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Jul 2015
I can not communicate the feelings I have- often I find myself screaming in my mind to just say it, tell them "I'm numb to everything and I am sad" but I refuse myself but then in turn hurt those who try to love me and come close to me.

It is not advised that you come near me, be my friend nor even acquaintance for I will pull every ounce of  life out of you. I will draw you in with my smile make you laugh with my quick wit, you will love me and I know it, for I have watched people fall in love with me far too many times.

But once you watch me fall into the home of my demons you think you can be my ultimate cure.

You will try and seek an answer and perhaps put my pieces back together once more- the last whom has tried gave up, as will you.

What is broken can not be fixed not even with the greatest amount of love, care and patience. You will leave feeling weak and angry- everyone always does but do not fret, for you will soon forget me as I am still trapped in the deep corners of my mind- trying to find a way to escape.

Years after you have forgotten me and all our pleasant memories fade- we will reunite once again when you stand above my grave. My demons devoured me- took me away and you will remember the day you took my hand and said " I will not go away"

But where were you

Where did you go

I'm sorry for the blood I left in the sink
this is not a poem i just needed to vent my feelings
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