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Mar 2015
One more word
& I'm out the door.
You beg and plead:
"You're always mad at me!"
I said:
"Oh, please..."

I watched the
feather fall.
You snickered and laughed
as the world fell
through your lap.

Two times I saw
those lifeless eyes,
but you still had
a beating heart.
So, I spent the night
chasing cars.

I heard the angels sing-
It was through a crack in the door.
I guess they don't take apologies.

The flood is coming in,
you better know how to swim.
The skies are growing dark,
and we've got to travel far.
The walls in my room
have turned to ashes.

We are living in hallways of ashes.

Three words
& I'm numb.
I don't feel them at all
so don't feel like you need to
make that call.

I felt my armor fall.
One day we're at rest
then the next,
there's an arrow in my chest.

Fourth time around,
I finally figured it out.
I need to let you go;
you're love has got
nothing to show.

I saw the candle dim.
The light inside of you
is black blue,
burning these floors and our walls
into hallways of ashes.
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