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Dec 2016
Feels like I'm running in place
sweating, but the treadmill is limiting my space
I wish I could but I can't see the future
and if I did,
I probably hate it
find myself debating
with the voice inside my head
                       and that's absurd
Because I'm sane
completely sane

yes, I know, I hear sometimes some chattering
but it's usually because I'm dreaming

But I'm still sane
I mean sometimes,
I feel loneliness creeping up my spine
like a spider with eight legs, wrapping itself around my heart
squeezing my soul and refusing to let go
But I'm sane

I feel fine
I know... I know  sometimes,
I feel the need to shout aloud
in the middle of a nice restaurant, in front of a crowd
the need expands until I just have to run outside
but I'm still sane

I pray to find peace of mind
and pray to those who asked me, 'how was I'
I find a few friends to unclench my soul
and take a deep breath to ward off feeling alone
I say, I'm fine  and  I'm good,
I'm not lost, just momentarily confused

But I'm Sane, completely sane
You know how I know?
Because when I look at you, I see the same Pain.
East Wind
Written by
East Wind  F
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