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Mar 2016 · 1.3k
I’m just a man
Jack Mar 2016

Say what you will
hoping people will listen
Stand up and shout
just as loud as you can
Walk in a circle
until you are dizzy
Write down the rules
now a part of your plan

Here I will wait
with my head held up higher
Knowing the truth
that lives inside of me
Holding my tongue,
you don’t need ammunition
There in your mind
you’ll find all that you need

I raise my voice
on occasion in anger
Fall to the hate
that I know you all see
When deep inside
all that truly does matter
Is I’m in love
and forever will be

So I will try,
do my best to ignore you
Say what you will
tell the world how you feel
That is your thing
for I guess you are lonely
You should find love
and your hatred conceal

Now this I write
with the hope she is reading
Sending my thoughts
in the phrases below
Sharing my dreams
that are always about us
Saying again
for I want her to know

I am a poet
who writes of affection
Sharing my thoughts
every once in a while
Wanting the words
that I'm writing to touch you
Lifting your heart
and producing a smile

Still there are times
when directions are changing
I slip and fall
just like most of us do
Then I return
for my heart knows the reason
I’m just a man
who is in love with you
We all slip and fall from time to time, get ****** into situations and react in ways that we know are childish and wrong. When it would be just as easy to ignore hurtful things that are said about happens.

Sticks and stones.  :)

I hope you enjoy my poem
Apr 2015 · 2.6k
Stand with me this evening
Jack Apr 2015

Precious is the light of every distant star we see
For they are the passageway that brings your love to me
Tiny points a’ sparkling upon the evening sky
Perfect constellations that we both see passing by
Miles lie between us as we stand upon this ground
Only in the evening when we can not hear a sound
Do we see the shimmering of heavens up above
Bringing to our very hearts our long desired love
Darkness now we find that it shall always be our friend
So that we may use the stars upon our love to send
Silent is the evening that our eyes do come to meet
Whispering affection over nighttime skies we greet
Beauty comes in many forms to lighten up our day
Only when the twilight smiles and sends the sun away
Will the stars come shining down from canopies of night
And we find the love we seek now glowing in their light
Stand with me this evening even if the clouds exist
Shower me within your love for it I surely miss
Here beneath the galaxies and their most precious view
*So that we may once again embrace our love so true
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
I need to only close my eyes
Jack Apr 2015

For this I see before my eyes
The dreams of lasting place
Alone I find the images
The smile upon your face

In darkness there is but a light
A shimmering I see
For when I open up my heart
You’re standing there with me

A silence comes though this I hear
The words I find so new
As every time you say to me
My darling I love you

I carry this within my mind
A gift from up above
And loneliness would be my friend
Without your precious love

So deep inside the feelings reign
For wonders you have been
To satisfy my fantasies
And touch my life again

So long the days have counted by
Of endless longing miss
To hold you in my arms once more
To taste your precious kiss

I need to only close my eyes
The dreams so soon to start
I feel the love that you do send
Right here within my heart

The memories of distant times
And those we make anew
Have come back to my life again
I’m so in love with you

Apr 2015 · 1.4k
As I think of yesterday
Jack Apr 2015

Deep within the light of love I stand with open eyes
Basking in the glory now descending from the skies
Glowing all about me as this day has come to be
Nothing short of wonderful, your love has set me free

As I think of yesterday and days that come before
Constant the reminders from within my heart do pour
Wondering what will become of all that I do find
Waiting for the day to come that I shall call you mine

Aimlessly I wandered through the darkness of despair
Dreaming of the moment that your love would come to share
If only I had realized that fate would wave its hand
Delivering your love to me so I would understand

Many years I wasted only searching for the end
Fruitless my endeavors waiting for someone to send
Words of captured energy to wake my sleeping heart
Pleading for the happiness I hoped so soon would start

Then the sun was rising all along the eastern shore
Shining forth a miracle now standing at my door
Draped in wings of silver with a hand so open wide
Offering affection if I’d only come inside

Desperately I followed as you led me down the way
To shine upon my longing soul the love that you display
Passing through the garden gate to never look behind
Drinking of the future that my heart would surely find

No longer shall I worry of an overwhelming fear
For now my life is gleaming in the light you offer here
And as I stand now marveling this wondrous light above
*Forever I shall hold onto your perfect glowing love
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Forever my love
Jack Apr 2015

Simple reminders of conscious belief
Filter my mind with the moon’s silver glow
Satisfied truths sent to spell my relief
All that my beating heart now needs to know

Sensual visions to capture the feel
Bringing the contours of wind sculpted plains
Temptations cry out for all that is real
Filling the void that I now can explain

Cloudless these night skies of star sprinkled mist
Shimmering soft on the eclipse of love
Delicious the thoughts of your warm tender kiss
Found in these endless illusions above

Memories harbor the times that we’ve lived
Photograph remnants of places once shared
Telling the story of all it can give
Building the dreams now worth capturing there

Still we are standing alone on this eve
Counting the stars in the heavens so bright
Dreams can come true if we only believe
Whispering prayers on this warm summer night

Hear my desires a float on the breeze
Finding their way to the one I adore
Listen, my love, for I hope but to please
Biding the time till you’re with me once more

Down on my knees with my fingers entwined
Solemn requests I now send up above
Pleading with heaven to be ever kind
Allowing this man to receive your sweet love

All that I ask is all that I do need
Merely the chance I may prove ever true
You are my life and in that I believe
*Forever my love will be only you
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
Since she is here with me
Jack Apr 2015

If on some uncharted land
I wander as I please
Silence comes the morning sun
Now streaming through the trees
Destinations carry me
Along a sorted way
Down the path to anywhere
On any given day
Corners I may come around
Are sharp in their design
Slowly I do make my way
To see what I can find
Loneliness I’ve come to know
As yet my only friend
Days and nights do travel so
To greet me once again
There beyond a clearing
In the brush so thorned and thick
Making haste I follow through
My legs they move so quick
For but any sight I see
To dance before my eyes
Thoughts that seem to comfort me
When then I realize
Sunning long the water’s shore
If but a fantasy
A beauty drinks of nature’s fair
As if she waits for me
Now my shadow blends the scene
She turns to show her face
Like a painted masterpiece
My mind can not erase
Glowing like an evening star
So radiant and true
Hair of brown and velvet sheen
I’m lost inside her view
Then her smile captures me
It holds on ever tight
So as I can hardly breathe
My head it feels so light
Come and sit here by my side
Her words a happy song
Sitting down I can’t believe
Somehow this must be wrong
Oh be still my beating heart
For her so long I’ve missed
Like an angel sent to me
If but to know her kiss
As the sun is setting
And the moon begins to rise
Watching the reflection glow
Within her tempting eyes
Now my days are endless
As I now know what that means
For I will spend forever
With the woman of my dreams
And we shall go a wandering
Where ever we may find
Sitting in the shade produced
Beneath a jasmine vine
All along I thought this place
Was heaven don’t you see
Now I know it is the truth
*Since she is here with me
Apr 2015 · 969
Take me
Jack Apr 2015

So precious this love that my heart does confide
Warm as the touch of your skin
Bright as the joy that does beam from inside
Filling my cup to the brim

You are the thoughts in my mind everyday
Visions of beauty you send
Caring and kindness on constant display
Oh but to know you again

Many the years that I stood all alone
Wondering what would become
Of this my life, on a path all its own
Searching for my only one

Down from the heavens my eyes did perceive
An angel of wonder so fine
Standing before me so hard to believe
This day, for this angel is mine

Open your wings for I want to come in
If you will have me this way
All as your own for a lifetime begins
Until the end of all days

Yours is the love that I’ve dreamed from afar
Here in my heart it now lies
Bringing a peace that does shine like a star
Up in the clearest of skies

Take me; oh take me, for I am to give
Happiness true it does pour
Love me unending as long as I live
*Take me to heaven once more
A repost
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
Always your love
Jack Apr 2015

Touching a leaf, holding a flower
Feeling the rain as it falls on our skin
Breathing the air, dreaming forever
Now is the time that my life does begin

Blowing a kiss, watching it float
Softly a’ whirl as it seeks to find you
Wearing a smile, feeling quite happy
Lost in a world where my heart knows it’s true

Holding your hand, knowing your wonder
Taking your arm as we walk through the day
Singing a song, hearing the thunder
All that this world has now put on display

Sharing our life, loving eternal
Having a friend sent to me from above
Living this dream, here ever after
*Knowing the joy that is always your love
Apr 2015 · 950
As the long day ends
Jack Apr 2015

     Padded poetic phrases recline,
                softness invites extended stays
    within deep cushioned desires
        comfort stitched of woven words
   Arm chair wishes neath pressed tin ceilings
                offer relaxation penned in durable ink
    Put your feet up, clear your mind while
           literary whispers relieve burdens
        in past tense delusions, quietly wafting
  as dreams take flight upon pillowed emotions
Cozy creations silently soothe
       tired thoughts and anguished promises,
    calming sunset endeavors
as the long day ends
Apr 2015 · 987
Jack Apr 2015

I placed my heart
on a baking sheet
next to the cookies
sweetened by your love

Don't ask.  :)
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Cryptic Raindrops
Jack Apr 2015

Jagged formations
Barefoot on this narrow ledge
Thorned barriers rip flesh
Tattered jeans and ***** tee
Staring out over it all
Cold breezes prevail

Clouded visions cry
in cryptic raindrops (falling)

Pain settles thoughts
Enlightening as it is
Seeping slowly into gasping pores
Shattered dreams
Stone faced and worn
Upon bleeding knees

I hear the voices in echoes
chanting in metronome directions

One step forward
Draining that last ounce
Wrenching muscles
Past tense, present tense decisions
Chipped in granite pieces
Scattered along this last call

Pleading to fly, arms outstretched
as what was small quickly becomes larger

Roaring winds pass
Deafening cries of fractured wishes
Spinning out of control
Final moments bring light
Dark as any place
Where I shall end

In that flash leading in I see you
*and ask silently if this is what you wanted
Apr 2015 · 916
Horizon’s sighs
Jack Apr 2015

Lazy afternoon’s shimmering
ribbons dance in skyward views
while blushing cloud formations
float on breathless breezes
and azure dreams

as silence sifts the wandering sunset
‘pon reclining horizon’s sighs
Welcoming twilight in apricot whispers,
bidding farewell to another day
*of loving you
Apr 2015 · 931
I’m ready
Jack Apr 2015
I’m ready
Written with the help of the opening lyrics of
Bad Company's "Ready for Love"

“Walking down this rocky road”

Pebbles stare like boulders
Detouring my thoughts
Blocking motions to feel
Curbed by jagged ridges breathing

“Wondering where my life is leading”

Checking the map for intersections
Wanting to find some sense of truth
Written on an overpass
In graffiti spray paint dreams

“Rolling on to the bitter end”

Following the signs
Watching my sneakers tear
Exposing flesh to the elements
Of wandering longings

“Finding out along the way”

That things don’t last forever
But where the shadows sit
From the lost, the new
Are waiting in the cool shade telling

“What it takes to keep love living”

And I listen, learning which each painful step
Dragging my emotions behind me
In a knapsack of desires
Whispering out of breath

“You should know how it feels, my friend”

It is enlightening, burden lifting
When I finally realized
Someone is waiting at the end of that road
For me because…

*“I'm ready for love”
Written with the help of lyrics (italics) from Bad Company's song "Ready for Love"  Nobody sings it better than Paul Rodgers.
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Never too late
Jack Apr 2015

I saw soft eyes on the promise fueled sunset
Coffee dark skies in a marmalade blush
Pastels now tinted of wayward decisions
Meadowlarks sing in a smooth whispered hush

Corn field desires drain simplistic notions
Run with me there down the row ever straight
Listen,  our hearts speak in feathered emotions
Love stands to prove it is never too late
Mar 2015 · 1.4k
Marmalade Skies
Jack Mar 2015

One spoon at a time they feed
the morning horizon
Soft offerings of color
picked ripe from the vine

~Cantaloupe dreams~

A small slice of moon
the dawn’s crescent smiles on me
with a Cheshire grin
cocked slightly to the side

~Plum pudding blankets~

Suspended above life, moving slowly
but coming of the day
as alarms break the solitude
nestled in down pillows

~Raspberry whispers~

Singing the scent
of the fresh sunrise dew
on wishes coated in sparkling splendor
and footprints beyond the gate

~Nectarine blessings~

Sweet on my lips
beneath an orchard arbor
I hold you close of my morning
and taste the bounty of your love
An old one
Mar 2015 · 950
Destination of dreams
Jack Mar 2015

Maps are folded and re-folded into pocket sized
destinations of our own heart’s desires

Routes become numbers and numbers become moments
as the planning cycle, with yellow highlighter in hand,
presents a “look forward to” scenario

Well beyond windows of curtained belief
and hedges shaped like poetic scribblings calling to me

The sidewalk of chalk marks in hopscotch etchings,
faded from the sun and foot smeared play dates,
leads to that place of affection filled dreams

and I see over the next sunrise a highway,
empty of detours and beckoning Winnebago wanderings

to this heart, from another, on windswept invitations
penned in frilly fonts and colors of imagination,
reaching deeply inside and holding tightly

A glance back at what is left behind brings a smile,
for what waits ahead is now everything new

In the grand scheme of things, what is found chiseled in fate
proves that destiny is a destination of dreams, of hopes and
*of love… . when that journey brings me to you
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
My heart holds my pen
Jack Mar 2015

Soft flurries of affection
find my eyes lost in the prism
of the beauty that engulfs my world

For to inhale is to fall into
the scent of sweet essence riding
the breeze exhaling from your skin

As words pour on the page,
my fingers dance in rhythmic patterns
now wrapped warmly about my thoughts

I have wondered, quietly to myself
where is it they are born,
how do they flow so easily

from a mind that constantly spins
in whirls of dream-like visions
kaleidoscopic views and frantic desires,

where each vowel, noun, adjective or verb
in feathered shapes of ink, somehow
scribble silhouettes of my love for you

It is now that I notice,
sitting in the frail sunshine of the dawn
whispering on salmon clouds, you are awake

that my hands are empty, my fingers still
for it seems as I write of you, my endless everything,
it is my heart that holds my pen
Mar 2015 · 956
Happy Hour
Jack Mar 2015
Take me to that summer shade
Where destinations call
Listen as we’ve got it made
Get drunk until we fall

Pass the margarita mix
I’ve got a slice of lime
Sammy Hagar salted licks
Swim on Cabo time

Fill that bucket to the brim
Shave the sparkling ice
I’m about to dive on in
It’s now my paradise

Jimmy Buffet would be proud
This burgers’ ripe with cheese
Slap some coral ****** loud
Bring me to my knees

Set’em up, I’ve got a card
Who cares if it’s not mine
I found it out in Joe’s backyard
Come on, it’s drinking time

Crank Van Halen through the roof
I’m ready now to dance
Pour a shot of 80 proof
And then we’ll talk romance

Why’s that window now a cat
Neon lights all spin
I can’t remember where I’m at
But you can come on in

Have a seat here at the bar
I’ll lie on the floor
I don’t think it is very far
I’ve been there once before

Find me when a sunset breeze
Looks like a whiskey sour
And wake this old boy if you please
I can’t miss happy hour
Ok, I know it is crap, but I'm bored at work and just wish I were drunk.
Mar 2015 · 972
With you, alone, anywhere
Jack Mar 2015

Laughing endeavors with marigold dreams
Soft interventions in line with the seams
Post card adventures with reasons to share
All this I love every time we are there

Paintings of pansies and red apple trees
Kites filled with colors a’ sail on the breeze
Sunsets at twilight that cause us to stare
All this I love every time we are there

Sidewalks with tables of gingham design
Minutes and hours along just in time
Butterfly moonbeams so swift on the air
All this I love every time we are there

White picket fences along every street
Butter cream candies so tasty and sweet
Secret emotions that show that we care
All this I love every time we are there

Books filled with pages the two of us read
Empty filled spaces with just what we need
Vegetable gardens at harvest so fair
All this I love every time we are there

Days of the week as we call them by name
Dancing together so slow in the rain
Sunlight reflections a’ touch of your hair
All this I love every time we are there

Leaves that are changing in colors so bright
Holding you close on a cool autumn night
Feeling your love that can hardly compare
All this I love every time we are there

So many reasons I find in your love
Sent by the light of the moon up above
Tickles my heart as my world is aware
Each time I’m with you, alone, anywhere
Mar 2015 · 757
Just this moment
Jack Mar 2015

Cantilever wishing wells
Long about the winding path
Clover is the foot print maker
Sunlight brings a hearty laugh

Skies will whisper if you listen
Music plays upon the field
Breezes blow the horns of springtime
Blooms atop blue mountain yield

Dragonflies will touch your senses
Wings align the ancient trees
Branches filled of moss that’s clinging
Birds and now the buzzing bees

Come let’s walk in rows of promise
Take me by the waiting hand
This may be a dream we’re having
Sitting in this wonderland

Still if we would stand awakened
Leaving sheets and shoes behind
There’s no telling what will greet us
When we let our thoughts unwind

For you see we are the answer
If the two of us agree
There is nothing more we’re seeking
*Just this moment, you and me
Mar 2015 · 788
Leonard Cohen was right
Jack Mar 2015

Standing before the microphone
Blank faces stare from cushioned chairs
Jewels sparkle, acting like they’re real
While bow ties just seem sad…it happens

Marching to the beat of clicking heels
Unbuttoned vests as strange eclipsed spotlights
Illumine smoke swirls in overhead rafters
Flowing from my ember’d fingertips

And my hair is a mess…but it always is
And I don’t care…do you?
I’d clear my throat but that does no good
Gravel has taken up residence…it pays the rent

The room goes dim, the audience worries
Glares spark like steel on asphalt
I can see them clear, slowly fading in anxious doubt
Scratching on some ink pad and dusty sheets…ideas

Yet I love you, I love everything that is you
Need surpasses desire, and I need
My arms long to cling you, crushed against me
Breathing as one, harmonious breath…thoughts…they come

The bass player plucks and that is my cue
Flicking my ashes I begin to read…poetry
And the audience smiles…I am a poet and poetry is cool
Leonard Cohen was right
I brought this back from the vault
Mar 2015 · 766
Ticket to Heaven
Jack Mar 2015

We drink from the fountain of earthly delights
Sweet to the taste, ever cool to the touch
Blushing of purity bred in our hearts
Glistened enchantment now needed so much

Beneath a rainbow’s curved ribbon effect
Painted in singular motions of love
Rippled reflections bare moonlit disguises
Memories fashioned below and above

A ticket to heaven on silver cloud linings
With only the touch of your rose petal lips
Swallowing all that affection does offer
Consuming desire in delicate sips

Breathless endeavors of water fall shimmers
Deeper we dwell inside every dream
You in my arms on this aqua blue evening
Illumined in passion, aglow in the gleam

Softy your eyes shine eternal devotion
Your enchanting beauty now all I can see
There is no need for this ticket to heaven
*For heaven is anywhere you are with me
Mar 2015 · 849
"And we are happy"
Jack Mar 2015

Draped in dreams of liquid tides
Shallow waters cool the breeze
Toes drenched of vast believing
From grassy banks, soft and pure
Ripples of time pass slowly
Blue sky desires paint our thoughts
Soothing sunlight sparkles
Glistening on the surface
A butterfly lands on your shoulder
Attracted by the rose bud in your hair
Happiness touches softly
As you brush its tiny wings
It flutters…as does your beauty

“And you are happy”
Your smile enchants me
Indigo reflects in your eyes
Skin glowing iridescent
In warmth felt deeply
Beneath this shade tree
I imagine us…always
Sweet lips beckon
Aromatic Jasmine scent
Tingles my senses
Euphoria in this wildflower meadow
Harmonic blooms sway melodically
Nature’s symphonic movements
And as we kiss…my heart sings

“And I am happy”
Jack Mar 2015



Horizontal is better


                     ­  a
So is it a Haiku or a Senyru or maybe just a Jackru?
Mar 2015 · 700
Size does matter (10W)
Jack Mar 2015

If this poem is too long,
then I give up
Mar 2015 · 686
More Beautiful Than All
Jack Mar 2015

Sunny skies and starry nights
This world it does amaze
Butterflies and birds in flight
The chill of autumn days

Laughter floats upon the wind
As mornings come anew
Picture postcards now begin
To share them all with you

Flowers bloom when comes the spring
And winter brings its snow
Nature is a wondrous thing
Beneath a full moon glow

Ripples on the surface sheen
In patterns we can see
Ocean waves a perfect scene
Now offered up for free

Changing leaves of colors grand
Fields of amber bliss
Sent to show along the land
On days now just like this

Raindrops fall to feed the earth
From clouds so high above
As life it does begin its birth
In dreams of filtered love

For all these things that we do see
In beauty now to call
Your love it means the most to me
*More beautiful than all
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
The Dark Side
Jack Mar 2015

“The lunatic is on the grass”

Signs don’t really matter
Spelling corrects the mood
Dancing on the scattered blades
My word, he’s such a crazy dude

“The lunatic is on the grass”

Park place settings filter
In silverware and dreams
Sidewalks offer no relief
That’s when the pain excites the screams

“Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs”

Memories grow within the weeds
Flowers cast in sad defeat
Caretakers watch as footprints carve
Barking out orders, then repeat

“Got to keep the loonies on the path”

Herding shadows singular
Days to nights of gloom
Read the writing on the wall
This is the dark side of the moon
I had this song stuck in my head so I had to write something
Italicized lines are lyrics from Pink Floyd's song Brain Damage - The Lunatic.
Mar 2015 · 613
The Chase
Jack Mar 2015

I caught the sun
running me in circles,
collecting clouds
on the last day of the month
watching grass grow
between the cracks
in my mind,
still dizzy
from the chase
Mar 2015 · 864
My Poetry
Jack Mar 2015

My poetry
Is a part of me
A piece of my heart
For all of the world to see
Beautiful verses filled with love
Wondrous visions of my desires
Every dream coming true
Precious and perfect
Because you are
My poetry

Mar 2015 · 1.5k
Bright painted postcards
Jack Mar 2015

On the wings of adventure
and channel planned visions
In bonafide pockets
with envelopes streaming

When sidewalk dividers,
the colors of sunset
bring peace to the valley,
now penned in a post card

          “…wish you were here”

And bricks line the mansion
with cats in the garden,
alongside the seashells
and beaches we’ll wander

I look to the sunshine
to see its reflection
upon your sweet features,
your beauty it holds me

          “Vacation photographs cannot do justice”

In rhythmed oasis
of sweet waters churning
and moments we’re seeking
in all we are wanting

With shadows behind us
as we go out walking
to love every minute
adventures are flying

          “We find that our dreams lead us on our journey”

I follow the smiles,
that don’t belong to me
of hot seasoned concrete
and t-shirts emblazoned

With images captured,
yet still fashioned frowning,
until you arrive
and my heart swims the shoreline

          “My vacation destination is your heart”

Feathered dunes outline
finding the side streets amazing,
hibiscus and bougainvillea
and fragrances swaying

When every sunrise
does find you here with me,
of bright painted post cards
and moments eternal

          *“We shall forever live in love…”
Mar 2015 · 754
Lone Ember
Jack Mar 2015

A dark shape
dauntingly blows around
as I lie in a fetal position
watching the smoke
from a once raging fire long spent
reaching for the sky

One lone ember barely glowing
remains, gasping for oxygen,
fading by the second
until it is nothing more
than a bit of ash
scattered easily by the wind

I was that fire
once raging
and the ember my heart,
now merely a dark shape
dauntingly blowing around
what used to be me
Mar 2015 · 977
Life…never alone
Jack Mar 2015

Crooked pathways
twisting and turning
through sarcastic shadows
and broken branch detours
draining every desire

Climbing mountains, daily inclines
sapping strength
in challenges formed
of uphill battles
in a losing war

Following stagnant streams
flooded with teardrops
raining on every parade
of drenched floats with
soggy paper flowers

Blinded by the sun
wishing for white clouds
that only hover much darker
than those lonely nights
with no moon to hold you

Or lonely highways
of dotted line decisions
changing lanes
hoping for an exit
but finding a dead end...

Know that there will be a light
glowing of a caring heart
beaming brightly, illuminating the way
in every fog riddled alleyway
you may wander, for…

Wherever life leads you
no matter what you may face
obstacles that might present themselves
I will travel this journey with you…
you will never be alone
A poetic promise
Feb 2015 · 1.5k
The thought of you
Jack Feb 2015
The thought of you
Sends me aimlessly floating
Across rainbow skies
Enchanting my senses

Fragrant siftings of desire
Passion drenched dreams
Engulf my consciousness
Lay me to mesmeric quiverings

On clouds of quilted inspiration
Penning my entranced mind
In odic poetic phrases
Coined by a surrendering heart

Completely lost in the moment
Captured by perfect beauty
Immersed in the delirium
Of the thought of you
Feb 2015 · 793
Lost in You
Jack Feb 2015

In the wake of this new morning
With its skyline dark of hue
Floating clouds conceal its warning
Still my mind is lost in you

Counted moments I am feeling
Laced with simple dreams to find
Of the endless breezes flowing
In the face of all this time

Distant footsteps find me walking
Drenched in fragrant sorted flow
Caught of patterns sweetly forming
Matters not where I may go

For your love my destination
Sits a’ wait atop the hill
Whispers call of my direction
For this wanting heart to fill

As the sun now greets me smiling
With its light so pure of feel
Casting shadows long and winding
In a silence soft and real

Thoughts do bring a glad sensation
When my eyes they see it true
In the wake of this new morning
*As my mind is lost in you
Feb 2015 · 623
Jack Feb 2015

Time ticks and tocks
The pendulum rocks
Love comes and goes
Faith ebbs and flows
Fate filtered dreams
In destiny streams
Stardust shall fall
And echoes will call
Life taking lashes
Ashes to ashes
Truth is the must
Now dust to dust
Jack Feb 2015
Scars run deep
Sliced by those
Disguised as friends

Tearing flesh
One touch at a time
With false smiles

Ripping names
From headline bold print
Stored in their pockets

Where the trusting sit
Scattered among the lint
Of past pleasures

Victims of masks
Worn behind the scenes
Leprechaun images

Lucky charms
Magically delicious
Forced to consume

Though nothing more
Than evil
To start your day
Feb 2015 · 482
But if you try sometimes...
Jack Feb 2015

“I saw her today at the reception”

My eyes filled with changing emotions
In satin gown and fire brand hair
A china doll beyond the display case
Happiness was breathing the air

“In her glass was a bleeding man”

A shadow of someone on the platform
I could see his face wracked in pain
Scars of here and prior altercations
Acid falling in the guise of rain

“She was practiced at the art of deception”

Behind that sequined mask she stood hiding
A smile painted in pastel red
Pretending a friendship is more than just golden
Wishing the other were endlessly dead

“Well I could tell by her blood-stained hands”

Pointing fingers dripping in excess waste
Smearing the drapes of lipstick tapestry
Planting the seed of doubt deep within
Smirking as she said these words to me

*“You can’t always get what you want”
Written with the help of the Rolling Stones classic - "You can't always get what you want"
Feb 2015 · 1.6k
Arctic Seasoned Disguise
Jack Feb 2015
Arctic Seasoned Disguise

Winter breathes in sepia tones along a lonely two lane street
divided amongst the sweeping frozen dunes
now forced into shouldered amnesty

Street lights shiver in snow capped bonnets
while sidewalks sleep ‘neath blankets of flittering flakes
The air, frigidly crisp…moves of tiny chiffon sparkles dancing

Rooftops, plump and soft, show off their frosted padding
as evergreens find alabaster fingers tickling their branches
in chilled teasings and frozen dustings

Footprints, once there are gone, covered and recovered again
all evidence of life is erased beneath pearl clouded skies
and faint outlines of distant thoughts

White on black stripes drape in glacial wanderings
spanning the slush of asphalt weavings
in straight line piercings across the wintry landscape

February reigns brutal, sub zero ponderings swirl
from high above the icebox wasteland, once brimming with color
now opaque in its arctic seasoned disguise…
Happy February!!!!
Feb 2015 · 488
My Heart
Jack Feb 2015

Can you hear it?
Soft on window pane followings
Long of sunrise shadows
Paced in steps of fountains calling
Drifting in and out of silence
Pouring out internal meanings
Rhythm of vertical thumping

Blushed in muted tones
Standing in the rainbow’s arch
Drenched of weeping welcomes
Singing sweet praises of you
Moving in metered time
To your wondrous love
Can you hear it?
Feb 2015 · 505
Wax on the frosting
Jack Feb 2015
And they come
Like ants to sugar
Seeking the sweet
Granules dropped
From the cake
Prepared for a special occasion
Until someone
Blew out the candles
And their wish
Turned to fears
Dripping like wax
On the frosting
If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake
Feb 2015 · 540
Desperately deep
Jack Feb 2015

Influences corner me
on a narrow strip of land
falling off into a sea of uncertainty
Raging waters reflecting fear
desperately deep

Toxic tides reach for me,
attempting to drag me under
Spilling breaths on uncharted beaches
I fall to my knees lost…searching
for merely the tiniest thread of hope

When a rope, strung of woven longings
appears, tied tightly around your heart,
hand knotted of promises made
and gasping, I pull myself once again
to the safe haven of your love
Feb 2015 · 595
A Part of Something Larger
Jack Feb 2015

I sat staring at the haze
Floating above the quiet field
Shrouding the distance
Falling slowly on
Blades of grass
Intertwined with the earth
Rooted depths of
Criss cross meanings
Seeking moisture
Between cracks in the soil
Reaching deeper
Not really knowing
Where they are or caring
Satisfied with just being
A part of something larger

I felt the sun on my jeans
Warm fabric clinging
Woven threads
Frayed edges and tattered hems
In patterns of durable days
Faded knees
And flapping back pockets
Stained of endless memories
Collected while walking
Following a path
Leading nowhere
And not really caring
Just happy to be
A part of something larger

I smiled and so did you
And you and you
And before I knew it
Everyone was smiling
Happily going about their day
It seems contagious
Drifting from here to there
Finding frowns flipped
Dancing across faces
Changing the mood
Of all that I could see
And now I know what it means to be
A part of something larger
Feb 2015 · 531
Dreaming of Spring
Jack Feb 2015

It is snowing
as she sips her coffee
watching the frozen flakes fall
outside of her window

The house is quiet
as thoughts of him
drift in her mind
on this cold winter morning

Her eyes gaze upon
the soft opaque landscape
wishing for his footprints
leading to her door

Still she cradles the warm cup
in her hands as she dreams of spring
when she will finally
*melts into his arms
Feb 2015 · 662
While Sleeping
Jack Feb 2015
While sleeping

Why is it mornings, so far in the distance,
flowing from beyond tempered shorelines
on lone standing bridges ~
always seem to call in the midst of a dream

When sunrise illusions now erase sleep
on meadowlark borders dotted in dew drops
built in the confines of spring
with fall fast approaching ~ featuring shadows stretched of time

Long on the porch, weathered and beaming,
tapping the front door with marching band fingers
in trumpet blares and bass drum beats ~
yet quiet in the state of mind seen through blurry eyes

Still ~ a before smile, brought about the prior evening
forces dimples once again in my cheeks
igniting the darkness with three-ring spotlights,
streaked of circus beacons on popcorn ceilings

Reminding ~ the dream I have found actually lives in my daylight,
slipping around corners and window sill gaps,
finding me on the brink of now,
stumbling my way to where I long to be ~ awake

For my dream is you,

who I so desperately miss ~ while sleeping
Feb 2015 · 697
Return to Sender
Jack Feb 2015
For what it’s worth, I understand…
to have that hanging over your head,
echoed threats vibrating concerns
as harmonic waves touch your heart

Blame sent in a plain envelope
addressing your need to be kind
It is your nature, they know it is…
even if postage is still due on their lies

Listen to me if you will,
hollow words are only meant to hurt,
cause pain where none is deserved,
to ease something inside of the sender

Let them cry their rivers
overflowing with requests for sympathy
begging forgiveness neath a reflective moon
as they attemp to eclipse your smile

You know who you are, you know the truth
and though you may sneak away
it is their loss not yours
and if I may…our gain

For you will see these arms are open
and long to keep you safe…forever
Feb 2015 · 844
Night Time Brings
Jack Feb 2015
Night time brings a silence,
a loneliness that drags hours
through the mind's corridors

Winding past words shared
during the day, earlier promises,
affectionate offerings found my eyes,
longing for merely a touch from
far away wishes, rubbing brass lamps,
picking four leaf clovers...

I was asked, " Is there anything you can't do?"

What I can't do hurts more than what I can
and what I can do doesn't matter
because of what I can't

So here I sit on Valentine's night alone,
dreaming of you, wondering where you are,
imagining us...hoping you are too,
in this silence and loneliness that
night time brings
Feb 2015 · 624
This is not a paper heart
Jack Feb 2015

Within the glow of candled flame
Sparkling mists of heaven’s sun
Comes now washing down on me
This love which pours my only one

On corners of a filtered sky
With clouds that disappear on sight
Beneath the greenest valley’s flow
Painted soft within its light

I gaze towards horizon’s crown
Patches of a rainbow’s place
Colors fill the distant dance
Of smiles seen upon my face

Shimmering the ripples bare
A picture filled with happiness
Along the wooded crest I see
A beauty of the mind’s confess

For this is love I know it’s true
To hear these whispers oh so fine
Affection fills the twilight sky
Forever neath a moonbeam shine

This heart which beats a mile long
Down winding walks of lavender
So deep the shadows fill the void
Of dreams that nightly do occur

So on this a day of lover’s song
A promise rings forever true
For this is not a paper heart
But endless love from me to you
It's almost Valentine's Day.
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
Alone together
Jack Feb 2015

Seaside moments,
awash along a silent surf
Whispers call from lonely tides
drenched in moon light sparkles,
glistening of star shaped wishes
and sandcastle dreams…
seashell harmonies

Our silhouettes
side by side, two by two
create patterns of love,
weaving of white foam smiles
in bare foot wanderings
basking in the night…
*alone together
Feb 2015 · 469
Hear me
Jack Feb 2015
Paths weave unending,
zigzags, nothing straight,
bordered by questions,
curb lines of indecision...

It all seems too much,
cement sacks pile up,
mountains of concrete doubt
draining strength in poured emotions

Eyes closed to joyful horizons,
painted futures in vibrant choices
beaming a happiness just within your reach
awaiting your touch, your approval

Though weakness holds you back,
chains tighten their
perhaps they should,  
or perhaps they shouldn't

The desire to help is fruitless,
barren branches of no leaves,
twisted and crooked in the wind,
if the help is not harvested

So I watch from a distance,
gazing on the farthest star,
making a wish in a caring whisper,
sending my thoughts on a moonbeam

Falling to my knees,
feeling the tears flow down my cheeks,
now screaming to the heavens, pleading desperately...
hear me, please hear me...and

Look into your heart, for there
you will find the strength you need,
you will find your happiness,
you will find me
Feb 2015 · 871
I understand
Jack Feb 2015

I understand,
as I stare into the sun
hoping to be blinded,
so that I can
no longer see,
but clouds form
and they are dark,
collecting in the corners
of my heart
which is
slowly breaking
with the dawning
of this that
I understand...

and I wish I didn't
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