Then you left. I cried.

I remember it clearly:
Whenever I tried to be with you, you walked away without a word. I asked if we could meet. We did. You were afraid, legs tucked into your body. Never making eye contact. Visibly shaking as you talked, and I listened. I listened. Then you left. I cried. I fell into a dark pit where nothing would ever feel the same again.

I am afraid.

i am alone

*do you even miss me
Written by
DeAnn  18/F/Seattle
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