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Jan 2016
I'm having a memory...
It's hot out,
I'm young,
I have a good body,
(well better body)
I'm in a two piece bathing suit,
Covered with baby oil
Mixed with iodine,
Laying on my chaise lounge,
With the sprinkler misting me,
Drinking a cold ice tea,
Two sugars and lemon,
Listening to Al Green sing...
Oh dear,
I just woke up,
Al Green is still singing,
But I'm flopped in my lazy boy chair
With my memory pillow
In back for my back...
The two piece bathing suit
And good body are gone...
And it's white outside...
Where did the time go?

By Judy
As a young mom, we never had a pool, so this was my way of cooling off and relaxing...
When your young, you don't appreciate memories, it takes age and the ability to remember anything that makes life special...i was a lucky one who has great memories...
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
     Pradip Chattopadhyay and martin
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