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Aug 2016
each breath takes me nearer to my death
a grave is saved for me in some corner of a silent cemetery
my bones in any event
will crumble.

I stumble through these certainties like a drunken ship tossed by the stormy seas

I am no captain.

A course was plotted out for me
a map that I could never see
what certainty
what certainty?

These magic tricks that trick and in
these there is something sick,
why not just draw a card?
life is hard and
that's the test.

my pupils are dilated, the blood is running hot and
I have become fixated on those things I never got

a bit like playing ' spot the ball ' and winning ****** all,

I'm okay with it
I have to be
as it seems that
I've been put in handcuffs
I do not have a key.

what certainty,
but positive
or negative
we only have
one life to live,

I keep telling myself that.
John Edward Smallshaw
Written by
John Edward Smallshaw  64/Here and now
(64/Here and now)   
   ---, Peter Balkus and Mike Adam
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