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Sep 2015
I was in sixth grade.
I was sitting at the lunch table with my friends, just talking amongst ourselves.
It seemed to be just like any other day,
until I heard student after student being called to the office for "early dismissal."
My sister and I, and my best friend were three of the very few who did not get dismissed that day.
What happened between then and when I got home is a blur.
I can remember
not knowing what was going on;
I can remember
being so confused;
I can remember
the tears in my mother's eyes
as she watched the news.
I can very, very clearly remember
watching the T.V. that night after dinner,
and feeling an overwhelming sense
Of loss.

I was ten years old,
but I can remember
tragically watching our buildings burn.
I remember
seeing people jumping out of buildings
and falling to their deaths.
I remember
the clouds of smoke
that hung so heavy in the air
and that you could barely see anything
but rubble
and turmoil
and death.

But it was that day
at such a young age,
I would learn:
We are
The United States of America
and we proved
on that day
That "United We Stand"
is not just a phrase
that our country
throws around lightly.

The men and women
that were at Ground Zero that day
and the months that would follow
will forever remain
Unsung Heroes
in the hearts of every single American
that was alive on
September 11th, 2001,
and the generations to come

*Where were you, when the world stopped turning?
Written by
Amanda  Pittsburgh
   mickey finn and Kate Breanne
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