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Jun 2015
Some People Are hated ,
don't know what to do
don't know why others treat them that way
don't know how to treat themselves
the only words they can think...
I Can't,
the word they believe
in their mind,
in their heart
don't stop before you start
don't say you can't before you begin
because that way you'll never win
At The Game Of Life,
now give me the knife you stabbed me in the back with...
I'll cut the interlocking vines in the way of my path
more complicated but also more simple than grade 10 math
let your story unfold
take a different road
Twisting and winding
Have your story be told;
your memories shared
act and pretend
that all your superficial friends cared
but at the end of the day, did they.
Mine Did
in a world where quantity over quality existed,
especially with friends
I won not with quantity but with quality
I favored it
it had a different taste,
a different flavour
Not bitter but sweet
in a bitter-sweet world
but I can't choose one over the other
because you have your hardships
you have your happiness
and often they can be mixed together;
in a cocktail of heartbreak and new love
and the Idea you can always begin again,
or start where you left of.
Summer Duperron
Written by
Summer Duperron
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