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Dec 2015
he holds you tight and you know you won’t fall, for you are riding the roller coaster, climbing the hill, taking the plunge, strapped to a moving piece of metal, stricken with fear, but feeling him kiss your neck over and over again in real time, you’re frozen, your hands can’t move but they want to scream, flying through time and space, you forget to laugh and look into his eyes and see the years of tears rolling down his cheeks knowing that you won’t ever be the cause of them and enjoy the moment but you don’t manage to feel free from the burden of what they expect for you and the way they pry into the deepest trickle of what you feel for him and somewhere along the way while you lose the feeling in your fingers to grab his and never let go you hear him laugh and feel his cheek glide next to yours, like the wind around is pushing you together and it’s ******* beautiful the way his heartbeat jumps with yours over the glistening lake, falls down the hill, takes the plunge, the ride is the reason your lips forgot how to kiss him but he is the reason you forgot to breathe.
a.i. my birthday date and first anniversary 11.24.15 <3
Written by
Ananya Kalahasti
   Ananya Kalahasti
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