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Nov 2015
That day I saw you again, after 3 years,
I should have walked away.
No I should have RAN away,
as fast as my legs would take me…
But I didn’t.
I was drawn to you once again.
And before I knew it I was brought back into your world.
Where we would spend lazy days laying in bed joking,
as if we never spent time apart.
I let myself fall for you.
With your beautiful brown eyes and lips that were perfect for kissing,
I yearned to be held in your arms.
But as much as I loved you,
you couldn’t love me.
I was willing to give you anything.
If you would please
But love can not be forced
or demanded.
You did not love me.
I couldn’t understand why you didn’t care about me
and you couldn’t understand why I was hurt.
And there we stood,
at a standstill.
We were both there, but it was like we lived different stories.
I didn’t want to leave,
but I had to leave,
because the more I gave to you,
the more I lost of myself,
and I was almost disappearing.
Sarah DeeSarah
Written by
Sarah DeeSarah  Chicago
       Michael L, Styles, R, Eudora, --- and 8 others
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