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Feb 2017
from September, 2016

Your "Tree of Life" has many 'leaves'.......
not all are family...and friends

It's that person
   to whom you just said "Hi"....
While walking down the street

It's the driver of the car
   you let back out of that parking space...
and returned a wave as it was driven away

It's the homeless person
    to whom you gave a couple of dollars
without having been asked

It's that elderly person
    you let in front of you
in the check-out line at the grocery

It's those to whom you gave a smile
    those, whose name... you will never know
And may never......see again......

It's those acts of un-selfishness
     that seem to be 'minor' in scope.....
But, those addressed-

These are the 'leaves'
      that are on your....

*'Tree of Life'

Keep yours"watered", everyday

r. riddle 09-25-2016
Richard Riddle
Written by
Richard Riddle  Allen, Texas -USA..
(Allen, Texas -USA..)   
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