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Aug 2016 · 354
Feelings of Frustration
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2016
I feel trapped but if I break free then I'm only running
Away from the issue just avoiding and hiding
Is it better to run and hide or stay locked in a cage
How do I escape when the cage is my brain
Oh how I hate being stuck between a rock and a hard place
More questions than answers is what I'm left with always
So frustrated with me
Though we are the only ones who can solve the mystery
By we I mean me myself and I
Steady searching for the courage to come into the light
The light I can can only seem to dream about
I know what it will take but still I scream and shout
About ******* because I'm so full of it
Full of all this fear and doubt
No amount of self help or advice seems to work it out
Only tears escape as they drip down
Caught in the crevices of my perpetual frown
Smile! They say it's so becoming of you
How can I smile with your ugly mug in my view
So sue me I'm mean and bitter cuz I'm tired of being sweet
All that seems to get me is under everybody's feet
Feelings ain't all they cracked up to be
Maybe it really is better to only live for me
May 2016 · 601
Cinderella in Combat Boots
Jazleigh Walker May 2016
She sits in ashes
Too entranced with green gases
Puffin plentiful clouds down through the chimney of her nose
Up in the clouds, the ground too far down below
To notice the trail of ashes left, as she tries to pass it
But wait
There's no place for it to go
So she blows more O's
Up and up she goes
Till she's blown off her ***
Enjoying the ride as her mind bends back
It rewinds past her present loneliness
Finding the blurred memory of sweet forehead kisses
Back when her wishes actually did come true
Before reality had her falling so hard, she lost a shoe
It was never found
The prince never tried to
So now green cinders ash down on combat boots
The modern day princess story
Feb 2016 · 491
Cliff hanging
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2016
I didn't fall blindly
I was minding my own business actually
I just wanted to admire the view
Then the earth crumpled beneath my feet
There was nothing I could do
It was a long way down so I had time
I was able to take it all in with peace
I could clearly see I would never be in his story
Or maybe I would have one line while he was most of mine
They say i could do much better which I do believe
Yet gravity gives no ***** about my feelings
I see him peeking over the edge
He breathes a sigh of relief, he knows he is blessed...
Not finished because I'm still falling :(
Jan 2016 · 289
A Sinners' Prayer
Jazleigh Walker Jan 2016
I pray you please forgive my perpetual sin
It seems the world has lured me in once again
Enfolded in the societal fallacy of fomophobia
The fear of missing out has me drifting further from utopia
Reaching for the shores of perfect peace as I sink in a sea of temptation
I've been kicking, swimming against the waves only to end further from salvation
The struggle is real or so we perceive it to be
Yet I seek to grasp hold of a whole new mentality
One in which we comprehend that the light eludes because we refuse to look up
Stuck because the more we fight the more the waters become rough
I pray you enlighten us to give it up to you when we've had enough
I pray our eyes stay fixed on your light so we may rise above the troubles, kept afloat by your grace and love
A new personal spin on an old bible story.
Dec 2015 · 363
Future Dreams
Jazleigh Walker Dec 2015
I've discovered a plug to fill the hole
A refill for the parts of my heart you stole
A mirage in the darkness but it's someplace to go
No longer lost in searching for feelings you'll never show
Evolution has enlightened me to infinite possibilites
Unfortunately you seem content with such childish mentality
In reality we're probably just on different levels of insanity
Yet these dreams seem to have me on a whole new frequency
So I've ******* my love and cast it to the waves
Forever was never meant to be our fate
I'll cherish what it was and wasn't forever and always
My dreams have beamed you into my past as I stride toward better days
Inspired dreams
Dec 2015 · 333
Just a Love Song
Jazleigh Walker Dec 2015
I want to sing every love song to you
Somehow they all seem to convey the truth
Such sweet soliloquies never to be said by me
I'll expose what is real through thin veils of melody
The more real the more will to run in fear
Never ready to accept that change is near
Shut down mode triggered by what you feel
Yet I bet such smooth sounds will melt down that steel
Sealed away as it should be, as most treasures are
I'll forever contend to win the chance to hold your heart
Inspired and fear
Dec 2015 · 251
Longer Than Forever
Jazleigh Walker Dec 2015
A shout in the void, a light in a dark place
More elusive than time, more vast than space
Deeper than the thousands of leagues, past the ocean floor
Taller than the steps that lead to heaven's door
Extraordinary I shall be in any shape or form
From the pages of time shall my name never be torn
Wether that be in the hearts of millions or just one
I will be something great before it's all said and done
Before my name is called and my earthly light burns out
I must be something, do something, know something that stands out
It could be the secrets of the universe or to know the embrace of true love
I seek all that lay beyond the imagined, past what you could ever think of
To have my breath taken away, stolen by all that is great
To have a lifetimes of such moments is a fate I'll forever chase
Inspired by....Imagination
Jul 2015 · 410
The Freedom of Me
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2015
I look up to rolling clouds so depressing and dark
I look out this window that sets us apart
Away from a world I wish to be in
Instead I'm trapped here with you again
I'm trapped in these walls of this house with you
I need to be outside so I can break through
Away from your disappointment anger and fear
So much negativity makes my vision unclear
Now I can't see my bright future, just your angry eyes
Nowhere to hide in this home that can't be mine
Caged in from the world under all this pressure and hurt
You should be the one to make it better not worse
Nothing I do will ever please you I see
So I must depart so that I can live for me
This one from the archives. Still a good one though.
Jul 2015 · 303
To Kyle
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2015
I've lived in the world long enough to know
That my belief in God is the best way to go
I would much rather worship a supernatural symbol of love than anything this world has to offer
My alternative is people or money or drugs all of which lead to disaster
Whatever thing you cling to is the very thing that will break you
Loving God is letting go and knowing you will make it through
Though no deed of my own for I am not the Divine
Yet to be apart of such royalty means I must shine
You may say I'm a fool for believing in something I cannot see
I would much rather be a fool for God than anything in this reality
So sue me for believing in goodness and happily ever after and thrones and kings
I pray for those who chose to have nothing in which to believe
For to be fooled by such finite things is the real tragedy
I've been having a friendly debate with my friend who is an atheist. He asked about my belief and I'm sure is different for everyone but this is why I feel secure in my faith and why I am able to discuss with him.
Jun 2015 · 410
Dark Vs. Light
Jazleigh Walker Jun 2015
Born into the shadows
His past so dark and deep
So long to those who follow
Over the cliff of  secrets he keeps
Delving past devils into the wrinkles of time
Where the perils prove to be a prequel to something divine
Yet he's stuck at home in the shadows
Lost in the sadness is he
So long it's been all he knows, never able to see
Over the hurt, past the demons that hold him in past times
But she knows, she's seen the light of who he could be if he tried
Locked in this battle they will stay
His fearful past against her hopeful tomorrow
Who knows what miracle it may take
For him to move out of the shadows
Over the cliff of fearfulness
Her love is where he will land
How much longer will he run from regret
Before he decides to take a stand as a man
Inspired by a boy
Jun 2015 · 372
For him
Jazleigh Walker Jun 2015
As an artist will do, I will recreate you
Though a lens you most likely don't see through
As a girl I will overate you, as we overdo most things
Yet only will you know what I wish to be seen
As a friend I will be who you can lean on
Someone who will share the worldly weight you carry on
I will tiptoe on along the slim line of who you wish me to be
Trying to balance and never drop my true personality
As a romantic I will fantasize of what we could be
Because I'm too used to the iron curtain of reality
As a realist I know what to expect in the bitter end
Yet that doesn't stop the other parts from butting in
What side shall I side with when they are all me
With who can I confide when I believe in the jinx
Speak it out loud and watch the world laugh at your plans
As a girl what could I know about the inner workings of a man
As the person I am I can't help but want one thing from this
Every part of my being calling out for your happiness
In the loudness of the world my shadow is what you will find
Only in the quiet can you delve within my mind
As the center of my affection it is you who holds the key
As an optimist I can only hope that you like what you see
Things I'll probably never say
May 2015 · 721
Jazleigh Walker May 2015
I'm that treasure on the sunken ship
So worthy, but useless way down here
Down where no one can truly see
The glint and glow of what I could be
Or maybe my currency is no longer the same
Along with a new generation comes much change
I'm an old soul in this crazy new age
No one will buy the book if they can't read the page
I'm Latin, I'm Atlantis, I'm everything that used to be
Or maybe I'm alone simply because I'm unworthy
May 2015 · 421
Jazleigh Walker May 2015
I slap you so hard it stings, not my hand but behind my eyes
As you yell the mark welps as if to swell with your lies
Your eyes flash with anger, a reflection that doesn't fully hide
The shame and guilt you keep buried inside
You shake me as if I'm a toy that will wash it all away
Yet the lines have been drawn and I see the picture clear as day
I shove you as you sway so as no to trip on broken glass
They look like the shards of your fake and faulty mask
The door slams as you flee the scene of lies created by you
Just know that you'll never be able to outrun the truth
May 2015 · 805
Stronger I will be
Jazleigh Walker May 2015
I want to sleep but these creeping thoughts keep breaching the security of my inner peace
I want to think positive and deposit these utterly exhaustive thoughts of worry someplace else
Onto the page I lock them away to stay out of my space and only on the page for someone else
To see
To read
To agree
Even if that person is only me
At least those negative intrusive thoughts won't be so bothering
No longer can they take up such precious space
Stronger I will be
A love letter to writing. my attempt to try and define the cathartic qualities of being a writer
May 2015 · 462
Once Upon a Time
Jazleigh Walker May 2015
I fell in love once
A tale never told
I fell in love once
My nightmare to forever hold
I fell in love once
An epic adventure of defeat
I fell in love once
With an ending I soon wish to meet
I fell in love once
Yet the story never ends
I fell in love once
For him it never began
I fell in love once
Only to land head first on cold stone
I fell in love once
The landing hurts if you're alone
I fell in love once
and no one came to pick me up
I fell in love once
Now in such feelings I am stuck
I fell in love once
In a time long ago
I fell in love once
Oh how I wish to let it go
May 2015 · 359
Just a Fan
Jazleigh Walker May 2015
I long  to have tons of crazed fans, or just one for a lifetime
To be with neither would lead me out of my right mind
Trapped in the western mentality to always be number one
Fighting the overwhelming need to just be Someone
Struggling to prove daddy wrong by showing I am worth it
Trying to find someone that believes who I am is perfect
If I can't that must mean all those awful things are true
That everyone must have daddy's same view
I need a number one fan, or thousands that claim to be
To be alone forever would be the death of me
May 2015 · 578
What I Want
Jazleigh Walker May 2015
I love you, no matter the hour second or day
Your happiness is mine, no matter what you do or say
All I want is for you to be radiant, no matter what role I play
I wish the world to be yours for it has been mine always
We may fight and bicker, but no two should agree on everything
I can promise it wont ever change no matter what time may bring
Still I know the rains may come and bruise such fantasy
There may come a time where all we are is memories
As long as love is what you feel when you reach back to past days
Then what I want from you will continue to be, forever and always
For my brother, for my mother, for my lover and my friends.
Feb 2014 · 808
Addiction (Love?)
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2014
What does it mean to love someone or something
How does one person become everything
Place it over yourself making it your first priority
Everything else arranged around them, orbiting
This thing you hold oh so close to your heart
Something you believe from you couldn't be torn apart
Yet what do we love is what I shall ask
Can't these symptoms be for a person or a whiskey filled flask
So bad for you, yet too **** good to resist
Why resist the urge to take just one more hit
Oh yes he could break my heart into tiny bits
But the ride would be oh so worth it
Yes I know crack kills but what a happy death
To feel this good all the time I'll sacrifice my health
Does it matter your addiction or what you love
To worship and unseen God from up above
To say I can't get enough and truly mean this
Is the essence of all that addiction/love really is
This love, this addiction is human nature at its finest
Feb 2014 · 740
Run Away
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2014
Smoking, drinking, running away from life by living
Anything to stop the feeling that *****' about to hit the ceiling
Reaching the end of this glass to find some healing
Lungs filled with the vapors of redemption
Lifting me up and away from all that surface tension
Worldly troubles fading into another dimension
Substance to fill the hole that no one will listen
Making my issues seem unworthy to mention
To leave it all behind is my only intention
The need to feel good when everything isn't is my only addiction
Feb 2014 · 599
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2014
Indecisive, a woman through and through
Futile attempts I make to try and find a clue
As to why my heart and my head never seem to agree
Do I dare to move forward with tiny steps of uncertainty
To stand still is to move backwards is what they all say
A thought adopted from times much further than yesterday
Can't I sit still long enough to gather my emotions and thoughts
Therefore when I move I wont just move I'll blast off
Into life into love and adventure with certainty I won't fail
Yet what times is there to sit and contemplate and create a plan to prevail
Back and forth I swing hinged by fear and doubt
My heart and mind finally agree what I need is a new route
Someone or something to launch me into hope and belief
A way to distract myself from me is what I ultimately seek
Feb 2014 · 352
If She Stays
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2014
An eloquent flowing of flashbacks through heavily hooded eyes
Not completely closed for nothing is clear cut and dried
Only areas of grey as they say she may hear but can't reply
Drifting from past to present floating in on a morphine tide
A few words waft in past the roar of mechanical breath
Coma, not sure, up to her, life or death
A horror reel snatches her attention away from reality
Playing out behind the dark and heavy screen of codeine
There's a screech and a bright flash before it all goes black
In her mind she finds her emotions are under attack
Confusion, anger, sadness, but most of all fear
As she begins to realize the unrecognizable faces that are near
Her family now gone, only can she see them in those flashbacks
Why move on with a future when all she loves is now the past
What reason could there be to prolong the suffering
If she stays in this world what and who would she even be
without those who made her and raised her to be what she was
Why be in this place alone when she could be with the ones she loves
Then she feels three pairs of hands
Hold and mold back her heart again
Pushing her soul back from the darkness it was in
Shifting her mind to fight the overpowering medicine
Never will they leave her whether in this world or the next
As she slowly opens her eyes she decides their love and legacy she must protect
Aug 2013 · 937
Generation LCD Screen
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2013
I scroll through the pages redundantly
Left swipe right swipe as if suddenly
What I seek will appear in this app or that
I'll have what I need if I say yes to this ad
What did she do and why do I care
I guess I do as I continue to stare
Lost in this screen that holds all parts of me
Yet nothing close to what I really need
Do I know what that is can I find it as I swipe
Left and right up and down is my life
So convenient what a way to escape reality
Lost in the tangle of today's technology
Should I break away it this just how life is today
What would happen if the screen were to fade away
I'm too scared to find out so ill stick to my fancy gadgets
Oh I should live in the "real" world but I'm better off without it
Jun 2013 · 402
2 way Mirror
Jazleigh Walker Jun 2013
This barrier so tough, so completely life proof
That nothing can or ever will get through
You may breath but your exhale will never reach my seeking eyes
You can scream but all I hear is my own silent cry
As I look to see only me staring at this image that ironically
You can see too
How can it be that we have such different views
Maybe its these harsh lights or past sleepless nights that harden and darken these lines on my sad and sunken face
Pain so painfully obvious in my dark eyes, but for you that isn't the case
Maybe that special tint also washes away all hints of what could really be
Until all that remains is what you choose to see
This mirror will separate us it seems until the very end
Nothing to ever get past or make it break away
Well that door over there may let you in
However I'll never have the courage to simply ask
For you to come into my space
Cuz this side really ain't so great
Could you ever truly say you loved me from this side of the glass
Jun 2013 · 795
For the Fallen
Jazleigh Walker Jun 2013
Closed casket lids remind me of woven baskets
Filled with water to the brim
In the end nothing is held in except for the essence of what has been
Bright flowers I see remind me of the bright light you now fly in
Just as color as the flag you fought to protect until the very end
It waves now as to solute, for it feels you in the wind
Just as I do, we both honor you
Warrior of peace
Soldier of love
Live on in you rightful place in heaven
May 2013 · 504
Artist Dreams
Jazleigh Walker May 2013
I compose each word with the most careful pen stroke
Ensuring you truly grasp the feeling I wish to invoke
My words must reach you soul or this ink is in vain
Let my written voice sink in like a needle to the vein
I need for you to receive the message that I wish to convey
So read within these pages what my lips will never say
I will write and you shall see what lies within my soul
For my work to reach within yours is my ultimate goal
Just expressing how I feel when I write anything for others to view.
May 2013 · 292
Artist Dreams
Jazleigh Walker May 2013
I compose each word with the most careful pen stroke
Ensuring you truly grasp the feeling I wish to invoke
My words must reach you soul or this ink is in vain
Let my written voice sink in like a needle to the vein
I need for you to receive the message that I wish to convey
So read within these pages what my lips will never say
I will write and you shall see what lies within my soul
For my work to reach within yours is my ultimate goal
Just expressing how I feel when I write anything for others to view.
Apr 2013 · 2.2k
Jazleigh Walker Apr 2013
I can see the vivid flashbacks from past times
The person I was meant to be left somewhere behind
The worldly winds of heartbreak and defeat have tossed me here
In this place I can't escape because of fear
If I could kick my heels thrice and maybe rewind
Go back past the hurt to a more simple happy time
Yet the present is what I have and the future neither promised nor imagined
The past just a long ago beauty like the retired queens of pageants
Still I pray everyday that this mindset is just a phase
Counting on recapturing that childlike spirit from the hands of yesterday
Apr 2013 · 750
Play, Stop, Rewind
Jazleigh Walker Apr 2013
I love you past the moon and back
To the earth where I can prove it to be fact
I meant to tell you yesterday
Somehow the moment got swept away
Whisked into ringing and fleeing to meetings
Out the door to make a living
Or so we say
No time to be sweet when life is waiting
So trusting in forever, the thought so calming
Now I'm in a panic because I didn't tell you
Now it's too late so I'll have to make due
With these flowers I place upon your grave
Time now crashing down like tidal wave
It has stopped for you, but for me it will not
Unable to rewind and say what I forgot
I love you past the moon and beyond
I only wish you could've have more time to respond
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Mar 2013 · 538
In Your Eyes
Jazleigh Walker Mar 2013
I see the fear that you try to hide
I see it behind the calmness in your eyes
I can see past the the looks and attitude
I see past the comments and being rude
I see past it all, I know you too well
Maybe even more than you know yourself
Don't try to hide, just let it go
I see it in your eyes so I already know
There is this barrier that I keep trying to break down
Then you build it back up and all around
Just tell me because I'm only here to help
Trust me you will get past the pain you've been dealt
Your eyes tell the story but they also tell no lies
I know you think I'm crazy but from this you will rise
Mar 2013 · 620
Thoughts of You
Jazleigh Walker Mar 2013
I try to quiet these whirlwind
Thoughts of you that forever spin
Trapped in my mind engulfing the rest
Overwhelming all thoughts of before we met
These gale-force winds that ******* away
Into another world where together we lay
I must think of other things I think
Yet I get swept away with every physical link
That hat, that stare, those shoes I see
Having me blown back into my fantasy
Pipe down I say, but they never do
These thundering utterly encompasing thoughts of you
Feb 2013 · 1.4k
Black and Red
Jazleigh Walker Feb 2013
Black and red is all I saw
Unable to speak because I'm in awe
Black is red is all I see
Filling up my vision until its blurry
Black and red lingerie on a body not mine
Against another who's eyes I can't find
Black and red is all you focus on
Because what you are doing is so wrong
Black and red is what we both see
As the girl that isn't me rushes to leave
Black and red is how I feel
Black for the pain and red for the wounds that won't heal
Black and red is all I see
Because there is a cheating black man on my floor bleeding
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Jan 2013 · 1.2k
Hard Knock on My Door
Jazleigh Walker Jan 2013
Mesmerizing eyes sparkling like the sun's reflection
As it glimmers in the sea on our romantic vacation
Knock, knock, there is no Prince Charming to greet
No extra money for my imagination to even flee
His intoxicating scent with undertones of this foreign land
Checking off more goals as I grasp his outstretched hand
Knock, knock the odor of tired feet has become normal
My list of dreams growing yet no checks to add to the journal
Tears in my family's eyes from so much joy and pride
That I can be the one to spoil them and provide
Knock, knock, my budget is much too tight
Fear too present for me to change my life
The dream so enticing and entrancing and sweet
No need to worry, I hear the hard knock, knock of reality
This is a bit choppy I notice but I hope that its still clear. Still working on making it flow.
Dec 2012 · 1.0k
Jazleigh Walker Dec 2012
They say the scars of heartbreak make the heart grow stronger
So what of the lonely heart is what I always wonder
Does it shrivel away or become rotten or hollow
What of being alone with no love to follow
Everyone talks of love and hurt but what of emptiness
I would love to even hurt because at least it's experience
No one talks of being alone because there is only me
Sometimes I feel I am the only one ever truely lonely
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Silver Lining
Jazleigh Walker Nov 2012
My head is filled with darkness but it will go away
The self pity and doubt won't be here to stay
My soul is filled with light that always burns through
To all those evil thoughts and actions I can't undo
My heart may be crushed but it will turn out strong
Things will be okay even though they seem so wrong
My head is telling me life will always be this trying
In my soul I know there is always silver lining
Oct 2012 · 1.3k
Love Letter
Jazleigh Walker Oct 2012
Got you on my mind all the time
I can't live without you is what I've come to find
I need you and want you more than you know
Just really wish I didn't love you so
So you have someone else but it's not stopping me
Or stopping you from being my everything
Still I can only watch from afar
Forced to deal with us being apart
I won't interfere because it won't last
Because fate will take over it always has
I missed you once and will now wait my turn
Because losing you was a painful lesson learned
So until that day comes and my dreams are fulfilled
Just know that I love you and I always will
Oct 2012 · 895
My Girl
Jazleigh Walker Oct 2012
I see the life I want to live in the light of her eyes
The love I can't help but give when she smiles so wide
Sending warm rays of love to the coldest part of my soul
In my arms she's a perfect fit because she is mine to hold
Seeing those hands so soft and sweet as they reach out for me
Praying that through all her life she'll always need her mommy
Oct 2012 · 1.3k
Puzzle Pieces
Jazleigh Walker Oct 2012
There is a moment beyond grasp just over there
My heart is over yonder broken beyond repair
My thoughts are scattered among the sycamore trees
You can almost hear them as the wind rustles the leaves
My opinions are blowing away with the sweeping breeze
My feelings are stretched out over the cement around me
My life is in a puzzle with the pieces blown apart
I need to get it together but where should I start
Please be my duct tape, my Velcro,my sticky glue
Show me how to be and I will forever love you
I'll give you my heart and the rest will follow
My thoughts, opinions and feelings tied with a bow
Show me kind stranger with your beautiful kind eyes
What my life could be if from these streets I rise
This is my life around me with no shelter to protect
Or maybe to pretend that everything is perfect
I have no roof, just these remains left on the ground
Show me the bigger picture than these pieces that surround
Sep 2012 · 1.3k
His Story
Jazleigh Walker Sep 2012
His eyes are dark and full of defeat and regret
The man says doc cheer up I'm not dead yet
How can he be so calm when he is about to die
Look at me, the man whispers to himself
As he looks in the mirror at his deteriorating health
He tears his eyes away and focuses on the wall
Watching the TV colors dance as he tries to recall
The last time he felt or looked like the faces on the screen
He sighs and he explains, that used to be me
His therapist nods and shakes her head sympathetically
He thinks how dare she act as if I am already dead
When she leaves he painfully kneels by the side of his bed
She must not know the mighty God I serve
But Jesus I give you the thanks that you deserve
Show them oh Lord and heal me right now
You are the only one who truly knows how
He says his thanks again for he believes
That his God has the power to do all things
He lies back down, exhausted from such a day
Feeling in his heart that tomorrow he will awake
When he comes to he feels like the pix-elated faces
For such miracles he has only seen on acting stages
Yet this one is his own and he swells with pride
Looking and the delight and wonder in the doctor's eyes
Sep 2012 · 1.1k
Jazleigh Walker Sep 2012
Why do you want for me to feel like this
Please don't taunt me with those perfect lips
Don't give me that look that sticks in my mind
Won't give in to that hook because you're not mine
Really wish that I could pull away from you
Now I feel like a fool because either way I loose
Red flashing lights going off in my head
Still tonight I want you here instead
How do I escape these feelings that are so bad
When I am not willing to give up what I can't have
I need a solution so help me please
My strength is fading and I need my energy
I wish you could see what you are putting me through
I need to get away but somehow you keep pulling me back to you
Sep 2012 · 1.2k
Jazleigh Walker Sep 2012
It's lovely outside and everything feels so right
It's clear to me now that you were meant to be in my life
We walk through the street hand in hand
Never do I think this will never happen again
You get a call and leave, but I'm still on cloud nine
As long as I get to see you again I will be fine
Walking home alone thinking how my future is so bright
I get a call that will forever change my life
I see you again all dressed up and ready to go from me
You look so peaceful, so why am I still crying
I kiss you for the last time as they close the coffin lid
I love you more in this moment more than I ever did
I think this is a nightmare and I keep trying to wake up
You have moved on to a better world but in this one I am stuck
Aug 2012 · 1.1k
Erick (R.I.P.)
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2012
Places I have been few and far in between
Friends made lessons learned so much that I have seen
Lived such a full life at the old age of nineteen
Of all the things I learned God was the best
A lesson and relationship that have prepared me for rest
The love I have in this world I will return to you all
From a place above where happiness is law
No more misery for me just eternal joy and peace
Do not hurt for me because I'm where I'm meant to be
This one I wrote after the passing of an old friend. I started off just writing whatever I felt and when I was done I felt he was speaking through me. I feel this is what he would have wanted everyone to know.
Aug 2012 · 2.3k
Threatening Temptation
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2012
Everyone is born into sin but we try to overcome
Lord knows I'm not a saint but I repent for what I've done
Temptation is all around us that's how we commit sins
If your faith is not strong then temptation wins
This time it can't win it can't get the best of me
This time temptation is the most overwhelming
It threatens to take my love my sun and my moon
If he left me in a thousand years it would be too soon
But if you keep tempting me this way things will go wrong
I won't deny this attraction to you is very strong
Still I cant because I don't really love you at all
I just can't be without him or I would surely fall
Even knowing all that I can't do a thing
Because the  stakes are high and temptation is winning
This temptation is the worst for me but I have to make it through
Because for my one and only there is nothing I will or will Not do
Aug 2012 · 1.3k
Holding Back
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2012
Look at you trying so hard to be tough
Look at me holding back laughter
Look at you having it rough
Now look at me have my happily ever after
Look at you trying to scare me
Look at me saying whatever
Look at you living unhappily
Now look at me surviving the bad weather
Look at you trying to break me down
Look at me laughing at you
Look at you and your nasty frown
Then look at me pray that you make it through
Aug 2012 · 461
One Night
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2012
Lovely light casting shadows in the night
Auras aglow making it all a beautiful sight
The water dancing with golden flecks of light
My heart is content and the weather is just right
Walking alone my heart gives a happy sigh
Just the magic in the air my angels and I
Aug 2012 · 689
Unafraid to Live
Jazleigh Walker Aug 2012
I once had a friend who wasn't afraid to be herself
She only listened to her heart and no one else
I loved being with her because she was fun all the time
She told me her joy came from her heart not her mind
I was always afraid so I looked up to this girl
She was my favorite person in this world
The world was her playground that's how she always was
She never paid attention to all the talk and the buzz
The sad truth was she was sick and said to die soon
Yet this didn't affect her as we sat under the moon
I lost my best friend this year but still I am okay
For she taught me to live and love everyday
Jul 2012 · 708
Truth and Dare
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2012
I dare you to tell the truth and not another lie
I dare you to look in your soul and tell me what's inside
The truth is I care about you and want you to see
I dare you to look in my eyes so that you will believe me
I dare the truth to come out and your burdens lifted high
I only want the best for you but who am I
I'm your sister your brother your lover and best friend
I am the mighty one that died for your sin
The truth is I dared to give my life for you
So now I dare you to believe what I say is the Truth
Jul 2012 · 1.0k
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2012
In a new world that's never been seen by me
Didnt know this was real but now I believe
So high that I look down at the earth
Didnt believe it before but now I know it works
Need it to stay in this high world that's so fine
There is nothing else like it nothing you will find
Can I live without it I don't ever want to know
Gotta have it again because this isn't as high as I can go
I have to have it so say a prayer for me please
Because your love has me high and it's all that I need
Jul 2012 · 859
Disappearing Act
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2012
In my life then out like a camera's flash
Making my heart melt then turning it to ash
Love you in second but time goes by fast
We were so close now he's out of my grasp
I thought I had found a great guy at last
Now you are just a figure in my past
You put up these walls that made our relationship crash
I don't think there's anything I can do to get you back
Trying to make my future bright but without you it's black
Don't know what to do to get my life back on track
Jul 2012 · 613
It's Okay!
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2012
I say okay so that we don't fight
I say okay when I know I'm right
I tell everyone it's okay when they ask
I tell them that we were meant to last
Okay is what I say even though it's not
Okay is easier than to say stop
It's okay that you treat me badly
Ask me to do things and I do them gladly
It's okay that you cheat and we both know
If you want to leave then just say so
It's okay if you want to walk away
No matter the time hour or day
It's okay if you want to break my heart
It's okay when you decide we need a fresh start
It's okay to do this all over again with you
It's okay because either way I loose
You're not good for me but I'm not strong enough without
Without you I wouldn't know what I'm about
So even though I'm not okay inside
All anyone will see is the perfect groom and bride
Jul 2012 · 767
Fools Gold
Jazleigh Walker Jul 2012
Love so strong so sweet in my eyes
Never would have known it was heartbreak in disguise
You were my sweet my treat in life
I didn't know how to live until you arrived
Love makes things clear but it also makes you blind
Here I am thinking my worst days are behind
You were my first kiss, my first everything
Now I get the feeling you were just using
So sweet in the beginning now so fake
You tricked me till the end but now I'm awake
I see now that you were just playing a role
Thought you were the real thing but you're just fools gold

— The End —