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Sep 2016
On my knee's pulling out my hair
All that around me were nothing but misery and despair
Suicidal thoughts were running through my mind
My heart was shattered but every one around my seemed to remain bind
Blind to the fact I happily would take my on life
Crying myself to sleep almost every-night
Because I would just hide behind a smile and say I was fine
The misery turned to anger,the anger turned to rage
Emotionally it felt like I was trapped in a cage
Fear,paranoia and apathy
A far cry from the child that I was
The child was long gone and I felt nothing but loss
Grieving for things I had never even known
Abandoned all hope
And trudging a long a dark and lonely path
Yet I seen something a faint light in the distance so I struggled and I clawed and I pick myself up
But something has changed
I stopped looking outward looking for someone to blame
And I realised soon
The light wasn't far away
It come from within me
I had to become broken to become awoken
The path of enlightened was always within me
Had lessons I had to learn for me to fully see
The truth was never lost to me I know that now
Just had to look at my self and the world with a different perception
To fully appreciate to truly value the beauty of this lesson
The empty pit in my belly was no longer there
Spirit was always around me but this was now my time to be come aware
My soul had to become broken to gain deeper insight
To back in the love and glory of this empathetic light
John R Pettigrew
Written by
John R Pettigrew  West Lothian,Scotland
(West Lothian,Scotland)   
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