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Apr 2016
When worldly time for me has ceased,
No more to breath God's air,
Lay me to rest in Nature's palm,
In solemn, silent prayer.

Scatter my ashes in a leafy place,
Where I can rest content,
Where creatures wail my eulogy,
And birds sing my lament.

To sleep with folded wild flowers,
Beneath lush woodland trees,
And wake with yawning blossoms,
Stirred by the morning bees.

Fling my dust where fairies dance,
Lit by a moonlight beam,
Along the track that I oft' strolled,
In earshot of the stream.

Within the throb of Nature's pulse,
As I close o'er life's pages,
Sheltered from the Summer sun,
And safe from Winter's rages.

'Tis there that I shall be at home,
My earthly toils remiss,
Forever facing wondrous skies,
In pure eternal bliss.
Written by
Mizzy  Ireland
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