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Nov 2016
oh boy, where do i start?
the subtext to every movement in the game of life:
"you were in my dream last night" and "deja vu"
as hard as i try to forget you appear in my dreams and
i wonder if i dreamt you up to begin with
and then i wonder if someone dreamt me up to begin with
and someone dreamt them up to begin with
no one mention that ******* leonardo dicaprio movie

what about when a dream turns into a nightmare?
dreams so realistic, you wake up feeling as if you haven't slept at all
dreams that you've dreamt before
i dream while i'm awake

supposedly when you dream of someone, they miss you
do you miss me like my dreams swear you do?

am i dreaming right now?
blink once for yes blink twice for no
Written by
labyrinths  ontario, canada
(ontario, canada)   
     Old Soul, ---, ryn, Patricia Policarpio, --- and 1 other
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