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Feb 2015
Everyone wants to be stoic.
Absorbing emotions,
But never really showing it.

Like a sponge-
It absorbs water
But you can never tell it has.

Unless, of course,
There is too much.
Then it gets heavier,
And heavier,
And heavier,
The emotions piling up,
To the extent of spilling.
It then leaks through every hole-
Of water,
Emotions, feelings.

It bursts.
At the wrong moment,
With the wrong people,
Watching every single
Wrong move.

Stoic people are still people,
They're just better at keeping their emotions.
But having it all bottled up
Is like having poison flowing through your body-

To be stoic is not easy,
But to not be,

And sometimes,
It's best.

To have all your emotions
Bottled up,
Is never good.
One day you will erupt
Your emotions burning lava
Everywhere, at everyone.

To be stoic is a gift
But also a curse.

Would you want to be the stoic sponge,
Leaking constantly without knowing it?
To all of you who want to be stoic.
I raise my glass to you, because I want to be one too.
Bipolar Hypocrite
Written by
Bipolar Hypocrite  In Crazy.
(In Crazy.)   
   Born and Tessa Craft
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