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Aug 2016
I feel trapped but if I break free then I'm only running
Away from the issue just avoiding and hiding
Is it better to run and hide or stay locked in a cage
How do I escape when the cage is my brain
Oh how I hate being stuck between a rock and a hard place
More questions than answers is what I'm left with always
So frustrated with me
Though we are the only ones who can solve the mystery
By we I mean me myself and I
Steady searching for the courage to come into the light
The light I can can only seem to dream about
I know what it will take but still I scream and shout
About ******* because I'm so full of it
Full of all this fear and doubt
No amount of self help or advice seems to work it out
Only tears escape as they drip down
Caught in the crevices of my perpetual frown
Smile! They say it's so becoming of you
How can I smile with your ugly mug in my view
So sue me I'm mean and bitter cuz I'm tired of being sweet
All that seems to get me is under everybody's feet
Feelings ain't all they cracked up to be
Maybe it really is better to only live for me
Jazleigh Walker
Written by
Jazleigh Walker
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