Mar 2017
Through the sutures of my cerebral bones,
A non-human language of thought transcends,
Below the surface, in the depth of rationality,
All I feel is that rattle of waves, out there making amends.

Coral reefs grow along my arms,
I'm just as alive as you are,
Even a bit more,
as worlds collide and mornings glisten on my skin,
Every night the ocean sits on my shoulders
like a veil,
I dream of ways to chant my gratitude
on a mandolin.

A meaningless breath that blurs my porcelain eyes,
I see exhaled by the time travelers
that pollute the land,
A network of interconnected labyrinths extends,
I watch from afar, never to contribute
one grain of sand.

Sheltered from the extremities that lay beyond every rainbow,
I think in lively blues and shades of green,
Serenaded everyday by my ever-present peace of mind,
The taint of them land-walkers on my heart is forever unseen.
“Ocean Atlas,” is the lastest underwater sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Towering 18 feet tall and weighing in at more than 60 tons, Ocean Atlas is reportedly the largest sculpture ever deployed underwater. The artwork depicts a local Bahamian girl carrying the weight of the ocean above her in reference to the Ancient Greek myth of Atlas, the primordial Titan who held up the celestial spheres.
Mona Mohamed
Written by
Mona Mohamed
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