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Apr 2015

If on some uncharted land
I wander as I please
Silence comes the morning sun
Now streaming through the trees
Destinations carry me
Along a sorted way
Down the path to anywhere
On any given day
Corners I may come around
Are sharp in their design
Slowly I do make my way
To see what I can find
Loneliness I’ve come to know
As yet my only friend
Days and nights do travel so
To greet me once again
There beyond a clearing
In the brush so thorned and thick
Making haste I follow through
My legs they move so quick
For but any sight I see
To dance before my eyes
Thoughts that seem to comfort me
When then I realize
Sunning long the water’s shore
If but a fantasy
A beauty drinks of nature’s fair
As if she waits for me
Now my shadow blends the scene
She turns to show her face
Like a painted masterpiece
My mind can not erase
Glowing like an evening star
So radiant and true
Hair of brown and velvet sheen
I’m lost inside her view
Then her smile captures me
It holds on ever tight
So as I can hardly breathe
My head it feels so light
Come and sit here by my side
Her words a happy song
Sitting down I can’t believe
Somehow this must be wrong
Oh be still my beating heart
For her so long I’ve missed
Like an angel sent to me
If but to know her kiss
As the sun is setting
And the moon begins to rise
Watching the reflection glow
Within her tempting eyes
Now my days are endless
As I now know what that means
For I will spend forever
With the woman of my dreams
And we shall go a wandering
Where ever we may find
Sitting in the shade produced
Beneath a jasmine vine
All along I thought this place
Was heaven don’t you see
Now I know it is the truth
*Since she is here with me
Written by
Jack  San Antonio Texas
(San Antonio Texas)   
       ---, ---, Eudora, Poetic T, David Ehrgott and 26 others
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