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May 2015
When I first met you, we were sitting in a room full of smiles. I asked, "is this the smile room, is this where smiles happen?" You have so many options, and so many opportunities, and all I can do is think I'd be stupid not to spend my life trying to get you to smile. When we, people, say we "ought" to do something, it implies that I can, and I cannot. And, I can or I cannot make myself everything you want &/or need. When you hurt, I have a reflex like it's ok let me kiss it let me make it better. You're the best person for me, in my eyes, along with my Father's. You shake his hand, and I swear you bring about the biggest smile hiding underneath his beard, he looks as if he's shaking hands with happiness. When I'm not able to see you, my sign of missing you is in my bones, I can feel them all sigh at once --- as if in unison. My heart was once broken, but you put some butter on it --- and, don't we put butter on warm things? Before you, I was a wolf in girl's clothing. I never listened to the general rule of thumb, and I'd say things to myself that I wouldn't say to someone else. I was trying to pull myself out of depths I thought I'd never reach. And, oh, God, I'm calling you my grace of God, because nothing like this has ever happened to me by chance, I think we happened by fate. You show me how to be determined, because being determined is something I forgot. And, oh, God, it's just so nice to hear the silk of your laugh, wrapping around me, like it hugs my skin perfectly --- the fabric of my life. We, both, were once broken, and we can't cure each other, but we can help with the symptoms, and be each other's antibiotic for life. Your happiness is the single most important thing to me. It's been raining for hours, and I can't stop feeling. It's raining hard, and I want to close my eyes and open my hands, and I want to watercolor my palms with the sunset rose glow pavement. My words are juicy, swollen, and filled with passion towards you. I ask you to be gentle with, me, what has been healed. I have a knee **** reaction to trust and love total strangers, but none of those strangers have the smell of earth after it rains clinging to their clothing and none of those strangers taste like hope --- that's all you. I love you. Your love leaves me lying awake and wondering how I became this lucky. I love hearing people talk about someone they love, and I hope people love hearing the honey pouring over rough wood in my voice when I talk about you. You keep me moving forward. I want to wake up to you every morning, and I don't like to think of someone else touching you, and I hope that'll never be, because that causes a raging sea inside of me. When my hands don't have yours to hold, their homesick for yours. And, I know what I feel for you is the purest, richest, creamiest love. When I'm in your arms, I feel like the moonlight turns into water and bathes us until our skin prunes and we're forced to let go before we turn into raisins.
Kaitlyn Marie
Written by
Kaitlyn Marie  Hartford, Ohio
(Hartford, Ohio)   
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