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Light House Dec 2020
No one knows...
I gave it all up for you.
This is not a love story.
This is empathy.
This is guilt.
This is moral.
You’re not a lover.
You’re family..
Light House Oct 2020
I am ..the bow.
I am.. the arrow.
I am the archer.
..I am all of it.
Light House Aug 2020
Is starting over a thousand miles away really starting over?  ..No.
It is not even close to starting over.  It is failure by default.  It is pathetic.  As important as distance can be, it isn't healthy at all.
It is weak.
It is cowardice.
have slept in 2 nights.  work is insane.  life is insane.  you have to be grateful though.  else you won't maintain the endurance needed.
Light House Aug 2020
Life is weird when you try to do good.
Light House Aug 2020
Sometimes honesty seems no better if not worse than lying or avoiding the conclusion altogether.
Light House Aug 2020
I come to life as I lay down to sleep.
It has nothing to do with dreaming, but more with the relief I feel.
In those moments, I am invincible and my vision is clear.
In those brief moments, I can relax.  I cannot be touched.
I am alone but I am alive. There is no pressure.
Light House Jul 2020
Like an addict coming down,
like an astronaut touching ground...
I am in denial.  I am shocked.  I am traumatized.
This is not happening... even though I want it to.
Even though ..I need it to.

I need to come home.
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