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Aug 2016
I've been sinking in the space
Between the both of you
An oblivion I'm drowning in
The jealousy of all I knew
I've come to lick the dirt
And drink the salt like water
Only to find myself more dry
Like the desert in July
I want to live everything
That you have told me
Yet my mind screams death
In every silent moment I receive
I hope to float ashore
Where your words have lingered
And came to life like Jesus
Yet my stubborn soul fights
While it beats me to the ground
I'm a wolf escaping the pack
Howling at the red moon
As salted tears burn my flesh
I miss you with all my spirit
As my thoughts burn like cigarettes
Temporary and relieving
But killing me peacefully
Until the end of the times
When my body fails and my heart
It seizes to beat like the drum
Of which it once had done
And I'm just the null that haunts
Every bit of what I can endure
I long for the days in your arms
Those soft spoken words
That put to rest all these demons
And quench the life that thirst
For the truth you've always spoken
Ofelia Rose
Written by
Ofelia Rose
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