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when you are in conversation with the angel
and you're falling to a conclusion,
the solution you were seeking seems so clear.

But it's always the terminal velocity
that strikes fear into the heart of men,

Live and learn,
not always true
some never do
some never will
or learn,

he turns the pages quickly
before the truth hits home,
that he's falling to obscurity
and he's doing it alone.
3h · 11
If I close my eyes
you won't see me
I grow up.
baby logic
The more we hear
the more we fear
the sooner the tiers will end.

last week which took a month to get through
was more to do with being locked down than locked in,

I listened to Sunak, read Balsac, ate a Kit-Kat and
sat like a fat cat, legs splayed, whiskers twitching,
stitching my dreams into the night..
We could think about it
and then we could think
on it,
think our way around it
and then forget it,

thinking never did doing any good at all
when doing good is more than
about thinking about doing it,

I'm losing it.

heading towards the fourth dementia
that comes later than the third dimension
which is probably two weeks after I get
my old age pension,

life's a twitch and then you forget.
14h · 36
Take 2
Santa and his troubles
letters from kids,
attitude from the elves
and now he's having to see
who's in whose bubbles,

if I was him I'd hit the gin,
but I'm not and I don't like
21h · 59
Expending oxygen
I pulled a mussel and that's what happens
when you go jogging on the beach,

someone said, teach yourself to spell,

I might as well
they obviously never got the joke
Northern humour, not for everyone
1d · 34
Wtf #56
What time is it? said the deer
because the wolves had been wiped out.

Not Wednesday,
but it was
and it used to be halfway
through the week,
we're playing hide and seek
with a deadly virus,

why us?
why the wolves?

I'm bored,
but I'm still alive,
said the deer.
1d · 53
I can imagine that serenity is sent to send me to a region where my origin is unimportant, where peace and tranquillity are not solely the currency of Buddhists,

I can imagine that
but not often,
everything crowds in on me and silence becomes a luxury which is usually, out of stock.
and it seems obvious that the unattainable is not available
but a part of imagining is reaching out and touching on
the stars.
When you're sat looking at a glum face and you think, who did I invite back to my place? but it's you in the mirror that's looking at you who's looking quite blue,

I am sure these things are sent to try,
not to convict and hang high
things that make me wonder
as if
I didn't have a million and one
other things to do.
Lockdown three
will probably **** me
don’t let that worry you
it’ll probably **** you too.

We were a sociable society
filled now with anxiety and
that overwhelming sense
of dread,
it’s not all in my head
I read the facts
look at the stats
but I’m still going bats
if it does **** me
who’ll bury me?
not you
you’ll need burying too.

we’re *******
2d · 88
Still here,
very still here
no bird song
no traffic moving along
the street,
nothing but me
keeping company
with the night.
2d · 42
a code in which to find in me,
etched deep into the binary,

she reads me, Tennyson,
but she reads me too,

there below the zero
I go
hand in hand with the one.
2d · 56
Purgatory blue
But what if we never came back
and end up as groove in a track
on a record that's stuck in the

there'd be no more
no ever after
just scratches on parchment
devoid of
life and love and laughter
what if we never came back?
is it worth it to try something new
when nothing is who we become?

I hate poets that bring up ideas
to make my brain spin and my ears

but what if?
3d · 60
Not the outer limits
the inner rings of
quantum fantasy,

a bit like Star Trek used to be
boldly going
3d · 59
Square peg
Sometimes on Monday
like this Monday
which will be last Monday
next Monday
I'm tired before I fit in.
He just wants to lay on the beach
with his belly so fat he can't see to
teach his toes how to tingle
and then wonders why
he's still a single guy.

The gymnasium's next to the aquarium
but he's a fish out of water
can't breathe at the thought of

One day the tide will come in
attached to a ******' big fin
and the shark underneath
will be the finish
of him.
4d · 38
Cell block
Feeling like a thousand
should I put my blouse on
or could I stay in bed all day?

I'm told that coffee is an 'upper'
but I am on my second cuppa
feeling down.

This is how it will go.

I'll pray for some enlightenment
while tightening my leather belt
Jesus is on furlough
there is nowhere else to go.

Fed up with the lockdown
I might decide to shut down
get under the duvet
switch off and tune out
4d · 62
When they're not busy hanging me
they're busy hanging baubles off the
branches on a Christmas tree
gives them a meaning, but
it's not Jesus leaning on a lampost
at the corner of whatever street
and that's the street upon which
I'll meet,
and here,
I seek some intervention
nothing so divine
as to make it all sublime
an answer for the hanged man
before he does it all again.
The smashing of the heart as it hits the rocks below
and where do dreams go when the tears begin and
then we're back to Faust or Freud, either tragic or annoyed
that we are in a play, but yesterday we were the script,
the words upon the bodies stripped and what fun until
the sun went down, the curtain fell, the ice-cream seller
gone only lollypop sticks stuck to the floor and
we don't belong here anymore.

Tired of this
I kiss the cat goodnight.
When the roll is called and
the bell is tolled and the
righteous kneel at the last,
I'll be first in the queue to
disappear into the blue and
to leave behind what has passed.

Still, even as
the dragons roar and breathe out fire
there is life in the old dog yet
( thanks to the vet )

Quietness has a sound of its own
and if you're alone
it gets louder.
5d · 42
Whatever stories we create
the endings will all be the same.

I was listening to Mozart or was it, Madonna? on a wireless,
only one of them destined to be timeless.

and as always it's always a matter of taste.
They must mine MP's from the
Eton and Harrow lavatories,

the amount of dung that trips
from the tongue of the
going up rung by rung
on the ladder to abscess
is enormous.
I am tempted to ruin my vote
by folding it into a boat
and sailing off.
This is just a little ditty
it's a pity, it could be longer,
but the days are getting shorter
and waging wars against old bores
who just go on and on and on.
No one went on a Summer holiday
no one's going on a Christmas break,

take some time to let that sink in
and start thinking,
whatya gonna do with the time that'
left to you?

Boil an egg? go ahead
break a leg,
go hiking,
lots of things for you to do
with all the time that's left to you.
7d · 40
Universal joints
The designer was ignored and the
construction kit was flawed.

we're paying for it now
bits that drop
things that flop
motors that won't start
won't stop.

They'll have to redesign
make a better product
take some time
to get it right.
7d · 571
Scrambling eggs
They're all sick and I'm no longer going to the Teddy Bears picnic,

Bugsee grabs me, she hugs me, it bugs me, that's why I called her Bugsee, see?
and she's immune to everything, she's made of polyethylene and very easy to keep clean.

fishin's out of the question when the answer is, tidy the bedroom,
another wish in the well gone to hell.

stay safe
be a hermit
live in a cave.
7d · 46
First base
You can run into the sun
into the breaking of the day
but I can see you.

You can't deny the night inside you
when you want me there beside you
can you see me now?
7d · 55
Dry port
We decant ourselves into
something else
and turn into someone else
who we don't know,
it's best just to stay in the lamp.
barges carrying coal and horses pulling a load,
it still seems much better than going by road.

The quiet mornings
are noisy with birdcalls,
the sleepy afternoons
watching how water falls
so easily off ducks backs

and the evenings with hot stew
made by ma
and da and me
sitting silently
watching the stars.
The world that once existed
Nov 18 · 60
The first life
I had a hole in my sock
the day I broke my arm,

later at the infirmary
mum was mortified
I just cried,
the two things didn't
seem connected.

the arm healed
the sock was darned
and I was warned
to be more careful.
rough and tough times
Nov 17 · 51
Staking claims
Places on the pavement reading vacant, faces I have seen, change can make a dream come true, winter turns your body blue, Summer turns it bronze and it feels like we're in third place, on the pavement, vacant face,

there's nothing quite like, nothing quite, but quite like crawling from your skin at night believing it's a sleeping bag,

how dreadful, awful, oh! they're full of pity with a blanket full of empathy, a cup of tea and can't you see that you make tea the status quo?

are we there?
how far to go?
is it morning?
talking to myself
keeps the warmth in
and the outside out.

Jehovah witnesses but
doesn't testify
Nov 17 · 162
We never dug deep enough, wept long enough or hard enough because it was hard enough to get past the mountain of stuff that had built up around us, so we sank into the trough of not enough where not enough became too much and understood that even enough would never be enough because we never dug deep enough.

and we were astonished that time passed, famished in the emptiness that in the fullness of time would calm us enough to find comfort in the stuff we had left behind.

Memories are far too kind.
Nov 17 · 32
When Tuesday calls
Thinking that
a cold shower on the hour every hour
might be the cure.

Waking in a sweat yet again.

Through the roar of turbine dreams
where every breath is written on the
very moments sent to fill me,
I only breathe because she wills it so
Nov 16 · 28
Random #78
Just guinea pigs
on styrofoam wheels
falling to bits
isn't that how it feels?

Cats in a box or
rats in a maze
that's how we'll end up
spending our days,

Ben and Jerry's on speed dial
burgers on the grill
bourbon in the backroom with
the boys beginning to chill.
Nov 16 · 55
Lipstick lines on a tear stained face
look back at me from the mirror
and my
hair's out of place,

who am I?
twenty-five cents to the dollar?

follow me for misery
come to watch the show
it'll only last ten minutes
but we all know time goes slow.

the lipstick's on the mirror
not on me
but things can change so quickly
and it could quite easily be.
Nov 15 · 71
Almost there
We're being weighed off
with a wacko
known as BoJo
who is not the full
plenty of pennies
are willing to

Politics, not my domain,
even I don't play that kind
of game, I
leave it to the criminally
politics, not my domain.
Nov 15 · 48
Lockdown lobotomy
My brain explodes at least
twice a day
my ears become deaf and
my mouth has no say,

my eyes open on
this mess I've become
how can I explain this

I have to **** it up and
wait it out
but I've just about
had enough of it,

I'm ready to scream and shout
then my brain explodes again.
Nov 15 · 45
More growing pains
Missing the sea,
the crashing of mad waves
onto the shingle
the racing of white horses
that makes my body tingle
missing the sea.

Inside of me
the oceans call relentlessly
and then mum calls me in for tea
and I slowly paddle ashore.
This is the prelude
to us being chewed up
and spat out by the cat
Schrodinger's box.

locks down and hightails it
out the town,
they don't call me 'speedy'
for nothing.

Saturday feels like Monday
feels like Thursday,
when you're
punched drunk on furlough
every day is a Friday.
Nov 13 · 54
My school
Under the aqueduct
clothes tucked away
down on the River Lune
playing hookey today,

I learn't how to swim
and caught more fish
know'd how to gut 'em
and cook 'em
fended for me'sen
before I were ten,

under the aqueduct
way back then.
over 50 years ago, jeez that aqueduct must be old.
They used to stand on
street corners
selling their favours
for a few dollars,
vending machines are
from a bygone age,

everything's twenty four seven
guaranteed by that heaven you're
unlikely to see,
vice is like popcorn
you love it at night
at the cinema, right?
and come the morn'
it's all popped away
quite neatly.
you forget.
Nov 13 · 68
Have no fear of Winter
for this I have been told,
an inferno burns in all of us
to keep us from the cold.

fear thin ice on
the mill pond
and the loom
that chatters and groans,
fear the ogres and giants
that grind up all your bones.
Nov 13 · 58
Choices available
We get vaccinated
and before too long
it'll be Chlorinated
try licking your fingers
after that.

**** it and see
we can all be

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
jeez, that's a poser, you see
if I let them inject me with
the Covid recovery
they might instead load me
with some binary code,

I'm being silly.
Nov 13 · 44
you've reached Friday
please wait
while we try to
connect you.
Nov 12 · 60
Ground control
This isn't the astral plane,
we are not flying.

crying to mum
but I know she can't come
dad, the same,
astral plane.

wondering on again
wandering off again,
someone's babysitting
the neurotransmitters
I can feel the rattles.

Constant at 32/32
terminal they tell me.

I think they want rid of me,
there's no appreciation
no friendly society
only a mind
that feeds on anxiety.
Nov 12 · 58
If you find
you're wing walking
without the wings
or indeed
without the aeroplane
it's probably about time
you looked after
your mental health,

we're all sliding
there is hope for
us all.
Nov 12 · 48
Random #102
They all wore headscarves
with curlers underneath
and cleaned their teeth with
Brillo Pads,

we Northern lads
had it rough
and were never as tough
as the lasses.
Nov 12 · 58
Life in #lockdown2
Been shopping
got some pop in
and now
I'm going to stop in
and get slowly
Drink being a panacea
in which I see a
great future.

only joking guys
Nov 12 · 146
Thursday in the tropics
but then you have to let go.

wake up in a lather
rather not have that dream
but it's on a loop,

rushing to get the words out
before they put the word out
and the walls start closing in.

but then you have to let go
but when you finally let go
you never know
where it might end.
Well it could be
if you want it to be
or it might not be
and that's what worries me,

put something in
and nine times out of ten
you'll get something out,

where the cat strolls across the tiles
and gives one of those kitty-cat smiles
don't trust it,
never ever trust a smiling cat,
they have claws.

not T.S Eliot

fear death by Innuendo,
cheap cigarettes and
expensive habits.
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