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Nov 2016
I'm a daredevil with the wordplay
I'm the father nature of words
I cause metaphorical earthquakes

I create verbal distortions
real-time gravitational pulls
My words create wormholes
for you fools

I'm never one to get caught up
With those three-lined time wasters
Small words are for felines, not dog chasers

Now watch me enter your ear like q-tips

Whether you recite this mentally or with two lips

Watch my words blossom then spring like tulips

My tools are to equip, I do this

For the sake of being an artist
We are now in the future
You can be a man that is heartless

I swear his organic heart was replaced with turbines
YouTube it, google it!
We are now in those times

Enough about those lives
Let's embrace my current state of mind

This current age, only a fragment in the stain of time

Minimum wage has me working over time

Maximum rage could be the case if I let go of my

Elusive state, I'm in a place where my conscious mind

Has embraced all of my thoughts upon these words of mine

I hoping that these words can turn to wine so that all can drink, then have high spirits

We are all passengers upon our own body's can't you feel it?

lag and latency upon your current actions

tell your brain to move a finger, then see what happens

It's crazy that only 10% of our brain can be accessed

Is this a myth or a fact?
I have yet to fathom
Written by
STLR  . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(. . . . . . . . . . . . .)   
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