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Jan 2015
I’ve never been so passionately in love with somebody who I had no chance with
to love and chase into the unknown where you’re standing in the middle of the darkness
but i know that i want the feeling of your strong hands around my waist, pulling me in
and i crave to feel the back of your neck where those girls in the movies hold on to their heroes
and even if you won’t be my prince i want to know how it would feel if you swept me away on the brink of your love
and i yearn for the feeling of your soft lips drawing out my last breath
and the steady beat of your heart pulling my eyes into your smile
and forever i’ll know how it feels to love you
this mad crazy passionate rush
like they always teach us not to turn to drugs for a high but you’re my own personal type of *******
and i yearn to know how it feels for you to pull me close and never let me go
but over all i crave to know how it would feel for you to love me forever
always breaking inside
Written by
Ananya Kalahasti
   Calvin Watson and ---
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