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Feb 2015
I remember the olden times
it was not as different as the nights I spend crying knowing you'll be snatched away from me
I uses to stay up dampening my eyelids, just as I am with every night that jabs me in the heart.
even now, I only hold on by less than an inch of your finger
time has washed our warm memories away
but all you think of me is how I can be good for you.
I have always wished for you to disappear
but as long as the poignancy remains,
I will keep denying my good wishes.
forever is nonexistent. Especially in this case, where you are in love with now.
You do not care to ponder, no. That is no fondly business to you.
Unfortunately, that has been my occupation since the distraught had begun in me. If only had I known that death eats us up. It chases us down til' we run out of breath and give up to a new tomorrow.
We will always end with a goodbye, a goodnight, a see you.
And where eternity is, there is no you.
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