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Feb 2017
As the crystal-clear freshwater
trickles steadily off the glazy rocks,

The sound replenishes my soul
with vitality - on my heart,
serenity, it knocks.

As the dying rusty leaves
float along
the heavenly stream,

My peace-filled mind
goes off into
a beautiful, sweet daydream.

I ponder over recollections
of all the precious magical moments
that together
we have both shared
over the years,

All of the memories we have made -
all of the beautiful words he spoke,
they were all remedies,
conquering all of my fears.

The struggles and the challenges,
together, we took them all on,

Hope, love and faith
were the tools we both used,
hand-in-hand, to rid them
and have them all vanish and be
forever gone.

As the birds flutter in the branches
of the giant trees above my head,

In my mind,
like a delicate melody,
I hear all of the beautiful words
he has said to me
over the course of our lives together,
as far back as the day we met -
before we wed.

Like the crystal-clear freshwater
rushing down the heavenly stream,

All of the amazing moments
and the not forgotten good times
flood my beautiful sweet daydream.

And once again,
revitalized by the serenity
of the heavenly peaceful creek,
the incredible amount of love
I feel for him increases
once more,

My undying love
is born again,
I am to be in love
with my beautiful man
infinitely - forevermore.

By Lady R.F Β©2017
Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad
Written by
Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad  Sydney, Australia.
(Sydney, Australia.)   
       Shanath, SΓΈuΕ‚SurvivΓΈr, ---, ---, --- and 46 others
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