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Oct 2015
There's a sense of not knowing
what's going on
that happens too often
in everyone.
That lonely time
when you sit and think
about nothing
and everything
at the same time
and you don't know how to stop.
It's a sense of
and hollowness
that we don't know how to deal with.
What do I want?
I have no idea.
That thought bounces
back and forth
back and forth
inside my empty and full head.
What to do?
Just leave me
go away,
I don't want you
This blade will
only ****
the pulse under my wrist
not the demon
but I can't live like this
with this constant
black hole
swallowing me and everything
around me.
Eyes glazed over
chest excruciatingly tight
heart a thousand pieces
and head in a million directions
I breathe the next breath.
Written by
xXwallflower53Xx  Louisiana
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