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Mar 2016
He's slowly fading away
deeper into the dark void
He shouts my name, screaming, kicking and thrashing about,
arms outstretched towards me
I try to save him i really do
But he's falling deeper now
growing smaller and smaller by the second
His face blurs through my teary face
If he dies you will die with him, my subconscious screams at me
but it was to late,
When reality hit me.
When i came to realise that it was not he who was falling, but me.
Deeper and deeper i fall into the void, arms outstretched towards him..
although who is he?
He is no one but from my own fantasy
It was all imaginary
His face
His arms
His voice
His existence
The only thing that is real is that i'm falling deeper and deeper
I've lost my mind they told me,
I smile through my teary face, as i reach closer to death,
They were right, i did lose my mind, i listened to to mind and not my heart, so now ill pay the price;.....
With my life
Follow your heart even if your mind says differently....
Written by
Sisilia  In a broken world.
(In a broken world.)   
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