Dec 2016

I only meant to take a nap when I started to dream you.
And I was happy so I guess I decided to make it last just as I would do.
Now it's midnight and I'm feeling like the bizarre noises outside are a sign.
I've woken up to the wrong reality, and probably the wrong state of mind.
Seeing you seems to be the only way you're eager to know that I'm alive.
And no matter what I guess I'll leave it up to fate again cause I'm tired to have I've tried.
Maybe I don't want to know if this feeling goes both ways,
maybe I'm used to having known that I'd hoped you would stay.
And still I ask myself this lie,
"If you knew you had a choice would you try?"
Cause now I'm left out of the loop,
but you keep following me online so tell me why I feel stooped.
Maybe I'm just too depressed to think of why,
or that if you knew you had a choice would you try?

Written by
Ransom'sTake01  United States
(United States)   
   Doug Potter
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