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Sep 2015
it's been lifetimes since i've allowed light to shine through these windows.
i've never let anyone in; nothing like the way i'm willing to let you fall into me, to hold you so close that my tears become an ocean you refuse to dive into and your eyes become my refuge. (yes, never is such a long time)
i've never let anyone touch me the way i let you, because all that anyone has ever done is rip me apart while building their own castles and collecting their cheap crowns. but you, you hold me like i'm a butterfly, with delicate wings that have become tired, all in its pathetic attempt to be beautiful. you hold me like i'm all you ever need in this dying world
and everything else that exists is just a repetitive love song.
i've never loved anyone's voice as much as i do yours. how you speak prose that sound like eulogies, solemn but necessary; with patience, kindness, and everything that love bleeds, everything it professes, everything i need.
(you're amazing and it's killing me)
the sunlight is creeping in through the curtains, windows no longer shut. i feel my heart beating again and i'm no longer listening to the solemn lullaby that put me here in the first place.
you've woken me up
and now, i'm finally free
**(to love you endlessly)
no one has ever made me feel this way;
if u find someone who does, treasure him/her with all of you. if you've let go of this person, trust me when i tell you to keep on fighting (for i'm sure they've fought for you too)
Eunice Amor Oh
Written by
Eunice Amor Oh  Singapore
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