I wish there was no ---- space or place between the lines ----

I wish people would be more direct, but nicer....
I wish people were more honest,
& found other ways
around knotty lies.
I wish people would just say...
what they need or want.
I wish they would do so ...while, still, retaining genuine politeness;
meaning, neither being too far gone or ov-er-ly selfish, nor falling too far out, becoming cruel ..wicked:
too righteous.

You see...
the right & left
..are no better than...
an angel & a devil.

Each of them
is just but ..half,
because each..
chooses a side:
their self-proclaimed
& designated corners.

neither is perfect,
making either of them -- at times --
quite in-ker-ekt & er-ro-ne-ous.

A marriage, but one of disconnect:
Divided|Down & Flawed.

Their love & war: Destroy....    ....Create
space                ..a place,
entwined with ours, trickling out
from between...
the language-filled lines.

Raw. No edits yet.
In the works,
all that jazz.
More tired than I thought I would be.
Laying down, I suppose.

Keep going: running & such.
Keep it up, even after....
Gallop, like thunder.
You rolling wave, you.
Faster, like lightning!

Chase.  Sprint.  Go!
Run!  Run!  Run!
Fi­nd it; but, even then..
keep a firm hold on that ..clutch.
Smile.  Harder, now, you star, you.
Bigger ...& brighter..
Come on, now.

Keep going...

Keep your steering wheel tight.
Clench it.  Keep it even tighter.
& keep your lead... down.
All the way down: solid,
atop your hallow ground.

Keep going: running & such.
Keep it up; even after ...you have grabbed it.
...Whatever it is you took.
Whatever it is... you thief, You..

Even, after.. you have grabbed it,
that "thing" you never-once...
veered or ran from....  Keep going...
Guard it with your life..
Protect it...

Always be moving.
Keep going,
far beyond the finish line.


I broke the same promise
-- easily -- over a thousand times....
But, I managed to keep it...  by getting up
after failing each trial.
I managed to keep that promise
...by trying.

I rearranged...
pieces of furniture, inside,
..where I live.  At home,
..within my room,
I saved some space,
by shelving myself,
climbing higher...
perching, now...

in a lofted bed.


Mr. Rigid,

oh so black and white..
forced to fence ..to en guard,
to bow before law perceived
in life; to show respect for something wrong..
to have respect for his enemy ...to bow before his fight.

..To become a color
his skin is normally not...
Without notice, to flip...
in an opposing di-rec-tion,
without slipping or falling,
to glide, without flopping.
..To be the same.. but, too,
to be dif-fer-ent...

Mr. Rigid,

in..k-ed, no color.
Mr. Rigid...
oh so black and white...
forced to become... a Gemini?
..To give up... a part...
..To give up ..being
adamant & moral?
..To accept ...that he.. is ..merely man,
a mortal?

still in the works, Idk for now.

Learn to bend, not break;
to limbo, underneath...

..& to stand, straight, again,
after unbending, back into a line ....undoing
any short-term effects.

Many of us forget to unbend, I think..

Well, I tried...
But, once again -
...I am tired.
I, again... gave all my time,
& sacrificed.. a Friday night.
For what?  To help?

Baha! Would you listen to yourself...?
All your time?
Whining about Friday nights?
Shut the fuck up....

Stop being a bitch,
& learn to walk through hell.
In fact... better yet...
do not even call it that.
Up your threshold...
...Truly train, instead;
however.. you can.
No matter the way....
However you have to
...just do it: train.

To be very honest ...with you -- myself --
it matters not... if you have to spar all day.
It is absurd to care...
about the amount you sweat
or the degree of exhaustion,
ache, or pain.

I command myself to keep walking,
even after the fire has chilled...
begins...  to, only  ...feel as though...  it.is.rain.

I command myself to keep walking, to keep trying...
...& to get
some much.needed.sleep.
&, to enjoy it....  Not just sleep,
but... Ev.er.y.thing.

I summon myself ...from way down south,
within the pit of my.own.stomach...
within the eye of my-own-tornado-of-fire....
to change.. ....to turn
into a tsunami of water;
to soak myself & to pour year-round,
after ..I have evaporated up ... & out
from my own mouth.

I command myself to stop being so petty, vain, & weak....
I command myself
to stop being petty, vain, & weak. Period.  That's it.
I command myself
to stop being petty, vain, & weak.

I am now no longer tired;
however ....for later.. this shall be
continued, as I promised myself, tonight,
I would sleep.

Unfinished. Night.
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