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Aug 2015
I fell in love with his smile
That stretched from cheek to chin
Always bringing out my happiness
That's buried so far within

I fell in love with his touch
That set fireworks ablaze
On my skin with his fingers
He created his own maze

I fell in love with his throaty laugh
That spread vibrations through my being
Could it really be real?
This feeling that I'm feeling?

But I'm a smart girl
I really should've known
That I couldn't fall in love
With these silly things alone

I should have added into the equation
What his actions said
Then maybe I wouldn't have fallen
For his hollow words instead

When he let go of the door
And let it slam in my face
I shouldn't have kept that silly smile
But let it be totally erased

When he heard others make fun
Of the girl that I was
His laugh was something
I really thought I misunderstood

When he chose her over me
I didn't want it to be true
He never wanted me
And I'm the only one that never knew

But when it came down to it
He wasn't the one for me
It wasn't really him I fell in love with
Just who I wanted him to be
Sometimes your image of someone and what they really are, is two different things.
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