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7h · 39
Thinks on
Finding the mind in
amazing configurations,
a million and more calculations
in the blink of your eyes
which are also amazing,
but it's sometimes a maze
which we navigate through
amazing or not
whether we mind it or not
we've got potential.
19h · 30
Something out there is dragging me
to where I do not know,
but it seems to be full of darkness
and I do not want to go.
1d · 36
Just in
You can't go to weddings in your wellybobs,
posh nobs tend to turn up at those do's
put those wellybobs away and we'll go
to shops today
and buy some patent leather wedding shoes.
2d · 45
Off the richter.
I know boys
I used to be one
almost as bad as they come,
but I knew as I grew that
decency is the best currency,

now I'm antique
can't see for toffee
that doesn't stop me,
stop me.
2d · 60
The doings.
wait for it
wait for it
nothing happens
happen it never will
while we sit still
wait for it
2d · 208
Magnetic impulses
They only offer a 3D scan,
and me,
not unintentionally so,
so I refused.

a silk purse and a sow's ear
look the same from the rear,

which is besides any point
except for the point of no return
where refunds are not given,

I am pulled there by forces
unknown to me,
free, but not free to decide
if the price is worth it.
3d · 38
Grammarly you get on my ****
stop shredding my sentences
and taking my paragraphs to bits,

oops, did I write this in colour?
3d · 33
When they think that you've bombed
you haven't started the dive

life's a jolly old sing song if
you don't mind the ping pong
and I get along with it
real fine.

But it's a game and if you can
you become a woman or a man,
interchangeable these days.

I'm still here, late in the year,
surprised myself.
3d · 45
The green pill
It's not so bad
going quietly mad,
nobody bothers you
no one notices
and no one cares
except for the little green men
and when you see them
you know you're around the bend.

I went around lots of bends,
being wiry didn't tire me
but when I was *******
I dried up
never said a word,

but it's quite alright
no one noticed,
How many more times
will you sit there
staring at thin air
wondering where
to go?

If only to slip through the crack of dawn
to the moment when you were born
and start all over again.
A helicopter choppering
maybe it's got coppers in
I'm not going out.

Always a policeman about
when you stay in.

Boris says he'll increase them
an extra
ten thousand policemen
or should that be
police people?

that's what they do.
3d · 31
Praying for this or that, a dog, a cat, a win on the lottery, a well deserved holiday, for love at first sight, to sleep well at night, for good weather and some just rely on lucky heather.

I throw bricks at windows to see which way the wind blows,
heaven knows why,
it's about as much use as the hope in hopeless.

Some tell me that they've seen the face of Christ,
some talk of the burning bush,
everyone's racing to meet the end,
but me
I'm not in a rush.
4d · 40
Nineteen 68
More shooting stars in the sky than there were cars passing by and it was always dark at night,
frost clutching tight to fingers turned quite blue
and Father said, you'll catch your death, but we never did,

you can remember these little bits when your memory allows.

sleds in the snow
the warm glow of a choir
the heat from the open fire
crumpets toasting on the spindly fork
the walk to the Co-op
the bottle of fizzy pop
Mum with the shopping bags
belting up the street.

Rita from the chippie
always had good fish,
too many boyfriends
always wore red lippie
moved to Australia
to get away.

you can remember until you can't.
4d · 67
Barbecue sauce.
When the world ends
it'll be too late for Netflix
to make a series about it,
too late for BBC's
'any questions'
to give answers to it
and those
queueing for a McDonald's
will realise
'bought the farm'
4d · 58
Bottom drawer.
I should put myself away
for a rainy day.

appreciation is everything.
4d · 37
Random #35
It must be gravity that's keeping me from falling,

I'm crawling on the brink of something and you think
I've lost all contact or can't find my contacts lenses,

when is it going to be safe to come out and act out
without being caught out and having a long drawn out argument?

If I walk away, take the left fork in the road today
will I get to where it is wherever that may be?

I met a night in complete darkness
we passed in utter silence
and each aware that the other was there.
4d · 29
So sometimes
it's like wanting to be full
of empty
and if the vacancy arises only
to tempt me
should I decline the invitation?

anyway, empty is okay,
nothing to get in the way
of nothing when there's
nothing but emptiness.

and sometimes
when you're empty and want to be full
feeling the pull of attraction,
wanting social ******* and interaction,
it's difficult to refuse.
4d · 23
Midlife crybaby
Wednesday is in the pay of Satan.
I get up, dress, put a shoe on
not a clue where the other shoe's gone.

it's always Wednesday somewhere,
5d · 60
More reflections
I couldn't see me in the mirror,
the mirror didn't think I was there.

I saw life through the etchings on easels
watched days that saw more than I could.

Maybe the mirror reflects what is missing
and what is missing appears to be me,

should I stand here to wonder and stare
or go
back to where it began?

I couldn't see me in the mirror
because I hadn't yet become
a man
5d · 50
Them days.
Under an ***** moon
watching the stars
thinking to swoon,
if I swoon before
Googling the meaning
a butterfly overdose
in Albuquerque?

or is it
better if Tequila takes me
before the earthquake of living
shakes me awake?
Legions of the lost and
battalions of beggars that
beggar belief,
a twenty-first don't mention me century,

how to avoid the pitfalls when the walls are
caving in
when the night comes with disclaimers,

what if the day begins and you're not there?

When your speech comes out as frozen words,
you know that it's cold,
when you move at
thirty-three and a third
and you
try to light a cigarette but can't get the
match to stay still,
slowly losing the will he or won't he
slipping into and out of,
but you can't figure out the planetary alignments
because of the rows of tentpoles that drill holes
through your brain
and your mind's wandering again
passing the time
until the sun rises
wondering if you will.
5d · 45
The committeemen committed me
the doctors then admitted me
the nurses were all nice to me
and put me in a padded cell,

I could complain but I never do
leaving that up to the likes of you
so I sit here with my old friend
Fu Manchu
waiting for Napoleon to arrive.
5d · 51
The quieter man
I don't talk politics,
that shower of lunatics
were laughed out of the asylum
and look at them now
they're running the country
which is like the asylum
but has more people.
5d · 28
It's dark for a reason,
no one wants to see
when the night becomes
a succubus
making out with me,

daylight defends me
against that which would
drain me.

I'm going to go now
to show how
fine the line can be.
You can see them in the corners of your eyes, so unexpected, fleeting glimpses of ghostly figures and yet you don't believe,

we're overrun with modern gadgets and the internet's a tool for the qualified mechanics who take you for being a fool,

The disembodied that watch the circus, know that lions have the floor
and we don't believe that they exist
so what are you watching for?

If you think that you'll be saved
I have news I'd like to share,
Jesus took a taxicab and
wants you to pay the fare.
6d · 77
There are islands in
the inner universe,
pin your eyes
and see.

Come and go,
they come and go
winds to blow
the clouds away.

It's impossible to focus
or possibly
you just can't be
within the inner universe
on an island
floating free.
6d · 59
I can do a
stand still
be stone
all alone
on a plinth
it's a cinch
I can do it
so well.
6d · 28
lights out
They look like flying saucers
so to me, that's what they are,
Milly and Molly said; *******,
Mandy didn't go that far
she just said,
shut it and drive the car.
6d · 55
The de-clutter
Pick a number, any number
and I'll guess it's a Monday,

fine for some you say, but
it's raining here,

fire and brimstone, dear?
no, says I,
keep dry she says.

There's a trick to it or
maybe it's magic
it could be

early morn
always makes me think
I'm flying through the
windows and she's
showing me her
stamp collection.
Just another place.

From the get go
we're in the ghetto
and we all know
there's no escape,

because the ghetto
is what we all know
and where we all go
when we look
7d · 57
What flames they were and how they fought when under a bright moon down by the river we sought to quench our thirsts.

Our youth wandered off while we squandered or squabbled our way through that time and like the last time and the time before
we swore undyingly to die lovingly in each other's embrace,

but we couldn't face that and so we parted.
7d · 104
Erratic or haphazardly
the snow falls light
and dazzles me,
turning night white in
its gleam,
the dream I dream goes on.
7d · 48
Ramble #21
There's a karaoke version of a cover I'm immersed in
and it's got a certain something that I like.

Pop or rock or just old-time smooth can put me in the frame of mind that gets me in the groove which sets the mood for more.
7d · 41
Stopped clocks
On the stroke of luck
the day before the silence struck
someone sang for all the dead.

Voices lost to memory
the faces we'll no longer see
and this statement that was made
would set us free
from fascism and tyranny.
Nov 9 · 32
Ghost trains
We only get one go at it,
just one throw at the
coconut shy,
that why life is like
an unfair fairground,

promises a lot
and all you get
is a ***
with a goldfish in it.

But sometimes
you get to go on
the big dipper
and that's why it's worth
joining in.
Nov 9 · 48
Dragon busting
not such a great name
for this handsome fella,
it'll do.

Cosmic radiation?
you've graduated,
you're now a star.

how far is it to Summer?
Nov 9 · 35
Sober up Saturday
Most of us are the ghosts of us and what we were,
we wear the face of another time when we thought
that other time was the only time,
we are
like an old picture card from a box of Brooke Bond,
that we look fondly on.

And one day
when we've gone away to another place
which we think will be the final resting place,
most of us
will still be the ghosts of us
that we left behind.
Nov 8 · 28
Old boy's network
Street cred's on the missing
I am happy to stay at home
and keep busy kissing
one who matters.

I am drugged by her hugs.
I know her
she's a
or a variant
a deviant,

ain't kidding,
12 pence to a shilling
don't you be so willing
she'll spend you
like she spent me.
Nov 8 · 121
The brew yards
I open a can
hoping the can
will make a man of me,
8.2% abv
which is strong and
almost a knockout
stout drink,
two of them and
I’ll be twice the men
of the man I am.

I see the error
but deny the ways,

I open a can
to commiserate
or celebrate
the inebriate’
Nov 8 · 44
Even when there's no fight we fight
and we do it to exorcise those demons
that delight in it,

putty and plasticine,
fashioning the obscene
making a meme
we are
putty and plasticine.

The break out
will come
and we'll take out
the guards,
the sentinels,
and flee through the halls
of some greater place.
Nov 7 · 54
Dreams of ice cream
On the beach
by the Punch and Judy show
under an umbrella
watching the tide go out.

Life's about an ocean wide
deep and dark
and sometimes,
but only sometimes
there's ice cream inside.
Nov 7 · 91
I don't like cricket
What we have to realise at this late stage is, that
the revolution which was within our grasp
is unlikely now to materialise.

The secret society within our society
have decreed,
that we have more than we need to fulfill
their needs,

and we
will doff our caps to the fat cats in the belief that
it'll get better,
dream on because we'll be dead and gone and
long forgotten before that happens.
Look at me
I'm skating on
( as the station announcer states )
surfaces that can become slippery.

Just look at me
sliding along on the Jubilee,

and she's wearing silver boots
prescribed by
Doctor Martin?

Pretty quiet and
quiet is pretty
a pity
those noisy ' young Turks '
don't know how that works,
they'll catch up or catch on
as their time moves along.

A Chinese lady
with red hair,
Red China?

which comes before Friday
on a good week
is leaking
and for clarity
heading to the ' house
of the greatest of charity '
Nov 6 · 41
Are you an earthquake,
the wake-up call
sort of a
try and then you die
or when the world
moves just before
you fall
in love
kind of guy?

if not why not?
lots of promise
for beginners.
Nov 6 · 34
Four line plumbob
The day begins and how it ends
depends on how it went,
but the way it goes
might be quite different.
Nov 6 · 43
Trying to do little
What time is it,
said the wolf

I reply.

and thus it continues
to delight and confuse me
that animals
can talk

On the jubilee
no one talks to me
and yet
there is
constant turmoil
Nov 5 · 43
This isn't anything to write home about
I'm writing it here,

it's bonfire night,
as if bonfires could light my way
as I pick through the deadness
of my own lost soul.

I come
to terms with it and
learn to live with the lack of it.

nothing to write home about.
Nov 5 · 41
Doodles 93
What really puts my nose out of joint is not knowing at what point we are at,
in this virtually unknown expanse are we stationary?
yes, we're spinning or that's what we're told but are we moving?
if space itself is expanding and we are standing still,
where does the expanding space come from?

there are probably answers, there always will be
and we are free to accept them as facts and just as free to challenge them.

If God did create everything
he must be working overtime
on making more space
for all the time to fit into.

which begets (or baguettes) another question,
how much time does time have before time runs
out of time?

it's not the Van Allen belt
but a conveyor belt
leading us towards a furnace
who knows,
not me.
Nov 5 · 44
More subroutines
They're all going down with the symptoms,
symptomatic of being ****** in by the system,
in other words
they're all bleedin' sick
but not as sick as me
nobody could be
that sick.

I'm eating garlic
wearing a cross
still looking anemic
which I put down to this
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