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Jan 2017
I wonder where my mind has gone
out in the walks along the gravestones
sunken 6 feet deep
and pushing up daisies

I like to think (and I bet they are happy they don't)
that one day I'll meet the man of my dreams
and we will sit 6 feet underneath with
words saying "together since..."

I hope that I'm too picky for this,
or not picky enough
I like too many boys and non of them stick
because i'm afraid that no one could love me

for who I am and will stay.
So, i'll just hope that I can sink
and push up daisies for
all the other couples still living,
the great great great great great granddaughters and sons
to admire on their walks through nature's vast landscape.

And GOD I hope you're up there,
because this existential dilemma will bring me to my grave
and I just hope you'll meet me there
because you're the only one I would really need anyways.
Sophie Monigatti Lake
Written by
Sophie Monigatti Lake  Ohio
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