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Aug 2015
I found an injured blue jay. I held him in my arms. I thought he would try to fly away yet when I let go, he fell to the ground.

As I looked more closely, I saw within his wing, numerous hooks of various sizes woven through feathers, piercing his skin.

With care I held him closely, slowly freeing one hook at a time. Each minute he knew was closer to healing, his gratitude was matched with mine.

His pain finally subsiding, I carried him toward the brush. I thought he would join the other blue birds but instead he held on and nuzzled me close.

"You're free!" I told him he was healed now. He thanked me one last time. As I watched him fly off into the wood you'll never believe what I saw with my eyes.

His wings, fluttering now faster, he made his way up through the trees. Sunbeams transforming his feathers from grays and blues to vibrant purples and pink.

My new friend, now resembled a butterfly, in every possible way. Flying into the sunset with poise and grace, he reminded me to never give up on hope of brighter days.

For once he was an injured blue jay, flightless and weighted to the ground. He dreamt of becoming a butterfly, fleetly floating through trees, bringing beauty all around.
A scene from a vivid dream I had while undergoing a series of changes in my life.

© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Gemineyed Gypsy
Written by
Gemineyed Gypsy  By the Bay
(By the Bay)   
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