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6h · 27
Press #4
for more options.

please hold
we are trying
to disconnect you.

The future looks terrifying
and they're still trying.
I got bogged down in binary
couldn't for the life of me
see the point,
and for what situation
would I possibly need a
quadratic equation?

quantum boredom
time to move on.

and now I'm digging ditches
my *** out of my britches
and still getting bogged down.
I'm so happy that they found yet another
Earthlike planet,
perhaps this time they'll go and live on it.

and what do they want another Earthlike planet for anyway?
they'd only build Penthouses for Parliamentarians and prefabs for the proletariat
and that is the truth.

almost the impossible dream,

I suppose that one day
not too far away
the milky way
will be more than a
chocolate bar.
19h · 26
20 minute lives
Lady with the trenchcoat on perhaps getting ready to go over the top or maybe she's just preparing to get off at the upcoming stop

Hoodies everywhere I look
some staring at the ceiling
but he's reading a book,

and it's called,
How to escape from reality
I'd really like to read that too.

Children get on at Bethnal Green
a bit early I think for school,

but it's a normal start on the underground
people bound to routine
except for the kids from Bethnal Green
they have yet to learn.
1d · 46
Wake up
is Facebook feeding ya
are you ******* at the breast
of social media
do you have a page on
is it this that's leading ya
to the grave?

one question Mark
used to equal two Francs.

they can joke
they can blow smoke up a
Franciscan Friars ***
but we all know that the banks
are to blame.
Midnight at Midday is not the way I thought this would go
it's like going home in the Twilight Zone
****** wet through and chilled to the bone,

you;ll catch your death my dad used to say
but even death had died this wintery day

there'll be no
going out
playing out
staying out
for me,
only passing out
on the easy chair
with her
beside me.,
1d · 47
Nose bleeds
get up
play their game,
come home
go to bed
get up
and do it again.
the same.
it's raining which is not surprising
just wet.
2d · 166
Magic lanterns
What did they do at Christmas
before Jesus Christ was born?

the wise men stood there awkwardly
Joseph twiddled his thumbs
Mary lay there screaming God
I hope this Kingdom comes.
They're firing hand rolled plasticine
turning out faux porcelain
the same thing that its always been
and prone to break.

We cottoned on to
that old scam
knowing that they paid the man
know they'll get away with it.
and what goes around
comes around,

remember when the pound in your pocket
was worth a pound in your hand?

mostly decimalisation
killed that dream
and now
the pound is but a coin to flip,

if only coal was as cheap as chips.
2d · 44
Once upon
The chants and the cants of the pious
sound like my cats when they're looking for food.

Those pious
might earn points from Jesus
they're getting no prizes
from me.

I'm sat here half hidden in shadow
the lamp
burns weak before dawn
watch as the sun slowly rises
a feeling
that I've been
3d · 83
Button A or B
Please hang up and try again.

If you did it right
you wouldn't need that advice.

The only windows I looked through
were the Windows operating
system 2
on an old PC
which was given to me
by an even older charity.

Sometimes at times
I wonder how many agains
before you blow out your brains
and at times sometimes
I don't wonder at all.

The oil slick
makes my hair stick
to an ocean of scalp
and I mutter away
as things fade away

the operating system
no longer
They would write of their freedoms
on the chains of religions and smile
as they cast the first stone.

To be clear
I have no axe to grind here,

just a whetstone
and willing.
Rudolph fell off the wagon
Santa is trying to hold on
this is not the past or the future
this is now and Christmas has gone

Aldi has sold out of egg nog
the yuletide log has been put on the fire
the autumn statement has been read to the public,
I fear that things are looking quite dire.

the turkey was scoffed for Thanksgiving
the cupboard is open and bare
Rudolph has the right idea
just get ****** and you won't even care.
4d · 68
Think of a number
any number
and I'll show you the colour
4d · 61
Turned to salt
We should know all about it and have it down by now
but we're still scratching at the surface looking for a purpose,

if the end's not high it soon will be
and we'll be spinning in our graves
that's a certainty.
have a fab weekend folks
If it's money in the meter
you need to keep ya ticking over
you'd better get ready to meet your maker.
this lot will take ya
for everything you've got
and then they'll put it in
the Westminster plot

and that gobby **** with pomade on his hair
doesn't care, he thinks he's Elizabethan
but he's more like a crustacean.

we're not as poor as some
we can keep the wolf from the door,
but only if we have a door,

the 'some'
the ones on the concrete floor in the concrete streets
with paper for their blankets and cardboard for their sheets
don't have much of a chance

do they?
4d · 79
Tell me,
is it so good
to be stuck as a
'stick in the mud'?

all the deceiving
I know that
I just have to breathe in
to know that
I am alive.
5d · 299
In the silence
of silence
a heart grows
with vengeance

a dream and a life
are snuffed out.
5d · 59
Now is not the time to think of the eternal,
now is not the time at all,
the footman can wait at the head of the table as he watches us having a ball.

the scythe may be held high but the end is not yet nigh,
for the night is still young
there is still time to remember
the love and the fun
there is still time to bathe
in the glow and what sun there was.

now is not the time
7d · 166
Self medication
It's all out there to scare you
and you daren't look
dare you?

Coughing up phlegm
which should be
spelt flem
but them
just wanna make things difficult.
Nov 20 · 180
They were at a monument
or a mausoleum but I couldn't
really see them
they were more of a suggestion

too much blue cheese and
a touch of indigestion
and that was millions of
dreams ago

I question
my own sanity.

They come back now and then
as if to torture me
but therapy taught me
to ignore them.

they're still there though.
Nov 20 · 60
I need sedating
I went for a look-see
and there he was
decorating the tree,

a bit premature
says I,
are you sure
says he

tinsel tangles everywhere
in my ears and on my hair
I swear that fairy laughed at me
sat as it was atop the tree.

what will you put up for Christmas,
says he,
a flag at half-mast and *******
for Lord Sainsbury,
says I.
Nov 20 · 97
It doesn't feel like Monday
I don't feel that I like Monday
Monday doesn't like me,

that's strike three and I'm out.

can't seem to shake this cough and cold
my immune system's like the London Underground,
too flamin' old,

I am
screeching to a halt
them will blame me but
it's not my fault

anyway *** this for a lark
it's too dark
I'm going back to bed.
Nov 19 · 78
To be fair,
it always looks like
it's midnight out there
at this time of the year
and at this time of the day
on this day of the week,

I shrivel
due to the cold
and shriek,

Monday on the horizon
but I can't see it,

midnight's not a bad look
it seems to have what it takes

I'm still shrieking and shaking
Monday will be waking me soon.
Nov 19 · 49
But it could have been
I didn't write again,
spiced *** got me tight again.
I'm going to try again,
one more shot.

no truth in that
Saturday night was flat.

I thought about writing
fighting with rhyming
put some more time in
and then went to sleep.
Nov 18 · 56
The monkey wrench
When you find me concreted into the uprights on a flyover then you'll know that it's over but until then,
dream on.

the security services will have you believe that it was
we all know that
Smiley's people have always lied.

I'm here to stay until they put me away
and that day will come.

not in my lifetime.
Nov 18 · 63
just fukin love it
when loyalty is just a cross they add to the card and no matter how hard you work they want more, when hope is a word to be bandied about  by the bandits within

when you don't fit in but they won't throw you out
sometimes I doubt my own sanity.

Please hold
I'm reconfiguring
before they get more digs in,
I feel
so sick I could be pregnant!

but they'd want confirmation.
Nov 18 · 67
A fixer upper
If what doesn't **** you makes you stronger
I should have been the Hulk a long time ago.

it doesn't work but I'm not surprised
hardly anything does these days,
as they say
you pays your money and you takes a chance.

I even touched wood at Scratchwood
that never worked either,

and now I'm moithered and you don't
often see that,
and now the word moithered is moithering me,

last time that I heard that word was probably back
in '63 on Coronation Street,

a watched *** does boil
Nov 18 · 57
I need a holiday
..and I'm not even well
what's your excuse for
being of no use?

these silent self-conversations
come with internal ramifications
which I don't believe are in
the owners manual,
not to be confused
with the owner Manuel
who has a fish-bar in

I jest best when left to my own devices
but I'm not laughing about all this coughing,
a side effect of cigarettes and the weather

never fear though
I'm still here
some still think
I never was.
Nov 17 · 57
London lurgy
Think I got the 'flu
not sure from who
it feels like the 'flu

what I did is
what I do
***** and vapour rub
it'll work for you too.

The barman gave me a funny look
when I asked for that
cash on the nail without fail
works miracles.
Nov 17 · 50
The first
I should have written about that kiss
but I missed the opportunity
and that kiss
is now a part of me,

the part
that holds the secrets.
Nov 16 · 68
Choice made
These Winter mornings when the light doesn't rise so lightly and the nights hold on ever so tightly and each day looks like it wants to fight me, but then I see her in her baby doll nightie and decide that I'm staying at home.
Seems to have been a long slow Thursday
seems like I've been here before
nothing but nothing here changes
Thursday's beginning to becoming
a bore.

If you squint you might see the small print
or you might see nothing at all
like jumping from the cliff edge
and believing you won't fall.
Nov 16 · 65
Circular motions
From the five-and-dime
I bought a bottle of
Rise and Shine,
it didn't work
it's still dark
I'm still in bed

nothing is as they say
stay away
stay in that bed all day
let someone else
Rise and Shine
and if you've read this and
think that was
a waste of time
are probably right.
Some sense falls into the category of nonsense
Nov 15 · 75
Red Admirals and Moths
We drifted off to the sway of the bluebells in the summer of once upon ago
and we danced to the tune of the foxglove and waltzed with the riverside reeds,
caught enough for our needs in the shallows of streams
it was a time when we chased all our dreams

but the night settled dimly in the two up, two down on the well kept estate at the edge of mill Town and as we grew we all knew things would never be the same.
Nov 15 · 59
Never a preacher or a teacher
just trying my hardest here
to reach you,
but trying doesn't bake a cake
trying's designed to make you ache
and crying is a waste of time.

Is silence then the key?

She says,
what are you on about?
the magic roundabout?
and that says it all.
always left hanging when you don't give a ****
in the middle of the week,
play hide and seek you get lost.

and I'm sneezin'
coffin box wheezin'
there's never no pleasin' when Wednesday strikes.
Nov 14 · 63
Ambles off
Way back then
when the four horsemen were awesome
we feared them,
but now
they're old men and can barely ride mobility scooters,
the apocalypse is just a memory,
they became the
silhouettes drinking Sterno instead of Meths
the shortening of breaths
and the sickening sorrow that they play no
part in the dance of tomorrow,

The horses fare no better.
Nov 14 · 78
it's four twenty-something and my day has begun,
I feel like going back to sleep
feels like I'm already done
and it still looks like midnight.

Under the weather
I use the tickle in my throat to give me a laugh.

it's four thirty-new now
time does that, moves ahead
even if you feel half dead,
that being said I move ahead to the stumbling block,

it's a rerun
that tickle which is no fun,
Tuesday you son of a gun
you nearly had me fooled.
Nov 13 · 42
Not a happy bunny
my nose is running
I don't feel any fitter

it's that time of year that the elderly fear,
colds and 'flu out to get you, me too.

I need a break
someone shouts,
'have a kitkat'

no need to cry over spilt milk
there's plenty of blood on the ground
and more than enough on their hands.

Jesus must be stuck in the Ukraine
fighting, they say, the good fight
but it's midnight somewhere and
God doesn't care,
it really isn't right.

but there's a march and
I'm quite sure that will cure things
those poor things singing
'we shall overcome'
wasn't that sung before
for another ****** up war?

I think it has already been done.
Nov 11 · 53
Before anyone packs up
the bodies will stack up
and we'll all be ****** up
I swear it is so.
Nov 11 · 66
**** death
we breathe it in every
breath that we take

I am not a fan.

Blow hot
blow old
still ******* cold

but I'm on the burn,
waiting to turn
into summer
Nov 11 · 53
in the works
I wonder
and it's liberating,
then I research.

so interesting
now there's the internet.
I bet those ******* at
human resources
never saw that coming

it is coming.

Nov 11 · 53
Lest we forget (2)
If it wasn't for them
women and men
you wouldn't be here,

but you wanna fly your flags
and beat your drums?

I know that we'll never know
how it went
how they spent the last lonely
before they went over the top
and were up to their necks in it
but it's enough to know
that they did it.

I think and in all honesty
that we
should remember their sacrifice.
Nov 10 · 232
The whistle,
over the top lads
and in
for the ****. end all wars..
must have been a catchphrase
from the olden days.
Nov 9 · 51
Trimming the fat.
It's turning into Spandau, I mean the prison and not the ballet.
the warders have their goals and that's to bury us in the holes that they dig for us and I really don't dig that at all.

they didn't give me this Intel at boot camp

but I've always known.
Nov 9 · 58
Medium rare
Thinking of not thinking is tiring,
it's so hard to clear the mind and
if you manage to do it you start
thinking of not thinking again.

If I ever manage to stop thinking,
I don't think that I'll know that I
stopped thinking.
or I'd be thinking that I stopped
I think.

and that's not stopping at all.

I'm tired
there are too many clowns
under the big top
I wish they'd stop clowning

the sign says,
This Way Out,
and I think that's an arrow
to show me the way.
Nov 7 · 48
Strike 2
The problem is there are too many cheerleaders
and not enough players in the game.

Try not to break your neck as you look back
because I heard that
'Happy Families' is making a comeback,

this doesn't extend to the workplace
they only break your back'
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