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Mar 2017
Maybe this wasn't meant to be.
Maybe this was just a vivid
imagination of what could be.

I fell in love with the idea,
not the journey.

The trepidation in my heart consumed me.

if this was meant to be,
if the stars lined up
just right, for me this to be,
why is it a stone in my heart?

somehow I became the girl
who became addicted to
something she needs,
not wants.

What I wanted was to dance.
I wanted to paint the
colors of my life with
what I have.

But the stars and planets
are never stationary.
They kept moving,
and I was moving with them.
this was inspired by John Donne's A Valediction : Forbidden Mourning. Thank you for reading it :)
Mishy Kim
Written by
Mishy Kim
   Mack, ryn, ---, AJ Golds, aRyani and 2 others
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